April 28th

I had early notice, a couple months ago, from Aubrey that he and Daniel would be hosting a party in late April, and that my presence would be welcomed. Itís always an honor and pleasure to visit Aubreyís house, for a myriad of reasons. [Each of the same reasons go for Daniel as well, by the way]. Locally here in Seattle Aubrey is not only known for his fine website, The Cage and his nationally known netradio show, Aubreyís Playroom, but he also was the moving force behind Doomed Rabbit. This was a fine cookbook fundraiser some years back, and good luck to you figuring out which recipe in there was mine, submitted under a name other than Peter Throckmorton. Aubrey is a man who knows quality food. Daniel is a man who knows quality food. Around these parts, if you get an opportunity to sit at the table of either man, you cancel a Papal audience, give up your next orgasm, and think long and hard about whether or not you really want to go to that Marinerís game. In the case of this menís party [at Aubreyís, but they live near one another] both hosts contributed to the table. It was a no-brainer to send my RSVP when I got the confirming email.

In the day or so prior to the party Iíd been ICQing back and forth with Derek, convincing him to attend. Aubrey had personally invited him, but the email invite got lost so he was bashful about showing up. Itís not that easy to beat someone about the head and shoulders over a modem, but thatís what I had to do to the boy. "But, I donít know anyone...", he kept saying. "If you donít go places, you donít meet people", I kept saying. I won. When Kevin and I pulled into the neighborhood the first thing I saw was Derekís Knievelmobile, and he greeted us inside warmly. It turns out that he had indeed been made to feel welcome and did indeed know folks there and did indeed have a bit of fun. Funny how that sort of thing works out. I felt a bit like Ivanova quoting the B5 Mantra to him.

Anyhow, Kevin had picked me up and drove us both over, early to mid evening. The party was already in full swing when we got there. We dropped our jackets in or near the mountain of black leather jackets, stacked up all the suitcases and bags we had our implements in, and dodged around the tilting bondage table with a naked hooded man in Trendelenberg position, cock upright and being addressed by a couple of men. We were greeted by a big Aubrey hug and followed shortly by a Derek hug. The house was full of men, strangers and friends alike, most of them either bare butt or on the way to it. There were old and young, bald and hairy, wide and thin, and the testosterone was thick in the air. I lost track of how many accents I heard. It had been a while since I had last been at Aubreyís so he gave us a guided tour of all the changes and improvements heíd made and pointed out those still planned.

Aubreyís personal dungeon [the entire basement] is one of the finest home dungeons in town, always has been since he first moved into the house. Heís never content, and takes on the most hellish projects to improve things. The dungeon includes a shower, a couple of urinals, his cage - which is on cagecam 24/7, and he is now completing installation of a completely authentically equipped two cot cell [take a look at the top photo of that sample page]. He has a touchscreen computer that controls lights, music, slideshow, temperature, and so forth throughout the dungeon. The door at the bottom of the stairs into the main dungeon room has a numerical keypad. Out in that main part of the dungeon there are points sunk every couple inches to screw eyebolts into to make it a very adaptable space. Sitting off in one corner is a beautiful and versatile medical chair, with bent-leg stirrupsÖ and I knew what part of the dungeon we were going to be playing in.

Before we could play we had an essential stop to make - the kitchen. Iím not sure who did what, but it was all marvelous and we stayed a while. Shavings of some sorta expensive meat, mushrooms soaked in something wonderful, fresh veggies, a salad made in heaven, and lots of other fine fare. Iím not doing proper respect to the excellent food, but my taste bud memories are perfectly descriptive; the words just donít come out right.

Down in the dungeon Kevin and I started setting up, with lots of hostly courtesy and assistance from Aubrey and his boys. We moved the chair [custom built for a physician at a cost of several thousand bucks, and it intimidated the patients so they passed it on] from one side of the dungeon, next to the cagecam and near brighter lights and electrical outlets. One real nuisance about the sort of lazy-top electrical play that we do is that I is equipment-heavy, meaning a lot of suitcases and a lot of set-up. Argh. Extension cords here, duct tape there, a little table to set this on and extra space for that little doodad. There was a man in the cage right next to us and folks were standing around the cage adding to the flavor of his experience so we had to be careful of bumping elbows as we worked.

First off we experimented with my new Omron TENS unit. In the cosmic scheme of electrical toys it isnít a big hitter, but itís pleasant [I think] and an interesting change from some of the more brutal options. Moving on, I got the Mean Green Machine going with pads and patches hooked up in several places. We had an extensive and frustrating interlude where the electricity was arcing Ė which is just flat assed painful Ė and we worked on making mid-stride custom connections with twists of copper wire attached to his 00ga PA. Neither of us was very happy about it. Anything that takes you out of the moment is a bummer and Iím researching with the folks at Body Circle about getting some sort of custom ring that will easily connect to an alligator clip. I had a couple of clips or patches or whatever on Kev and added the 2 ½" stainless steel ball inserted into the prostate area. It has about an 8" insulated lead coming off to an alligator clip. With that ball in place I started moving around finding positions of best impact with a defibrillator paddle that has been customized to attach to the MGM. Itís pretty amazing how you can touch it just about anywhere from the bottom arch of the foot to the inner thigh to under the butt to Ė my favorite Ė covering the entire scrotum and the underside of the dick in one big surge of electrical stimulation. Kev was arching at one point, thrusting his hips up into the air trying to mate with the rafters, in a large bow of rigid and quivering manflesh. It was a marvelous moment, but no splooge. I think the residual frustration of the wiring interruption was still on his mind, but we got to a good ending point and went on off to hydrate and graze.

One unexpected pleasure this evening is seeing Jeff Hengst. Iíve only known Jeff for a year or so, having first met at the first ArtBound, but he seems like someone Iíve forged a special bond with. At that time he approached me Ė a portly middle aged white guy Ė and let me know I was the sort of Ďreal peopleí that he likes to paint. He has attended ritual more than once and was very involved with LIL, where he absolutely overwhelmed me by displaying beside the podium life-size paintings of the ritual where Panther and myself hung from skin hooks. Those paintings were sold to collectors and Jeff has promised me he would get me copies of the images for my own collection. He was also at ArtBound II recording the artful beauty there for painting fodder. Tonight he was here to record some of the images. I saw him doing several sensitive posings of an Old Guard daddy and his boys and he asked if he could record some of what Kevin and I did. Neither of us had any problems with that Ė given the quality of work Jeff does, and the respect he shows, itís an honor to be asked.

We used slightly different toys this time, or used them differently. Having an engineerís bent, Kevin has made bipolar nipple clips for his TENS unit. Itís a two channel unit, and each channel is dedicated to a separate nipple. He has taken plastic clothes pins and done the wiring from the TENS to them in such a way [do not try this at home, kids] that the electrical charge is sent from the top of one nipple to the base of the same nipple, avoiding the entire ďdonít use a TENS unit across the chestĒ problem. He fine tuned those clips on himself tonight just as he always does, and then we left them as he set them for a steady level of nipple sensation. Next up, the PES unit. This rather expensive toy is hooked up to a conductive butt plug. The idea is to get the electrical pulses to the plug stimulating the anal sphincters in just such a pattern that the plug pistons itself in and out on itís own, and once you get it going, youíre fucked. So to speak.

The electrical toys going on autopilot meant that I could occupy myself otherwise and I did so for quite some time. I lubed up and started practicing all the cock strokes I learned in the Body Electric workshops. Itís a whole lot different jerking Kevin off than myself, cuz of his PA. Iím afraid of hurting him, and heís telling me basically "More more harder harder". Jeff was flitting all about the periphery of our scene recording it in his camera for future paintings, and it was hard to not be aware of where he is at times. I love having him there Ė I just donít admire it in myself when I find myself "posing" when I should be paying more attention to someone elseís pleasure. Anyhoo, we had a great time, even though Iím still early in learning how to best satisfy Kevís beautiful dick manually. We managed to muddle through it fairly well. Enthusiasm does count for something.

Once we were starting on clean up a local top, the same fellow who had first shown me his Omron a year or so ago, showed me his new electrical toy, the Erostek box. For someone who prefers to top electricity instead of bottom to it, I sure had fun. It dropped me from standing to crawling a couple times, but for a $450 box it should have a kick to it, and it does.

Exiting was a similar avenue to entering, and did include grazing through what was left of the kitchen layout. It was a lazy and hazy drive home, both of us exhausted from having way too much fun.

Life is indeed quite good. Aubrey and Daniel are wonderful hosts, Kevin is a beautiful partner, and Iím a very lucky boy.

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