Aug 27th

Want some fun? Try telling the truth to civilians.

Heading home last night after some marvelous time spent with my honey I dropped by the local MSG palace for some 1a.m. carry-out. The slightly tipsy karaoke mistress wandered by [there was a terrible attempt at 'Purple Rain' going on] and she asked me about my tshirt... "Bondage World - Abusement Park". She obviously thought it was some sort of joke. I was sorta distracted, waiting for my soup and just matter of factly told her the truth, that I had just come from a bondage party.

She had the strangest expression on her face as she went back to her karaoke disks.

I've gotta confess, I've been a hermit for years. Social, go out to things, entertain friends in my home of an evening, but having company 'sleep-overs' just don't happen that often. Two main reasons are that (1) I'm a slob, and (2) I snore like a warthog. Regardless, this weekend I took a chance and acted civilized.

For some time I've been inviting the folks from Erotimania down to visit our city, play some at the Wet Spot, get themselves a break from Vancouver. Katt and Wolfe have been working hard on their site, and exposing their souls to the world. This past Friday Katt came down, with her girlfriend Azure [Wolfe and his girlfriend were off on another trip]. Now, obviously, I had Hazel in for some significant urban renewal prior to the girls arriving. After dinner at the Sunlight Cafe I took Katt and Azure to the Hot Spot Friday night, the sex-focussed party, and they got lost with each other for a couple hours while I schmoozed with the DJ.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Vendor Fair at the Wet Spot where I spent way too much money. I bought a couple of the films that the folks at MWI have been producing, a couple of straight razors I've been needing, some baby sized clothes pins and some this'n'that. We went through Central Market on the way home from visiting Toys in Babeland after the Vendor Fair. I BBQd up some home-marinated beef, corn on the cob, and steamed veggies, as Chloe joined the Erotimania pair and I for dinner at my place Saturday evening. We had pleasant conversation, folks getting to know each other in a low key family kinda setting. By the time for the Saturday evening party, we had to deem the girls officially free standing adult kinksters, so we all drove separately to the Pansexual Party. Chloe and I had plans with Kevin and Katt & Azure, as far as I could see through the night, had no problems occupying themselves.

Kev and I decided to do some teamed sensation play with Chloe. It's rough to be able to predict what a woman in her second trimester will be able to tolerate, and to try to plan towards making the activity fun and satisfying for all involved. Add more folks, it's more complicated. Then plan and execute it prior to factors changing it can be difficult, but this time seemed to work well enough. What we did was sit her in a chair with extended horizontal wings and tie her arms to those wings, and then escalated sensation from clothes pins to a curry comb, from a rabbit fur to a vibrator. Kev and I love to double-team top and we work well together. This time it turned out to be a very intense time for Chloe, and seemed to be a much shorter scene for that.

Once we were done with that, cleaned up and put away, we decided to segue on over to something that was a really exciting idea for us all. The plan was for Kevin and I to lay side by side and for Chloe to co-top our bottoms, so to speak. A fist or toy up each rump. In one of the back rooms laying on a mattress together we hardly seemed to want to move from just being the three of us laying together. Chloe was in seventh heaven, laying between two of the men she loves. Every one of us felt similarly, and we stayed like that, hugging and stuff for a while. It was a good warm fuzzy time. Eventually, she got us turned around, presenting tushes bilaterally, with a new toy for me and a well lubed fist for Kev. This is a task that really requires a stand-by technician, who can adjust pillows and add lube and this'n'that, but Chloe did nobly for a first attempt.

As an interjection here, if any of my faithful readers have experienced problems with a man and a woman having orgasms anywhere close to simultaneous, try to imagine the size of the task of bringing simultaneous sensation to a pair of middle aged prostates, and try to time any damn part of it well! I was at a point of satiation, the prostate having told me "okthankyouverymuchplease", when Kev was just getting Chloe into him to her wrist, so I disengaged and went off to shower and cleanse myself and the toy, while they continued on a slower paced way. This was my mistake [predicated, I must say, at not having done sufficient preparatory cleansing]. Anything this precious, this shared, I should have stayed right there, giving Kevin all my support and Chloe any needed assistance. As it was, when I returned I felt like I was outside the wonderful bubble of joy they had going on, and although I lay back down with them, I still felt like an interloper. At that moment I felt a pain equal to the degree of joy I had just been feeling, and it took all I could do to hide it inside to not damage the moment of the other two.

It was my baggage, my poly angst, coming out at the worst possible moment. Chloe saw right through me, mentioned nothing at the moment, and went into comforting mode to me shortly thereafter. The next day she wrote a wonderfully sensitive note in her journal, flattering me for having let go when it hurt, and Kevin as well checked in with me in the morning and shared his love. I wish I were as noble inside but sometimes I feel those little kid emotions. I don't care if you're a poster child for polyamory - there are times when you feel like a wounded animal, when you hurt, and it isn't pretty. It is no one's fault, I'm not proud of it, it is simply part of the human equation.

Sunday morning the girls accepted directions to malls, markets, museums, and weird areas of town, and headed on out about their way, eventually on home to Canada. Before leaving they changed linens, washed dishes - everything in the world that a genial host could ask for. It was great to have them here, and the futon will be available for the next permutation of their extended family that comes down to our area.

Sunday night was the monthly Bondage Party at the Wet Spot, and as Kevin was unable to join us I made solo plans with Chloe. Having largely regrouped and recovered from my emotional wallow, I decided to do a lighthearted scene, but kept Chloe in the dark on most of it. She knew it would involve chain, some sort of mummification, and that's about it. When we got started I offered her a choice of half a dozen CDs to trance out on; she picked an ocean surf environmental. I made her blindfold from this marvelous bondage tape I had picked up at TIB, that only sticks to itself. I then covered her with handcuffs, shackles, prisoner transport chains, and a couple of 7' lengths of chain that had been holding my sling up. All very toply and sincere and ... then I got out the bubble wrap. The stuff was really cheap and it's a fun silly thing to wrap someone in. She had no idea what she was being wrapped in but I wrapped her head to toe over the chain, got a group of folks to help me lay her down on the hospital gurney, and then I got even weirder. I cut slits all over the saran wrap and inserted soda straws through at key points of her body. Add one syringe, one basin of hot water, and one basin of cold water, and you have the makings for a wonderful mindfucke. The background music in the mileau was Leahy; one of my absolute favorite groups, but one which others take a tad bit less seriously. Blindfolded, I hoped she couldn't see me stepdancing along with the music as I strutted about the stretcher alternating the hot and cold water squirting in through the soda straws. The serendipitous thing is that as i was lightheartedly doing this or that fanciful thing to her she was starting to move more and more into giggles and laughter. A few shoots of icy cold water straight up inside the bubblewrap between her feet got her attention, and I inserted the flexipleaser vibrator from TIB through the wrap to where I hoped was a key place. Bearing in mind that bondage parties are supposed to be quieter than other types, she pretty well thrust her face into my belly yelling as i played with the vibrator.

Once recovered, the rest of the evening was spent perfectly. We relaxed on the sofa in the social area of the spot and chatted with Jim and Jane, Matisse, and others who wandered through. It was a nicely casual hour or two and very comforting after all the ping ponging of emotions and efforts and personalities and such of the weekend. We finally parted ways for the evening, and on the way home I got this craving for egg drop soup from the Rickshaw.

I'm still trying to get that rendition of 'Purple Rain' out of my head. Regardless, life is pretty darn good.

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