August 31st, Late


Damn betcha. I'm still fighting this damn head cold. Sleep is poor, some now, some then. I missed a date with Omaha last night, rescheduled for next week, and I'm just as glad, frankly, feeling this lousy. I'd probably infect her whole family.

I'm pushing fluids, 3 types of chicken soup, herbal cough drops, a decongestant, tylenol, tons of vitamins and supplements, and ya know what? If you medicate a cold, it lasts 3-5 days. If you don't medicate a cold, it lasts 3-5 days. At least I feel like I'm fighting instead of succumbing. I might be just jerking myself off - no wait, I tried that too. Arrgh.

The Mariners had an off day today travelling to Boston - which might help their standings. Not being in Boston, being off for the day.

With no baseball to watch I did a Blockbuster overdose. At dawn I did 007 - World Is Not Enough. Sleep for a while, I saw James Garner in Barbarians at the Gate, Frank Sinatra Maurice Chevalier and Shirley McLaine in Can-Can, Yul Brenner and Deborah Kerr in The King & I, and I just watched Dear God with Greg Kinnear - a throw-away, but sort of a feel good comfort food throw-away. Did some website review and did some surfing.

And, of course, ICQ'd my little fingertips off with Vamp and Panther - both night owls, and a little ICQing with Viktor, da blond, and others earlier.

Seven a.m. the morning of the 1st now, I'm shoving down my last dose of this vitamin and that decongestant and will try to sleep through til time for the first pitch this afternoon, and hopefully by sometime Saturday I'll be moving back into the lands of the living. Cuz I got some sluthood long overdue to indulge in at the Wet Spot [] Saturday evening.

I think something to look forward to is as much incentive to get well as anything.

For right now, I'm surviving, but I'm planning on life being really good, really soon.

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