August 5th

So far so good, the weekend has been so much more pleasant than the last work week.

Dinner Thursday night with K and C was nice. Chang's Mongolian Grill on Capital Hill is a frequent meeting place for dinner with friends, and you can adjust your plate to just about any diet there. We're gonna have to have dinner again sometime soon, as I saw NO pix at all of their two grandkids this time. Harumph.

I'm working my way through my thesaurus for a kinder gentler word for 'vanilla'. K and C have been protesting, when I mention [in an affectionate and loving manner] something about "K & C, the vanilla lesbian couple". In their circles of friends, their long term same-sex relationship, their outspoken advocacy for same-sex marriage, the fact that they even _know_ someone like me [ :) ] , let alone live vicariously through my journal adventures ... these things all add up to being a bit more than vanilla. From my point of view, the fact that _I_ know someone like them means that I'm not quite as far out on the Group W Bench as I think I am. I guess, just to be fair though, until I come up with something better I'll still be the one 'out there' and they'll still be my dear vanilla friends. But I'll keep looking for better words.

I hadn't stopped at Bailey Coy Bookstores in a long time, so on the way out of Capital Hill I hit them to stock up my To Be Read shelf. Tonight's acquisitions: Ten Little Bloodhounds, Virginia Lanier; Apparition Alley, Katherine V. Forrest; To Say Nothing Of The Dog, Connie Willis; and - cuz Panther likes to read through the stack of cartoon books next to the commode when she visits - Unnatural Dykes To Watch Out For, Alison Bechdel. Blockbuster's cheapo shelves added Shane and The Comancheros to the video library, not that I'm in any Western-watching rut.

Once I got home I spent several hours looking at websites, made tacos and refried beans, wrote some reviews, and woke up leaning back in my office chair off and on for some hours. I ended up hitting the sack, only being woken up for 3 or 4 phone calls through the day.

Friday night dinner with Natasha came first, and then to the Wet Spot for an erotic reading by Carol Queen. Carol was wonderful as always, reading some pretty hot stuff with her patented spritely energy, and Robert was just as damn cute as I remembered him being. Damn, but that boy should live nearby....

And of course I turned into a slut later. Wandered off into the back room for what started as a back rub and what ended as a front rub. I gotta chuckle when I think out the relationship - she is the girlfriend of the ex of the ex of the ex of the ex of one of my ex's. Hehehehehe. She and her boyfriend and I have enjoyed the occasional three cornered roll in the hay over the years, but he was off voyeuring someone else's scene tonite so she and I staked out a mattress for a while.

Slim pickings in website review after I got home tonite, didn't get anything written despite half a dozen looked at. I had a lot more fun simultaneously ICQ-flirting with Panther and Vamp , and making and eating a big pot of fresh homemade egg drop soup. It's after dawn Saturday morn now and I have to get a goodly little sleep in, cuz I'm definitely not gonna miss Carol's workshop this afternoon based on her Bend Over Boyfriend videos. More later.

Life continues good.

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