August 26th

As scheduled, Hazel woke me up this afternoon and I headed on down the the Wet Spot for the Vendor Fair. Bought a stingie little rubber flogger and ordered a tshirt with an old favorite net tag line of mine ["Yes, I'm an Agent of the Devil, but my duties are primarily ceremonial..."]. On the way home I stopped in a big pet stuff superstore, and picked up a cat curry comb and a cat fine wire brush... warming up tools for play later, I figured.

I got home just as Hazel was winding down the chores of the day, kitchen looking sterile and laundry all put away and as always well worth the money I pay her.

Not too long after Hazel left, da blond stopped on by for our date. I'd mentioned to her something generic about "some blood, some sluthood", and it sounded good to both of us. I was surprised she had the weekend free, she was surprised I had the weekend free, and we both decided to make the most of it. First of all, we headed up the hill to a local smoke-free pub [] to watch the Mariners wax the White Sox, while we had a great dinner.

After dinner - the game was still on - we chatted a bit about what our play would be tonite. I asked her if there was anything new or different I needed to know about, general fine tuning negotiation. She mentioned having started her monthlies, and I told her "No problem; I can work with that." Kinda ended up being the theme for the night, as things turned out later.

We drove on down to the Wet Spot, did a bit of schmoozing, and then moved in to the blood sports room. After a bit of grounding and gathering our wits, we got started. She was up on the table, feet in the stirrups, with me sitting in front of her between the stirrups, tools and instruments of destruction laid out on a towel next to me. The thick rubber bands [off bunches of asparagus] I'd hoped to use for breast bondage slipped right off her beauties, so we went unrestrained. First skin warm up, boobs and peri, was with the cat tools, and then I brought out the surgical instrument kit that I keep full of dental probes and picks. They can definitely stimulate a bit of erectile tissue. I probed all over her tits, labia, clit, tongue, roof of the mouth, soft of the throat. Da blond was already starting to climb the incline. I moved to start inserting some of the tools - even blunt the cold steel is terrifying, especially given how some of them appear. I also used the stingie little nasty rubber flogger on her - when I'd described it to her earlier she was silly enough to say, "...sounds like a good pussy whip...". Hehehe. It was.

About this time my gloved hand was starting to come up from her crotch fairly bloody, so I quietly set all the sharp tools aside and made sure that the instrument I left inside her was the blunt rounded end of a pair of large tweezers. She was moaning up a storm, so I started fucking her with the steel instrument. The blood kept coming, so little lube was really needed. I just wanted to make sure I knew where the blood came from.

After things calmed down a bit I broke out the needles. Half a dozen 21 guage 1.5"ers on each side of her labia, thrust through from the inside out. All the hubs were rubbing together inside her with the needle points bumping into the inner aspect of her thighs. Top and bottom of the arrangement I put 18 guagers through side to side to more or less close her lips over the hubs. Another 21 guage went straight in the middle of each of her nipples just to give her some buttons up top she could play with when she wanted to fly higher.

Tapping, rubbing, poking... all sorts of stimulation to the pussy/needle package worked. I took the tweezers [safe side in] and inserted them between the needles deep into her pussy - this reeeely apparently got her attention. I got my wartenburg neuro wheel and rolled it everywhere that looked sensitive, then turned it over and used the heavy handle of it to hammer [tap, really] on the inserted tweezers.

I could tell that da blond was pretty much going over the top round about this point, so I suddenly de-needled her, and started finger fucking her with the resultant blood as lube. I lost track of how many times she convulsed, and finally started finger painting her body and face with the blood.

All the above sounds fairly clinical and harsh, and doesn't reflect how we played for a couple of hours, doesn't mention the times where I had to stop and sort out whether her leg quivers were early shock or late orgasm, hydration breaks, doesn't begin to reflect the spirituality, the real personal intimacy, none of that. Let me quote here from the email she sent me some hours after I got home...

"I am indeed blessed by the Goddess today, wishes really do come true! ... For a slut, both of us sure know how to have a good time!! I was once again bold enough to offer up my flesh and spirit to you, YOU were so kind as to use it for pleasurable purposes for both of us! A journey like I have never known before. ...

The warm up with cat combs and stingy things was fun, I love to laugh and enjoy our play. The first needles took me to a place I know and can easily guide myself to and from...I relax but I still make sense. Then I reached a point...I think, might be a bit hazy..but when the second layer of needles went on and the nipples ....I flew to a place that was unreal to me. A true sense of flying! My body left me, my spirit was aloft with sensation and pleasure. The first few moments of that lift off was frightening, a cold, clammy sweat...calming words from you to breath and I realized what was happening...all that kept me from floating to the ceiling was my grabbing your hand. You had the most beautiful smile on your face everytime I tried to open my eyes. Surrounded by a glow, with seemingly no one else in existence. I remember at some point you telling me how beautiful I spirit soared yet again. You sensed a wall and gave me permission to break it..." let it go..." This time not only riding the orgasm to the end but the clouds that washed over me as I drifted in space. I truly felt accepted within for the pleasure I felt, regardless of the means I seek to fulfill it.

As the sexual pleasure increased the clouds just kept rushing by...I truly lost track of time and space...I had to hold on tightly to the sheet to keep from sliding off in a Jell-O heap into your lap. At that point I knew I trusted you with my life, and spirit.

She does capture the poetry of the experience much more than I do.

About half way into our play I had stopped for a hydration break, and swallowed my Viagra tablet. Once we were done with all the bloodbath I gathered some towels and wrapped da blond in a blanket and got Kevin to help me escort her safely through the crowds to the shower room. She was handling herself pretty well by this time and managed to clean up by herself.

We took a few minutes, I had a cup of Earl Grey, and after a bit of schmooze and munch we headed on back to the sex room. Staked out a futon, got naked and laying out on a cool mattress and I started relaxing. Gads, lay out on that mattress and don't have to be responsible for anyone for a while and it felt good. Fairly soon I started blessing Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. The great god Viagra - with the kind ministrations of da blond - brought erect wood to this middle aged hypertension-ridden fat man, and that beautiful blond goddess saddled up and fucked my brains out. We both went feral, animal rutting roaring grabbing thrusting and pounding and damn but it was good, right through til I hit that great non-verbal state.


I don't think there could be much doubt. Life is really fucking good.

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