August 30th

Argh!!! I hate being sick!!! One of the risks of working around sick people.

I was doing ok this week, rising above all sorts of challenges at my Other Job. Staffing problems dropped heavy workloads on me, a few patients sick enough physically or emotionally that I had my hands full and I seemed to be handling everything.

This morning a couple hours before I got off I started to feel a rough sore throat, and sucking on a couple of cough drops helped a little there. I got home, feeling worse, and medicated myself up the wazoo, but by noon I knew that no matter what I was getting worse, was getting no rest, and that I wouldn't be safe to work tonite.

The Boss nearly cried when I called - staffing has been so short and I had been holding things together on the night shift for her. Monday I worked by myself with 20 patients, Tuesday worked alongside a temp who hadn't worked with us before. Tonite I was supposed to (a) be in 2 hours early for a meeting that I did want to attend and (b) again work beside the temp. Boss has been working her kazooty off trying to hire more staff, through all sorts of painful gymnastics to try to fill the empty slot beside me on the schedule and now on way too short notice I had to cancel. I felt shitty but knew there was no way around it - I was just getting sicker by the minute.

It's now mid evening and I had terribly unrestful sleep, getting sicker all afternoon.

Chicken soup and probably back to bed before very long.

I hate being sick!!!

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