August 6th - The Mean Green

Hazel, my housekeeper, called and woke me up this afternoon. I ignored the first set of rings, but when it immediately started ringing again, I got up and got it. "Hello?", she said. "You'd said to wake you at 3pm, but I couldn't get a baby sitter so have to come tomorrow. This is your wake up call." She's a day person and I'm nocturnal, so she commonly comes in the afternoon and rouses me when I've slept too long. Gotta love her devotion to duty; she keeps my head above water.

Today it was just in time for me to scoot down to the Wet Spot for Carol Queen's presentation with her partner Robert based on their Bend Over Boyfriend video. The turnout was fine and enthusiastically participatory, but much smaller than the erotic reading of the night before. Reminds me of when an ex and I went out to Horizon Manor . I gave her a good flogging and the room filled with suburban swinging couples, watching hungrily. When I finished, we had a balanced power exchange, and she put me up on a table, strapped on a dildo, and buttfucked me. The playroom emptied quickly. What was comforting to me today was that I only knew about half the people in the room. Working on some toaster ovens....

The workshop ended and everyone went their own ways for a few hours for dinner. I had to scramble to get together a few items. Ya see, the other day Panther let me know that Annika was interested in the Mean Green Machine but was too bashful to ask me, so I told Panther to just tell her I'd bring it Saturday. Of course, I hadn't used the MGM since Living In Leather in early July, so had to make sure everything was packed, worked, clean, etc. Since Annika was going to be working as a DM til midnight, I gave Kevin a call. "Hey, Kev... wanna get electrocuted for a coupla hours?" Hehehehehehe. He was so there.

I hooked him up to the MGM, a couple of EKG patches on his thighs, one electrode hooked up to a 6" metal mesh screen under his butt and one clip on the Prince Albert piercing in his dickhead. Once I got the current cascading ok through those, I added a special TENS unit hook-up to his nipples [note: do NOT do this unless you have the technical know-how to do it safely; unplanned jump starting of the heart is not sexy]. Once that settled into a rhythm, I started prelubing his backdoor, and then inserted his conductive PES butt plug and got that adjusted to a happy pace. The nice thing about the PES system is that you get the electrical pulses stimulating the sphincters so that the plug pumps in and out, fucking yourself hands free and automatically. Next up was adding in the hand crank Army field telephone [also customized to make it safe; they actually were used for torture during the war.]. The other toys are pretty smooth but the crank is erratic and rough; I gotta use it just for seasoning. Eventually I handed the field phone over to a leatherman who was standing there admiring Kev's butt, and he kept it cranking full speed while I started hitting Kevin's PA a few times with the battery operated fly swatter. He was arcing up, bucking in the stirrups, higher and higher. I lubed up a glove and started jerking him off, and he started spewing, shooting spooge through my fingers all over the place. The boy must have shot off 3 times. The damndest thing is, when we were done he said that he'd been too high and so many different stimulations that he hadn't even realized that he'd cum! Hehehehehehe. He's so much fun to play with, so rewarding to a top.

It took a while for Kev to re-enter the same universe as the rest of us, and then we moved to the more mundane clean up time, spooge sponged, and electrodes scrubbed. Once he got his sea legs again, he started moving into top space, cuz he was gonna help me co-top Annika.

Annika and I have been friends for a little while now, and her girlfriend Panther and I have been lovers and play partners, but outside of the occasional passing slap-n-tickle, we've never played. Boy oh boy, do I regret having missed sharing nirvana with her for so long.

She was a little scared of her first electrical experience, so I invited Eve, KSlave's friend, to hold her hand [my ulterior motive is that I wanted Eve to have a chance to see what fun the MGM is, but nobody tell her, ok?]. I started Annika off with a couple of gentle little EKG patches on her thighs, put the mesh screen under her tush for another contact point, and hooked an alligator clip onto her clit hood ring. Eased the current on up slowly until she all of a sudden started writhing in a happy manner. Kevin was operating the TENS clips on her nipples. Everything was working well, and she was obviously Climbing The Mountain. Time to shift into overdrive. I lubed up The Ball - a 2" stainless steel ball with an 8" electrode lead coming out off of it - and inserted it into her coochie, nestled up against her g-spot, and then hooked up a defibrillator paddle and started holding it over her mons.

All of a sudden Annika started embracing the Goddess in a manner incredible to behold. She was shuddering and convulsing and turning colors and it was all marvelous and beautiful. Wonderfully, she started ejaculating, repeatedly gushing all over me! On and on and over and over and I was standing in a lake of testimony to her Goddesshood. Gads, but I felt honored.

It took her a long time to come down and catch her breath and recover after we unhooked everything, and then she gifted me with the best thank you that she could have. Tearfully, she told me that she had ejaculated with a clueless fellow many years ago and had been ridiculed for it [?!?!?!?!?!] by the bloody fool, and suffered for that for many years. Panther and Viktor have been tremendously healing for her, and apparently this sensory overwhelm tonite that Kevin and I helped with was a catharsis for her, a breakthrough of some magnitude. I was so proud to have her tears staining my chest when we hugged.

Obviously, most of the rest of the evening at the WS was fairly anticlimactic after those two folks. I hit the Safeway on the way home and listened to the clerk bubble over about a couple of videos I'd loaned her. In our 3am chats over my checkout for the past couple years she's solicited my advice on "guy movies" [she prefers them but knows nothing about them]. She loved Blood of Heroes, Joan Chen and Rutger Hauer and Vincent D'Onofrio. She was so-so about Two Days In The Valley, but just like I did, loved the Glenne Headly/Danny Aiello romance in it. Next up, The Big Hit.

I ended doing my usual multi-tasking tonite once I got home. Made a pot of soup from scratch, fried up a mess of chorizo and onions, looked over several smut sites and wrote some website reviews, sorted out all the problems of the world via ICQ with Vamp and watched both American in Paris and Singin' in the Rain. That's just about as diverse as I can get. All that and when the VCR clicked off, the TV kicked in with HTV [Hypocricy Television]. "...washed in the blood of the Lord, and if you call now with your credit card we'll send your prayer off to God... and make sure you take your little Christian self in this fall and vote for the Christian of your choice..." Ack - I'd rather watch infomercials.

Once again, I thank the Gods and Goddesses for the circle of friends I've been gifted with. Kevin and Annika were each very similar, in their own ways, in opening themselves up to the possibilities of joy. It's a happy happy thing to be allowed to help them in this.

There should be no doubt that life is good.

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