August 10th

Be very very careful of what you ask for... you just might get exactly what you ask for.

Da blonde may well be getting that tattooed on her forehead soon, so she can remind herself often.

After a couple of months hiatus to sort out some poly issues [she really is; he really wasn't; she's now a free agent], we got together again this evening for a little fun. She'd been working all day on her own work, which is producing bondage video, and arrived around 8ish tonite. She brought a basic meal kit with her - a zip lock baggie with two pre-marinated steaks, a cooler of salad makings, & a couple of mangoes. I threw in a couple ears of corn, BBQ'd the meat and corn, and we had a really nice dinner, catching up on the past couple of months.

After a pleasant hour or so grazing and gabbing, we proceeded to do exactly what she had asked me to do. Da blonde had wanted more piercings, and I gave them to her. And she had wanted more fisting, and I gave it to her. And she had wanted to share more sexuality with me, and we certainly did. And then the something else.

To start the piercings, I put a short line of needles down the inside of both of her thighs, and then an artistic array on her mons, 5 hubs centered directly on her clit. A couple of small 30guage 1/2"ers straight in the nipples and she was flying. When she started reaching up to poke and stroke the needles herself, I knew we had launched. I started working on variations of g-spot massage, working up to some really vigorous fist fucking, and we climbed the mountain multiple times. Once she was wrung out [ok, I was pretty tired too...] we took a hydration break, and then she laid me back on the bed and turned me into a mumbling drooling bundle of post-orgasmic goo.

Oh, and then there was the something else, but I don't really think she expected me to deliver. She had asked me to suture her pussy. I had her lay back on the bed again and I got out the sutures, the hemostats, and the iris scissors and I put in five sutures, closing her cunt for the night. I was nice though, I left a little gap to sneak a fingertip through to diddle her clit. And after I'd finished sewing her closed I gave her a liter of water to drink - to make sure she didn't get dry, of course - and asked her to drive home, keep pushing fluids, and see how far into tomorrow she could go before she removed the sutures herself.

I'll be looking to hear from her, to see how it went. I want to see how long her bladder held out, see if she removed them herself or if she delivered on her dare to have her christian roommate remove them. This is one of those scenes that just keeps on giving!

I can't wait to find out what she's gonna ask for next time. Whatever it is, she'll probably get it.

Life is quite exquisitely good.

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