August 19-20

A pleasant low key weekend.

Saturday I woke up at 5:30pm, due at Elf & Omaha's at 5ish for their housewarming. Bless her heart, I found a note from Hazel telling me she'd come and gone, cleaned the house, done laundry, washed everything in the kitchen, returned books and videos and borrowed more videos, and - best of all - there was a fresh hot pot of coffee waiting for me in the kitchen. Bless her heart doubly. I guzzled coffee, hit the grocery store on the way to E & O's new house, following more or less the Yahoo Maps print-out, and I arrived no more early or late than anyone else.

They have a nice place, plenty of room, the whole house baby-proofed, already have their in-home LAN set up networking their two office spaces, and it's great to see friends moving up in the world. I've seen them from a crowded little apartment to a crowded duplex sorta place to now this nice spacious home on a secluded little side street. Omaha and I agreed that we would be talking soon about resuming our periodic every-third-week date. In the near year since she gave birth we've only gotten together spottily and I think we're both ready to start picking up somewhere around where we left off.

It was nice to see the friends gathering there that I haven't seen in a while, including Raven and his lovely wife. She and I got to chat more than we generally have in the past, and she completely enchanted me with stories of her rather eccentric family back in Australia. The two of them and I chatted on further video loans back and forth between our libraries.

I swung by the Wet Spot for a while on my way home from Omaha's place, and chatted with a buncha friends. Panther was nice enough to give me a few minutes of massage to try to loosen up some really sore neck muscles, and Sol tendered to me a very nice gesture of appreciation [said gestures are now in the freezer!]. Started the early planning [scheming and conspiring is what Panther calls it] with Viktor on some future scenes, and did a little planning with a local pro domme who wants to learn a few new skills.

I got home around 3am and reviewed web sites til dawn. There's something just plain fun about barbequeing chicken breasts on the Weber at 4am.

I was able to sleep in til 3pm or so, and that's when the fun started. I called in a carry-out order from the local Chinese place and then before leaving I thoroughly enjoyed getting squeaky clean under the shower massage. That was about the end of the fun for the next couple hours, however. The plan was to head down to Vamp's house, waaaaaaaaay the hell down in East Bumfuck, a two hour drive south of here. She had told me there is no Chinese carry-out within a significant drive of her place, so I packed up half a dozen videos and of course - getting into the car - spilled coffee all over my clean jeans and clean shirt. Beginning to use the words I learned in basic training I swung by the Chinese restaurant. They had no record of my order. Argh. I was already running late and stood there muttering abusive comments while they hurriedly made up new batch's of Mongolian Beef and Shrimp Egg Foo Yung.

Sheesh. I hate it when I get out on the road and have to consciously talk myself out of Road Rage.

By the time I was several towns south, I'd cooled down and was starting to enjoy the passing green trees. Passing at about 75mph. I followed Yahoo Maps, which didn't tell me to turn behind that certain Dairy Queen, so I got a tour of an extra ten miles of bucolic countryside after I got off the Interstate. Tree farms, swap meets, more churches than you can shake a sin at, sporting goods stores advertising "camping, fishing, explosives"... so many of the things you just don't see in the middle of an urban metropolis. I found my way eventually to Vamp's doorstep, and found the carry-out still warm and tasty. She has a lovely home - amazingly clean and child proof, compared to my hermitage.

We had a nice visit, old friends who hadn't seen each other in months catching up. We put on Birdcage and I know we didn't hear more than one or two of Robin, Nathan, and Hank's interchanges as we were chatting up a storm. Later I put on Mystery Men, which she hadn't seen before, and we enjoyed the movie as well as more conversation.

Now, we didn't get together to play, make love, or anything like that - nothing had been negotiated. This was purely a social visit, nothing more. Uh - til Vamp invited me out for what _looked_ like a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, looking at stars and chatting on. What it actually turned out to be was a no-safeword scene with her topping my weary old man's knees in an endurance walk. When it's pitch black dark, you're wearing moccasins rather than walking shoes, you're on a country road with lots of mileage between lights and houses, you've taken a couple of turns, any shortcut involves walking through cowpies, and it's somebody else's country road that you've never been on before, there's no turning back when you get tired. There's only following your partner's lead and keeping on keeping on. I'm not sure how far we walked, something like fiftysevenleven hundred miles, but eventually we got on back, sore feet and all. I'd just about sweated through my NRA baseball cap [seemed like the right thing to wear in a gun-rack positive neighborhood].

I had a nice time and the whole visit was absolutely worth the drive. I'm looking forward to Vamp's beau getting moved down here to join her so all of her friends here in Seattle can convince the two of them to move up closer to civilization. Once home again I hugged the cat and started doing a little website review, watching True Grit [and absolutely in spite of the fact of Kim Darby and Glen Campbell being in it :) ].

I switched my work schedule around some this coming week so that I can be at the Wet Spot for the Tuesday evening presentation by fetish artist Steven Fisher [see some samples of his work here. I've got two of his prints on the wall of my play space and look forward to seeing his new work. If anyone reading this hasn't seen Steven's work yet, don't miss this presentation!

It's been a rather sedate weekend as far as my usual over the edge decadence. I didn't put a single piercing into anyone, didn't tie a knot or strike a butt cheek, and the only sex I had was with myself once or twice a day. I'm gonna have to do better next week or else rename this diary to be Fading Memories of a Former Slut. That wouldn't sit too well.

Sedate or not, life continues to be good.

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