August 17th - Shop-A-Holic

Somebody stop me!

When I wake up early enough in the afternoon that the stores are still open, have a checkbook that hasn't been used up, the magnetic strip on my debit card hasn't been erased and my bank's website says I have more money than I thought I did, I tend to hit the road.

I've never been a big chunk spender. Trips to the Bahamas, sports utility vehicles, cellular phones, never gone there on any of that yuppie conspicuous consumption shit. I nickle-dime myself to death. Carry-out food, 3-4 novels a week, the VHS collection growing bigger than Philadelphia.

My ostensible mission today was to find new office furniture for Peter's home office. Right now I have a couple of old childhood desks pushed together in a V with no real shelving or other organization. Of course, I had to start at the local video store. Fresh rentals tonite were Erin Brokovich [excellent, pulled tears out of me unabashedly] and Ghost Dog [Forest Whitaker, a terribly underrated actor who was great as always, in a sleeper not nearly as obscure as most Jarmusch films].

I hit a couple of furniture stores looking at all the modular stuff, straight desks and curved desks and corner desks and hutch's and shelves and drawers and keyboard platform options and laminate vs teak vs oak, and argh. Argh. Argh! I think buying a bunch of milk crates topped by a sheet of plywood would be easier. At the place where I got a really nice oak platform bed a few years ago [] I found a nice lead on a local furniture maker who might be able to do a nice and fairly inexpensive custom job. I'll be measuring and maybe doing some custom haggling via email.

On up to Lake City to the humongo Fred Meyer to browse their selection and found their furniture meager but their paperback rack and video rack fairly extensive - I got one novel and bought cheapo copies of Rio Bravo, True Grit and Sons of Katie Elder... not that I'm in a Duke rut or anything.

I circled around back to K-Mart who didn't have much more than Fred Meyer for furniture but I did find a cheap pair of khakis in their Big & Tall Men's shop. Heading back towards the house from the north, I saw a big new grocery store. Walking the aisles there I saw a couple of friends from the local pan leather community, tippie-toed up behind 'em and asked "Excuse me, folks, where's the kinky food?" Hehehehe. It turned out to be a great place I'll be heading back to, that has a wide selection of stuff. I picked up 8lb of discounted cheap hamburger and a bulk pack of chicken thighs, all for the freezer, and a bowl of fresh cioppino for breakfast.

It was about 8pm as I came south on Greenwood and tried out a Chinese carry out in the neighborhood I hadn't stopped at before, Chef At Wok [the co-owner told me they were too busy to keep up a website]. Excellent Mongolian Beef!

I headed out to 'look at furniture'. I arrived back home with half a dozen bags ranging from pants to bulk chicken to videos. Nickle-diming myself to death. Somebody stop me!

It's good to live in a time and place where life is this good.

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