August 6th, Later

Sometimes you just pay the price, and no question. I got to bed about 9:30 this morning and Dad called about 11:30. On his way down, he says. On my way back to bed, I says.

Dad arrived around 1:30 and I got up, four hours sleep my max for the day, made coffee, and enjoyed the afternoon with him. He'll be flying back to the Great Retirement Center of the Universe [Scottsdale AZ] in a couple days. We hit the store and I BBQ'd honey dijon steaks while he did his specialty - salads. Baby walla wallas, fresh diced garlic, hard boiled eggs, kalarabi, garlic croutons, lots of stuff. He was here when Hazel arrived, and he gave her his condolences on having to pick up after me.

It was a bittersweet visit with Dad. His partner is facing the challenges of chemo and radiation soon, the second partner Dad has had to nurse through terrible medical burdens. They both love the weather and everything about Arizona, but neither has year-round family there. It looks like they might move back up here, at least part time, so that family support will be closer. I've missed him, but he'd been empty after Mother had passed away, so I've been glad he found someone. Now he'll be returning closer, but at a terrible price. He and I cried some together when he left this afternoon, no apologies, and I think we're closer than we've ever been.

Panther and I had decided on a no stress relaxing evening together. We both needed it, deserved it, and would only get it if we created it. I got an ICQ when she was on the way and called in the Chinese delivery order. She brought the Cherry Garcia [actually some new fangled 'improved' B&J with extra stuff added - it still worked] and I brought out Paint Your Wagon. Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood in a singing western about polyamory. Hehehehe.

We had a pleasant time. I found out that a piece of saran wrap is an excellent tool for foreplay, if you hold it securely over the nose and mouth until your partner has to breathe through her ears. I also found out that there are inherent risks in vigorously fisting a partner who ejaculates copiously, on the same day that you've already changed bed linens. Such are the lessons a slut has to learn.

Life continues good.

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