April 24th

Here's a few highlights from the past few days.

Friday was a dinner date long overdue. Panther and I have been trying to get a dinner date for a while. Life itsowndamnself has interfered. We met up at Hana's on the Hill, and managed to work our way through over fifty bucks worth of sushi. It was a worthwhile evening with an old friend.

I managed to fit several things into Saturday. First off, I made my first trip down to Utilikilts [it's really close to the Wet Spot]. I've seen them on many friends, seen them on the web, and there's even been a discussion forum on 3WA on 'Men in Skirts'. I've wanted one despite how ugly my legs have gotten to. Friday evening I pretty well decided I was going to go in and see about getting one, so headed in first thing Saturday. I walked in, looked around, and the damn place was wall to wall Bears! I'd forgotten it was their Spring Thaw. I bet I saw a dozen or so kilts walk out the door with good looking burly men while I was there. I picked out one off the rack that was already made up, in an olive twill reminiscent of the OD I wore for so many years in the Army. The material is out of stock, so getting one already done made it possible. I'll get it in a week or two after the length tailoring is done.

The day was so damn beautiful, and I was feeling so darn good and generous, I stopped in at work and did a couple hours of paperwork catching up. The boss made me salaried recently, and this is the other side of when the office is quiet. I had work to do, I did it. Felt damn noble. I'll get over it.

Saturday evening Sol was having a birthday party at his place and asked if I would be able to redo the cutting on his arm. I've done it twice previously, and have a framed blood-print of it hanging on my wall from when it was fresh cut. We did it sitting at his breakfast table, where the light was brightest. It went quite well, and the scarlet surging from the cuts was startling in it's brilliance. The last time we cut it, at my house, we rubbed it with a mix of soots and ashes from a collection of ritual bowls. A little bit of the color caught. This time I rubbed it many times with splashes of port, and then at the suggestion of an obvious sadist at the party we rubbed it as well several times with lemon juice. Yummy.

I turned Sunday into a day of lazing around in sweats, surfing smut, writing reviews. Need them days! The highlight? Kev rushed over, looking high as a kite. He walked in, stripped off his clothes, and showed me the rope marks. He had just come down from doing a self suspension, up in mid air in his hemp rope. He was both rope burned and, well, like I was saying, higher than a kite! I rubbed his rope burns down in a moisturizing lotion and fed him coffee until he was a bit closer to coherency, before I let him drive home. It is so good to see him that happy!

I've been chatting with Linda a lot on IM and phone. She's a lovely lady, and takes direction well. She impressed me long distance a day or so ago, and I'll leave it to her choice how much detail she mentions. She was a very good girl.

I'm writing this Wednesday, looking back. Looking forward gets me tired just thinking about it. Tomorrow, Thursday, Omaha and I are doing an evening at Tubs after work. Friday I'm picking up Catsy and joining Panther and her guy at Safeco to watch the M's clobber the Yankees. [Lisa from NY: Nyah nyah nyah for ducking the more interesting bets, but I'll be glad to accept your FedX'd NYC bagels. And if, by some slim chance, the Yanks take this series, you'll receive a couple pounds of fresh roasted Seattle caffeine.]

After I drop Catsy at home after the game I've got to hustle home and to sleep, cuz Sat morn Kevin and I are heading out on the road to Portland OR for the Saturday evening BodyBound party. ROAD TRIP!!! Good stuff.


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