April 16th

Thanks to all who have emailed or otherwise inquired as to my health and such. After my 2/28/04 posting, marking my fourth anniversary of this journal, I ended up giving myself a month or so hiatus.

I contemplated whether or not to continue the journal. I indulged in life. I wrote quite a bit in my website reviews, my Other Job, and in my many postings on 3WA [the numbers at 3WA show I'm the 8th most prolific poster out of 5, 235 members].

In the end I decided to continue to post, but will endeavor to take the pressure off of myself if I stall again. Publish or perish may be a way of life for academics, however it's no way to maintain your blood pressure over something done for one's own pleasure.

Catsy moved in with me for a while, until he and his lady Jess can put aside enough to get an apartment of their own. It was crowded at her family's place. He and I have been doing ok together, no real problems, and enjoying having someone else in my hermitage for a bit.

Hazel, after four years of being essential to my existence as my housekeeper, decided to move on. She's focusing on family matters of her own. For the time being Catsy is helping with housekeeping, however I will probably be making arrangements before too long for someone to pick up on Hazel's duties.

One nice thing that has occurred recently is that I have begun to date someone who has a whole bunch of compatibilities with me. For here I'll call her Ealažn - pronounced 'al-een' - the Irish word for art. She is an artist in many ways and we're enjoying day by day getting to know each other, sharing some marvelous adventures, and we're both broadening from exposure to the other's experiences. Plus she also identifies as 'slut' - always a big point for me. We have lovers in common, and others the other has never met. We aren't putting any label on things and will both probably refuse vigorously any labels forced on us by others, but we're seeing each other several times a week and it's a Good Thing.

It's baseball season, and I've been to Safeco Field already a couple of times for Mariners games. Baseball season and the time when the Walla Walla onion crop comes in are two of my happiest times of the year.

Not much content here, but I wanted to post something to let all the Blue Blazer Regulars know that I was still here and kicking. I plan soon to post a page with my DVD inventory, including links and reviews. Oh, plus I updated my page of characters and my page of other journals I read.

My love to all my readers and friends, and please know that life continues to be quite good.

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