August 5th

Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians! That's what the cute buttons say, and it's just about what happened this weekend.

The weekend was long and very satisfying in many ways. I headed out Friday afternoon, and drove way up Highway 99 rather than I-5. The reason was to go up to a specific CostCo up in Lynnwood for some pallet wrap folks in Canada wanted, but it also was more comfortable driving with the occasional traffic light rather than the bumper to bumper outta-town lemming runs of the last few trips. Along the way I hooked my hands-off headset up to the cell phone and spent about an hour on the phone with Dad. I think we both cherish the time we spend chatting about inconsequentials.

Customs was a momentary stop without inspection, and I got up to Katt & Wolfe's place just in time to head on out to the Gourmet Castle Chinese Restaurant for excellent food. It's a ritual place for me I suppose - I've only missed eating there on two of my Vancouver trips over many years. Later a bit, Katt and I headed on out on our Dark Side mission. Unfortunately, we had to console ourselves with having a couple of hours of fun together, because there was nothing we needed out behind the pet superstore or any of the thrift store drop-off points. We are going to have to schedule a Dark Side mission for our future get togethers. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to skulk around dark alleys with a beautiful woman.

Much of Saturday was spent with Katt, Wolfe, myself, and a hyperactive little pug on a leash, touring our way through a Japanese festival in a local park, and then through block after block after block in Chinatown. We spent quite a while looking at or buying this'n'that's. Through the afternoon I remembered several things I'd been looking for, and one by one found 'em. Acupuncture needles in different sizes from their apothecaries, a bottle of bulk benzalkonium chloride [and you thought you had weird tastes, eh?] to use in skin prep for piercings, and the highlight of my acquisitions - a beautiful cupping kit. Actually, after going through block after block of shops with no luck I finally found a fellow who had one up on the top shelf. I snatched it up in a heartbeat - and then a couple of stores down happened to find an even better one! Kit number one is now up for sale for face value to friends. Kit number two - well it proved to be a big part of Saturday night.

The primary reason for this trip was a birthday party. Katt & Wolfe have two good friends, Ess and Emm. Ess is the young lady who busted her elbow on my last trip to B.C., and Emm, her girlfriend, was the birthday girl Saturday night. She decided to throw a birthday party for herself, taking over the entire five-roommate house she lives in, and she turned the whole house into a medical theme. I'd pretty much filled the car with medical accoutrement when I left Seattle, and we hauled it all in to decorate the room designated 'Operating Room'. I had an enema bag filled and hanging from the wall, surgical instruments all sharp and laid out on towels, a suction machine hooked up to a couple of breast-size funnels, and a thousand or so piercing needles, along with more stuff I've probably forgotten. The first thing to do was Katt wanting to have a few needles put in her back, to give Wolfe a chance to get some practice at play piercing. He and I put a few in, and he really seemed to take to it. She was so cute with a couple of acupuncture needles sticking out of her scalp, looked just like My Favorite Martian. A bit later I tapped Ess and Emm's veins for vials of blood for them to gift each other with. This caught on and I did the same thing for Wolfe to gift Katt with. The first picture here is Emm, doing her best to distract Wolfe when I'm approaching with my needle.

I'd say she did a pretty good job, and who can blame him for being distracted. A little earlier Katt had done the same distraction duty when I poked Emm. Later on I brought out the cupping kit and it was a resounding success. I must have sucked flesh on half a dozen of the folks attending, and have promises to meet others another time for a rain check. The second picture here, on the right, is Emm with the cups applied down her back over her spine.

The third picture shows the after image of the cups, having been in place for about five minutes. The bruise circles were exquisitely sensitive to sensation, whether fingertip caress or Wartenburg wheel, and Ess took full advantage of it. I think those two disappeared upstairs to their private space more than once.

Several other women wanted to try, with surprising results. One girl immediately started leaking colostrum when the cup was sucked into place over her breast. Her girlfriend ended up with half a dozen across her chest, with little 1/2 inch wide cups over the nipples pulling them out to longer than an inch in length. I admired her style - with the half dozen cups all over her chest she wanted to more meditate than play. I've been there and it can be a good place. One of the residents of the house I met is an FTM boy who was very good looking, some beautiful tats on his chest, and he had a girlfriend that was about as cute as fresh cake frosting. I got to spend a goodly while with the boy putting way many needles in his chest and arms, arranging them artfully in concert with his tat designs, while girlfriend held his hands and ooh'd and aah'd and - well, why mince words. She was dancing around crossing her legs, trying to control her extremely wet response to licking her boy's blood off my finger, joining me in finger painting in the blood, all that good stuff. Such good fun, and I made so many new friends that night. I was quite flattered from the invite alone, to join Wolfe in being the only two bio-boys at a lesbian's birthday party. Everyone was gracious and open and accepting the entire evening, and I felt no tensions in any direction on race, gender, orientation, or whatever. It was just the perfect evening.

Until it was time to carry everything back out to my car and I realized that I had burned a week's worth of calories in 6 hours. We all slept quite well the rest of the night.

Sunday morning - late Sunday morning - we made an executive decision that dealing with the masses of humanity to visit Vancouver's Pride Parade would not meet any of our temperaments, so after a greasy spoon breakfast, I dropped the kids off to go shop for a new goldfish and I started heading south. I made good time until I got to about 2 miles from the border, and I ground to a stop still well into Canada. For the next 2 1/2 hours I moved inches at a time, and got 102 pages of my novel read. When I finally got to the US Customs he looked in the trunk and asked me, "Sir, what do you do for a living." I told him I was a nurse and he got all sorts of uncomfortable [I suppose I don't look enough like Florence Nightingale for his hidden standards] and he mumbled, "Well, that would explain the stethoscope."

I had a full trunk of kinky toys, everything from lube to spinal tap needles, whips to enema bags, and he noticed my friggin stethoscope. We gotta pay these folks more than minimum wage, if we want to hire people with three digit IQs.

Crossing the border I called Dad and on pure impulse pulled off the Interstate and over to the podunk town he summers in. On the way I picked up a small carrying bag, a cassette player with headphones, and a dozen AA batteries. Ya see, Dad just found out that he doesn't have until September before he starts dialysis. The docs want to start him right away. He's not happy about it - hell, he's downright scared. I've been selling him on the idea of getting books on tapes to pass the hours he spends hooked up to the machine, so my impulse here got him a starter kit. I told him to get himself to Barnes & Noble down the street and find himself some good stories to listen to. In turn he sent me home with a diced up left over steak to munch on, 3 fresh yanked carrots, two local ears of sweet white corn, and a Walla Walla onion the size - literally - of a cantaloup. I love that guy so much.

Between the border, visiting Dad, rain showers, and all the other stuff that happens along the road, I got home at 9pm, having left Vancouver at 130pm. It was one long drive.

It was one long weekend, and a damned good one. Katt & Wolfe are becoming very good friends, and I haven't had so much fun at a party in a long time. This is truly a good life I've been gifted with.

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