August 25th

Another lazy Sunday morning, except for the past few days or so I've been waking up at 6am despite whenever I got to sleep. On days off, it's a bitch to have to get up, piss, peek at the world through clenched eye-lids, and get back into bed for another 3 hour nap just to get adequate rest. This week the exercise will be to get to bed at a decent hour, and see if it results in waking at a decent hour.

The Mariners kicked ass this morning, doing a helluva job at making up for several weak and sloppy games. Baseball is such a harmless and fun and relatively inexpensive way to divert myself from the sturm und drang of the Real World. I sure as hell hope they get their shit together and stop this damn strike talk. As far as I'm concerned, everybody is wrong, players and ownership, and Bud Selig can be singled out for being wrongerest. No strike, no lockout, just keep on with the pennant race.


The Vendor Fair was all afternoon yesterday at the Wet Spot. I spent way too much money and got some neato stuff. I gave Sufferware more money of course, along with Bruce from Kinky Medical, up from Oregon for the weekend, and a few other artists as well. I was happy to run into Celeste Firetender. She is the person who ran C-Space years ago, for several years the forum where I learned much about WIITWD. She is a respected old-leather person who many in this area owe a debt to for that work. In June '02 Aubrey devoted a show on Aubrey's Playroom to her and her work at C-Space. As an acknowledged leader in the women's community, she has always shown me respect despite my poor luck at being a bi boy who didn't grown up in the old leather tradition, and I've always appreciated that mutual respect. Right now she is excited just like a little kid about her latest venture, moving into professional piercing, and was handing out cards about it at the Vendor Fair.


I hadn't really been thinking too much about going to the party last night, and had no prior arranged dance card, but sometime during the Vendor Fair I chatted with two different women - one I'd played with before, and one I had admired for some time - and made some sorta maybe it'd be nice if it could happen and if not we'll do something again sometime kinda plans.

[and there goes that damn 45 minute timer again, to get me out from behind this computer... I won't bother to mention it again, but it sure punctuates things differently than I'm used to....]

Shortly after arriving at the Spot last night I was just schmoozing and standing around when a lady [for today, I'll call her K] came up to me and asked me what I was doing. I told her, "Standing around hoping." Her response was, "You want to do something rather than hope for something?" Well, duh!

K is a young lady I've played with once before, when she was commenting on how difficult it was for her to orgasm, and I was invited to give her oral pleasure for an hour or so [unsuccessfully, but a damn fine hour]. This time she pulled out a bunch of her favorite [and some not so favorite] canes and crops and an antique razor stropping leather, and found a massage table for her to lean over. I worked my way up from her least favorite cane to her favorite, and along the way she got up prone on the massage table and held a vibrator against her own nether bits. It was truly wonderful to see her rise to a point where my work and her own work syncopated, her butt cheeks bilaterally bright pink and hot to the touch. It was a surprise, but over the top exciting to me when she shouted out, "Please sir, may I cum!?" I shouted "Please do!" and ended up just dropping all toys and leaning over to hug and hold her as she vibrated under me as she rocked and shuddered in a great orgasm. What a wonderful experience to share.

After we cleaned up and headed off to rehydrate and put toys away and stuff, I spoke for a moment to Kslave. She's been having a rough few days and when we had chatted at the Vendor Fair we talked about maybe getting together a bit. She had already done a strenuous scene with her husband/master, C, by the time we started chatting, and we decided to go on over to the medical room and explore a bit with my cupping set. Much of it was intense - some too intense - and I had to move around and shift to different sized cups, different areas, and so forth. I had a new addition to the set that I'd bought from Sufferware earlier in the day, which is a piece shaped kinda like an oxygen mask or an athletic cup, with it's own pump. A pussy-sucker, I christened it. It was fun but we discovered it's hard to maintain a seal over the entire vulva area. It did give some good momentary pumps and zings, though, until it broke suction. C was standing at her side, giving her a bit of comfort [the way he usually does; watching protectively but giggling and making smart ass remarks]. The cups all came off sensationally for her, each with a large circular bruise left behind. After the last one, however, while she was laying back with her eyes closed, whimpering a bit in pleasure, I suddenly hit her with a cupped hand right over the 3" round bruise centered on her mons . Both of her high-heeled boots shot out from the stirrups towards the middle of my kilt, she spun on her axis while levitating about 6" in the air horizontally, and I saw C reeling back up against the wall holding the arm that had been closest to her. As she collapsed on the table I gathered her into a hug, C gingerly stepped back closer to put a hand out in comfort as well, and she slowly started coming back from what must have been one hell of an explosive cathartic release of energy. What a strong strong lady. I admire her - and what she and C have as a couple - greatly.

Lastly, I found BR. I don't have her permission to name her so will avoid much of a description. She's a very cute girl who lives out of town that I've admired from afar for years. At the Vendor Fair we'd discussed the maybe's. In between scenes with the man she was with we decided to find some space and do a bit of "floggers and hands", as she phrased it. I warned her as we started that my right arm, the one with the damaged nerves that I'm doing physical therapy for, was already pretty used up. We both agreed that if that was so, it would still be a nice little "hi, nice to meet ya" first play time. That is what did happen. I took her to a nice peak with floggers, open hand, cupped hand, fist, and a rolled up deerhide before my arm gave out. Before I ended it I did justice to her lovely back, with pink shoulder blades on either side of her spine to match K's cheeks in my first scene. I'll look for an opportunity to share time with her again when I haven't quite depleted my reserves earlier in the evening.

This was about the time that I realized that my 4pm corned beef hash and eggs breakfast at Beth's Cafe, and the bowl of Chen's Village egg drop soup I had gobbled as I arrived at the Spot, didn't add up to much compared to the sweat and calories I'd burned off, so I headed on home. Of course, 2/3 of the way home I turned around and went back to pick up the toy bag I'd left behind, so had to recalculate my "just get me home and then I'll collapse" timer. Argh.


After the M's game today, I've been working on site reviews and tweaking my composition of this entry while watching a very well done movie, "We Were Soldiers". It is an excellent telling of the story of the battle of LZ X-Ray, the battle that was key to the opening up of American involvement in Viet Nam. Mel Gibson rises above any of his lesser efforts and does a fine acting job. Sam Elliott, Madeline Stowe, Chris Elliott, and more. Very well done, very moving, and highly recommended. It carries a timeless message of soldiers. The extreme discordant incongruity comparing the emotion and experience of that movie with the events I've been talking about in this journal entry has been very jarring. I've paused and restarted both the movie and the journal several times. The vibrancy of life can truly come in so many different ways.

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