Aug 5th

It's been a fun few days around Casa Throckmorton.

Friday evening I went to a planning session/BBQ for the upcoming Northwest Mr. Drummer & Drummerboy contest I'll be helping with this month. This contest is being dedicated to the memory of Al D, and coordinated by Mark Colter, Al's boy and International Drummerboy 1994. The meeting was at the beautiful rooftop condo on Queen Anne Hill of a well known older statesman of the leather community. We did a bit of planning, ate some potluck, and picked up our official t-shirts, and I got home close to 10pm feeling a bit weary. Well, weary that is, until I got a call from Chloe asking if I'd feel up to dropping by the Wet Spot for a bit of schmoozing. Standing around schmoozing turned into sitting around on a futon schmoozing and petting, and next damn thing you know Chloe and I and Viktor and Annika are all buck ass naked in a pile with some magnificent orgasms being had. We kept switching positions and combinations and sending out for more lube until one of the staff came by and gave us a five minute warning to closing.

About dinner time Saturday I drove down to Capital Hill to pick up Trinity and her husband. We had a nice leisurely dinner at the Sunlight Cafe, getting to know each other better. Although I'd played once with Trinity, and had chatted online with both of them, I'd never really gotten to know him previously. We had a plan for some multiple layered kinkiness later in the evening but after dinner he wasn't up to it, so we dropped him back on the Hill and she and I headed on over to the Wet Spot. Since the last time we had gotten together she had foot surgery, and still wearing a cast boot and being on crutches made our logistics a tad bit more complicated. I secured her face down on a hospital gurney, with her feet elevated on the tilted-up headrest, using wraps of blue saran wrap. With bands of blue across her feet, thighs, kidneys, and head, and a band from head to toe, she was a vision. I alternated caning and hot wax drippings, both direct on exposed flesh and through the saran wrap. She was wrung out when she was done, and did a long slow re-entry. In a way, this kind of exercise in pain can at times approach a sort of trance reminiscent of a shaman's transport. You never know where you might journey, and the prayer is for a safe return, and lessons gained. In this instance she travelled some rocky roads and came through to a better point, safe journey realized.

I slept in til after noon on Sunday, expecting Panther for a visit. It had been much too long and we decided to do a bit of one on one today. Her hubby dropped her off mid afternoon and after a bit of lazing around, chit chatting and catching up we decided to do some needle play. I started putting together a bit of this and that from my toy stores while she got into a hot shower to bring all her blood up to the surface. Panther, if you remember some of my early journal entries, is fairly gushingly orgasmic, so I put down two bed sheets and half a dozen bath towels folded in thirds in the seat of my recliner. That proved to be really needed. First off I drew off a 10cc syringe from her right antecube, and set it aside for later. I put a couple miscellaneous warm up needles in her breasts and then in her deltoids, and she told me that she really liked needles in her arms. That was all the invitation I needed. I made a nice mandala design on each deltoid of various gauges of needles, different colored hubs and criss crossing over and under each other, even with a few acupuncture needles threaded through for aesthetics. That was the point that I got just a tad bit cruel. I had a pair of 20oz round fishing weights and I made a pair of 6" loops of monofilament, looped it over the masses of needles on each shoulder, and hung the weights from them. She was ok - significantly ga ga, but more or less ok - until I had her stand with me, walk around the room, spin in circles, raise and lower her arms. By the time I'd finished with that she had gone through her shudder and scream and squirt several times over. I reached out and cut the monofilament, the weights dropping to the ground, and then pulled out the syringe I'd filled with her blood earlier. Squirting her all over with it, I turned her torso into a Jackson Pollock portrait ... but that only took part of the syringe, so I ended up non-stop squirting most of it all over her clit and straight into her cunt, which did push her into yet more screaming fits of orgasms. Once she'd settled down a bit I removed the needles in her arms, again working them for maximum blood flow, and we were pretty well done except for cleanup.

Now, none of that bleeding and cumming and stuff detailed above is the kinky part.

Panther and I both love Mariners baseball. Game time today was 5pm, and we were starting our needle scene around 4:30pm, so she said, "Oh, I don't mind if you put the Mariners game on while I'm being pierced". I had my back to it, but she was sitting in the recliner facing the TV and for most of our bloodletting - or at least the parts she was more or less coherent for - she was watching the M's play the Indians through all the splatter and gore. Now, that is the truly kinky part!

Life continues good around here.

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