Aug 20th

Well, I left that last entry about my buttplug-inhaling woes up here as my most recent entry for plenty long enough!

Sometime after I entered the era of the Great Disappearing Buttplug, Chloe and I stopped in at Toys in Babeland. She was looking through the library for more literature on women & pregnancy, kink & pregnancy, pregnancy & pregnancy - in that vein. I was looking for more realistic solutions to my appetite for prostate stimulation. I just want to really emphasize this store and how great it is. Way back when they first opened in 1993 [at the time I'd been helping my friend Tommy out with his kinky store called SIN, which has since folded - Tommy and I took them a 'welcome to the neighborhood' potted plant] they have been welcoming to everyone, they have always tried to teach as well as sell, and in many years I've never met a surly or ignorant retail clerk in there. This visit's clerk whom I'd never seen before jumped right in on helping Chloe to find the books which she hadn't already found [she must now have a great library]. I was seeking help from another clerk, who brought the product buyer out from the back room and we consulted on specific toys to help meet my needs. In the end I bought an inexpensive vibrator with a long flexible neck to it, the Flex-a-Pleaser, and they placed on order a new attachment available for my Hitachi. Like I said above, educated, courteous, helpful - this is one fine place for your sex toy needs. [And my standard disclaimer for when I go to flowery length in my praise like this - I am not now nor never have been on their payroll; they're simply good.]

This past Friday was the first event in the Northwest Drummer Contest, a Meet & Greet at the Seattle Eagle. The Eagle, like most bars, is pretty smokey for a guy like myself in nicotine recovery, but I survived. It was good fun to see so many old friends and so many attractive leathermen strutting their stuff. Viktor and I were there providing security for the five contestants. Afterwards we headed back to the Wet Spot, where I was the DM for the boys party. A lot of people had party access as part of their registration for the contest package, and there were many more men there than usual. Flogging, blowjobs, fire play, you had to cut a swathe through the testosterone with a machete.

Saturday, following, was the contest itself at Neighbors. Panther coordinated the volunteers. I led a security team that included Dragon Lady, Viktor, & R. [How strange - three friends that don't have webpages... how weird...]. I saw many friends again that I hadn't seen in years. Omaha showed up, Mistress Donna, even a few folks from out of town - Janet Hardy from Greenery Press [who had gifted me with Charles Moser's book on healthcare a while back], Don Bastian, [whom Al had introduced me to last year at Living In Leather 2000], Sky Renfro, [who I met at the R.A.B. Lydia Awards and then again when Al had first started the Gauntlet shop here in in Seattle], all very pleasant surprises. The contest was fun, especially watching from the sidelines or backstage. Those guys who had strutted so fine out on stage in their leather? Backstage [Annika was the backstage mommy for the contestants; their 'fluffer, I called her] there was untold grunting and struggling to get all the straps on right side up, the buckles all closed, the zippers pulled and the stomachs inhaled just so, but they all looked fine once they were on stage. Good fun. If I'd have bought just five bucks more of the raffle tickets I would have finally won one of the gift baskets.

About halfway through Aubrey took me aside and asked if I'd help him with a charity auction for a new Pride Foundation scholarship fund ["being established for students entering the fields of sex education, sex therapy, research or something that furthers the understanding of human sexuality, especially alternative sexuality"]. He had been given a wonderful top of the line violet wand set by the folks at Rupert Huse's website. He asked me if I'd get on stage during the auction and demonstrate it on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Who could pass up a chance to upstage the Sisters and all in a good cause? My initial instructions were, "Do Not Really Shock The Sisters". Wrong. As soon as we got on stage they were camping and posturing and I was zipping and zapping and I just gotta get a copy of the video tape! Damn, it was fun, and it raised over $400!

A couple weeks ago when we were at that rooftop meeting at Dave Lewis' house, planning the contest and stuff, several of us had occasion to convince Derek, Panther and Viktor's housemate, to compete. He is a very ethical and principled man, a very attractive man, wears his leather very well, is a real sweetheart to those who know him --- and is also terminally shy. Over the past two weeks I've seen him grow light years and damned if he didn't win the whole darn contest! I just couldn't be happier for him. It's a good thing, for a good man, and I think he'll do a fine job representing his community at the International competition coming up in a couple months in Florida. This contest was dedicated to Al's memory and I have no doubts that Al would be pleased with how everything went.

Now, I've spent some hours today composing this note. In that time I've heard from Babeland that my new Hitachi vibrator attachment is in. I've had a lover send me wonderfully written erotica involving Kevin, me, and her. I've heard from Vamp about getting together sometime in the future, and that she's been online flirting with others of my little inbred family. Another lovely lady, girlfriend of my friend Sol, has been ICQing with me on getting together for some introductory play. Hazel, my maid, scheduled a special trip to come over on Wednesday to help me sort out all my toys, while Chloe and Viktor are going to help tomorrow at assembling a new computer desk for Slut Central here. And I heard from the webmistress friend from Canada who is planning on journeying down for the first time with her girlfriend to stay a few days for an introduction to the Wet Spot this next weekend. A life this good, I'll be doing some significant rituals of thanks very shortly.

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