August 3rd - Other Job Hell

What a week.

The recounting of my last weekend was of a landmark event, a wonderful time with friends doing very meaningful actions and relating and worshiping and lotsa good kinda shit. Unfortunately, the rest of the world didn't hear that I was having a top-of-the-world week, and the bullshit kicked into high gear, schtooping me in the keister without the courtesy of lube.

I dunno if schtoop or keister is a word, but it's how I've felt.

I'm talking about my Other Job, of course. Three straight 12 hour days in a row of being a receipt point for the painful lashing out of others. I was not physically struck, but verbally, emotionally, it's been hell. The variety ranged from very disturbed people who don't know any better just throwing tantrums and acting out erratically, to manipulative street hustlers trying to put one thing after another over on you. Continual events that forced me to be the Evil Step Father instead of the Kindly Uncle. Not by any measure why I became a Healer. By the end of the week I had the impression that Ned Beatty had a better time on his vacation with the toothless man, sqealling like a pig, than I did at work.

I'll stop whining now, and get on with life, but I'll tell ya - it's absolutely no fun at all to find yourself dreading going to work, to a job you generally enjoy.

So here I go - officially - End Of Whine.

Hazel just left from helping with a catch-up on housecleaning. She has a lot going on in life, the chaos of day to day this'n'that hitting her with the crosswinds pretty strongly. It's a happy thing for both of us that her being here doing what I so depend on her for has turned out to be an anchor of stability for her. She's a treasure and deserves more help from the Fairy Godmother Department with less help from the Practical Joke Department [Heinlein's two departments of the Bureaucracy Of Life].

In a few minutes I'm off to dinner at Chang's Mongolian Grill again with K & C, the lovely lesbian couple who did me such a fine job on my taxes. Nice folks, it's nice to catch up over dinner every month or three. Hopefully I'll be seeing pictures of their new grandkid! So much of my social time is spent in activities considered 'over the edge', Group W Bench stuff, that this more mundane and simple pleasures of life sort of thing is a pleasant occurance. Life needs balance.

Here's the website for the Paddleboro Defense Fund . I've sent off a check to buy one of their tshirts and will probably be buying one of each of their memorabilia [love the bumper sticker: "If wooden spoons are outlawed, only outlaws will have wooden spoons"]. Goddess willing, I'll never have to send off another check for a similar reason, nor ever have to raise funds for the same reason myself. As long as I have this terrible ominous certainty that these needs will continue, I'll continue to send the checks and solicit the same from others.

It's a Carol Queen weekend in Seattle! She's here for a reading Friday and a presentation on "Bend Over Boyfriend" Saturday, both at the Wet Spot. Happy days!

Sorry about the whining. Onward and upward.

Life is good, regardless.

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