August 12th

Ah, it's been a good day.

Well, actually it was a lazy kinda day, woke up a bit too early but just in time to watch the Mariners [a damn good game, but they lost]. I got a lot of website review done during the afternoon and then later in the afternoon Hazel got a lot of housecleaning done. While she was here I whipped up a fresh batch of my homemade egg drop soup and she loved it almost as much as I do myself. Maybe she was just being polite, but the soup all disappeared.

At the Wet Spot this evening I had agreed to meet Natasha and introduce her to the Mean Green Machine. Jane had agreed to be there to give moral support. Hehehehehehe. Yeahright, moral support. What was Jane's first question when I asked her to hold onto one of the paddles while I made some adjustments? "Can I turn the power up?" Zip zap zwope and Jane jumps right into top space.

But it was Natasha's scene, and goodness gracious can that woman laugh! I had to do a bit of tinkering, adjusting this and that, adding or changing this electrode lead or that pulse pattern, and all of a sudden she just started laughing. Actually, it happened a minute or so after Jane and I both suggested that Natasha stop talking about what was going on and simply experience it. Everyone is different. Some folks go into intense orgasms, a few hate it, some enjoy it a lot, and some - as Natasha - for whatever weird reason just launch into gales of laughter. We both agreed that we're going to have to try it again and see if either of us can figure out what the hell happened, but whatever it was she said was very good.

After we were done and everything cleaned up I must have gotten confused. I accidentally put the entire MGM and all it's several bags of attachments in Jane and Jim's little blue car at the north end of the parking lot instead of my large maroon car on the south end. A simple mistake anyone could have made. I sure hope Jim returns it in a week or two. :)

Sol was there tonite, in need of a hug. I invited him to come over tomorrow to join Kevin and I as we build some bookshelves. My VHS library has grown and grown as I've worked nights and needed company, and at over 200 I need something beyond the cheapo shelves I've picked up for ten bucks each, so I think we're going to build some permanent shelves to hold the growing collection. Maybe knocking some nails will be an adequate prosthesis for a hug deficit for Sol.

Derek came home to crash on the futon tonite after the WS, while I did some more site reviews. Tonite's videos? Unforgiven, Clint Eastwood, and Moscow Parade, Ute Lemper. Damn but she's a beauty! [Heather: if you love Ute as much as I think you do, get this movie!] Tomorrow I've got Big Jake with the Duke waiting for me.

Lately on the CD changer: Hapa. Zap Mama, a ma zone. Bobby McFerrin, Circlesongs. Sweet & Lowdown, soundtrack. Lahey. Itzhak Perlman, In The Fiddler's House. Don Walser and the Pure Texas Band, Archive Edition #2. Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, Blues for the Rain Forest. Rare Air, Primeval. Benzedrine Monks, ChantMania. Feodor Challiapin, Songbook.

Tonight's tshirt: "Rough Trade Athletic Club".

That's about enough. I'm having a hard time following the Russian language and English subtitles on Moscow Parade and trying to type at the same time. G'nite all.

Life continues good.

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