April 4th

Enough is enough, already. I've been rationing my time on CNN to a minimum. There is much less of a hypertensive effect by skimming my news sites - and thanks to all who have sent me more international or other alternative news sources. So last night I ended up leaving CNN on while I was reading some smut into the evening. I finally got sick and tired of Aaron Brown living up to his Boondocks paradies [this one or that one, to start], and turned the tube off. Apparently I had listened a moment too much, however - I woke up this morning remembering a dream where I had been wounded here in Seattle in a firefight between Iraqi Republican Guard soldiers and city police. Yeah, you and I can chuckle about it... but we have perspective. My question is - just how many kids are breathing second-hand CNN smoke these days... and what is happening in their minds and psyches as a result?

I can remember air raid drills in school during the early cold war, getting under our desks as if that would stop an atomic blast, and there is quite a bit of literature now about the sorts of thoughts and fears that had their genesis under those desks. I can't help but think that CNN is creating the next generation of the same.


In other news, I met with K&C last night at Chang's Mongolian Grill on Capital Hill. I introduced them to it years ago and they say they go back often. It's that time of the year again - C does my taxes and I scramble to find ways to ensure that the great cosmic wheel of karma in the sky stays more or less balanced. They really make it hard for that to happen. I couldn't find a good prime standing rib roast last night so I got them a humongo eye of round 'Beef In A Bag".

They got to the restaurant a bit before I did and when I joined their booth they hurridly whispered to me about our waitress - who I had already been watching avidly. Tall, long red hair in thick pigtails, her tie loose and her white dress shirt sleeves rolled up to the shoulder to parade her multiple tattoos off. C told me that they had been out there waiting in a busy lobby when the waitress walked up to the cashier and pointed them out and told her to, "Put those two in my section." The three of us had fun flirting with her the rest of the evening, including a couple of times when she snuck a quick break sitting at our booth and exchanging names of tattoo artists and favorite singers [she mentioned Vic Damone and Nina Simone, not bad for a kid in her early 20s, and I told her about Judy Henske [see Vachss' comments here] , Lavay Smith, and Ute Lemper]. Three chanteuse who in my book should be on the official Diva list. Said waitress, by the way, was pristinely teflon to any of my flirting, dammit.


I've joined Katt and Wolfe in listing my journal at Cunning Linguists. If you take a look there you'll find some of the Usual Suspects in adult journaling, and you'll also probably run into some new viewpoints. Give it a look from time to time.


Some folks laugh when I talk about Orgasms For Peace. I don't really give a flying brillo pad if you do it for fun or do it with the Deepest Sincere Spiritual Intent - please just do it. Whether alone, with a loved one, with a stranger, or with a group of souls -- devote time and intent on having and giving wonderful orgasms, and right when all that yummy energy is released, just do a quick little mental assignation of some of it towards the cause of peace. It truly will all help, it will be your own little Life Is Good moment, and it will be much more effective than shouting in the streets and carrying banners. And thank you for your support.

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