Tonite was a pleasant evening, absolutely out of character from just about everything I've written about. I met a nice lady for dinner and, spur of the moment after dinner, we saw Space Cowboys . As an aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, with Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner, Donald Sutherland, and Clint Eastwood. What was out of character about my evening? My date was a nice vanilla lady - not kinky - and moreover is going through a celibate period, which I didn't challenge.

Surprise of surprises... sluts don't always have to be thinking about sex, don't have to always be having sex, don't have to be always writing about thinking about having sex.

I greatly enjoyed our evening and look to see her again. If she ever decides to end her celibacy, and if she expresses an interest, I'll certainly share that sort of happiness with her. If she never decides to end it, or if she finds kismet with some other man or woman, I'd like to continue to share the same sort of pleasant diversion that we just did tonite.

...slowly easing my toucas off of the Group W bench....

The following message from da blond arrived mid-day today at my Group W Bench in basket, along with her agreement to my posting it:

I will be writing to you more about this...but right now I am a bit preoccupied .....sutures are still in.....I showered and panties and a mid length dress...all for a nice long day outing with a christian friend...on the ferry. Still haven't decided if I can get up the nerve to ask him to remove them. I know I should be careful what I wish for...and HOW I wish too!!!

As of yet all I have done is touch them and reflect on why in the name of Goddess would I do this....resisted the urge to diddle...and lasted till about 8 am on the bladder..(showertime)...washed well...does that count as diddle? I am still drinking coffee...but sparingly to avoid rushing the end.

This is turning into the Energizer Bunny Scene, going and going and going... stay tuned.

Life is good.

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