April 19th - 22nd

Chloe is back from a long out of town vacation, looking luscious as ever, and has asked me for her first ever flogging. So far in her guided tour through Kink 101 we have done restraining things and sensual things, but we haven't done much of the impact sports. Now, the first thing I ever did at my first kinky party was take my clothes off and wander up to Georgette, who was hosting the party. This is probably close to ten years ago. She grabbed me and shoved me out towards the dungeon, and then told an incredibly beautiful woman wearing some sort of diaphanous gown "Take this boy off and flog the daylights out of him!" She did and I've never looked back. Obviously, I have a fairly fond recollection of my first flogging. I think of a flogging whether severe or gentle as a nice friendly sensual massage, even when I recall a time when I was worked over by a flogger made of about a dozen chains, 18" lengths of little sharp cornered elongated brass octagons. I leaned into that sucker and enjoyed it very much. Sometimes it slips my mind that most people hear the term 'flog' and think of the Singapore penal system instead of endorphins.

We picked a Thursday night, as the crowds are less and Chloe is easing at light year speed, one baby step at a time, into public play. Before we got to the Spot we had a nice long leisurely meal at Zoopa, and started - in my opinion - getting to know each other much more as real people that we had previously. Pleasant conversation, honest open times and it felt like a new level of intimacy. Neither of us overtly intrusive to the other's life, and both respecting all the pre-existing dynamics of each other's life. It just felt like a segue from playful acquaintances to good friends. Her girlfriend, Maggi, and Maggi's partner were invited to give moral support at the flogging, and arrived at the Spot shortly after Chloe and I did. [A tangent to be followed another day is "...why do they call it moral support?...".] I have no doubts that she definitely felt she needed the support when I pulled a couple of this'n'that's out of the toy bag. The nasty nasty!! king size stainless spatula was pulled out and - after Chloe clenched her sphincters tightly shut - I returned the spatula to Panther, with thanks for the loan. I still had the old steel machete in the toy bag from my trip to Canada and I slowly sat that aside as well, mentioning all the way that I would not, of course, use it tonite. The bullwhip, I do believe, is when her blood started to curdle. Ah, foreplay! With the two friends joining us we in the rear room, I set mindfucke aside and we got started. I first wrapped an Ace bandage around her head as a soft blindfold, and then reduced her to the basic flogging-receiving-uniform; bare butt nekkid. She was wonderfully trusting, being someone with significant public nudity buttons. I broke out my collection of 6' black rope and trussed her up hands and feet to the framework. One belt with a lock on it was wrapped around her waist a couple of times, locked, and then a rope was tied under from front to rear with a knot centered strategically. I began light and easy with my least vicious whip, one built by Ruth Marks some years ago when she was still able to do leather work. From there I used my deerskin flogger made by a young man named Robert many years ago; the section of mink fur set in the handle gives an interesting texture contrast. Later I gave brief tastes of more severe tools. The blows came down on both shoulder blade areas, from the left and the right, up and down. They rained on both buttocks, flicked around to kiss the sides of her breasts, and periodically curled under and smacked the knot in the rope that was centered over her clit. I got Maggi to stand in front of Chloe and give her comfort - caress her breasts, kiss her, whisper encouragement. After a while Maggi and I switched around and I flogged Chloe's mountainous breasts while Maggi comforted her backside [and I'm not really sure what that included]. At a certain point it appeared that Maggi was about comforted-out and she sat while I finished up Flogging 101. Bringing her out of the bondage I allowed her to come out of the blindfold first, as I know she loves bondage more than anything and I wanted her to look up at the aesthetic contrast of the black rope looped around her wrists. As with every single other baby step she's taken since asking me to help her to explore kink, she did two things. First of all, she pushed a bit beyond her expectations and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Secondly, every encounter I've had she's impressed me tremendously. It was a good evening.

Poor Kevin. He's been ill quite a bit lately - well, so have I and so have half the people I know. We had hoped to be able to attend the Friday party this week together, but he just was not up to it. This was a real disappointment, cuz the party scheduled was Bear Play, a play party for bears and their admirers in honor of Spring Thaw weekend. They promised wall-to-wall fur and a chance to meet Mr Right [or at least Mr Right Now]. I'd lost a bit of my impetus after talking with Kev, but I'd told him that I would go and pick up a bit of the fun on his behalf so I stuck my brand new TENS unit in my pocket and dropped in around 10pm.

Good gawd almighty! The place was still filling and it was chock full of men. Large men, larger men, hairy men, graying, bearded... bears. The place was dark, the music was loud, men were sweating, grunting, kissing and groping.

I found Community Bob [so nicknamed because he is happily a flogging bottom for much of the community] trying to get things jumpstarted by taking his clothes off. I offered to show him my new TENS and hooked him up. One large pad on the top of his dick, one on the bottom of his scrotum and then started playing with the patterns. He oohed and aahed and then jumped, smiled and cooed then jumped... we had a bit of fun for a while, and got some of the play energy going early in the party.

Wandering around to the back room in a bit I found a boy - fully grown man but a boy in gay leather terms - trussed up. He had a blindfold on, a horse's bit gag in his mouth, body immobilized in blue saran wrap and his package exposed. I started with nudging his cock and balls with the side of the cardboard cup of coffee I was holding, and you could tell that he could feel the warmth. I went one step too far when I held the cup under and allowed the tip of his dickhead to droop into the hot coffee - his jerk knocked the cup out of my hands and all of a sudden I had a bit of a spill on Georgette's recently shampooed carpet. The boy's daddy asked me to break out the TENS so I hooked him up. One pad on top of the dick, one on the bottom of the package and he couldn't see a thing that was going on. This TENS has a dozen or so different settings and two different dials of intensity. I'd never been sure exactly how powerful this unit was but when I powered him up he explosively shot a butt plug out and ricocheted it off the back wall.

Standing around behind me in the room - about the size of a small dining room - were around 30 or more guys [over 70 attended the party]. You couldn't turn around without bumping shoulders with 3 or 4 men all grabbing and stroking and kissing and - damn, but it was hot! The boy seemed to enjoy himself for some time. Several others were working on him as well, kissing him, playing with his nipples, and I kept up the electrical stimulation for a good half hour, forty-five minutes. It was a happy happy thing. After I'd been at the party for a couple hours I was fading already and decided to head on home. I definitely picked up some good energy for Kev.

Panther and I had been talking about getting together for a big needle scene Saturday night. It's something she and I have loved ever since our first play date up in Canada so long ago, but with our busy schedules we've passed like ships in the night for weeks now. We decided Saturday would be it. She said her chest, where I've often worked, was sore so I was thinking of pierce-lacing her thighs to her labia, something like that. Mostly I was gonna improvise.

Chloe asked if she could observe and sometime Saturday asked if there might be something she and I could do. We threw some ideas back and forth and the idea was that she would observe the scene Panther and I had and then later in the evening she and I would do a little something.

At the last minute I was ICQing with Chloe and heard that she "didn't have a thing in the house to eat". I told her to come on over and quickly mixed up a marinade and threw a couple of steaks in baggies full of marinade. I made an aluminum foil oven and filled it with pieces of asparagus, diced sweet onion, and big chunks of butter. That folded closed sat on the Weber grill beside the steaks and we had a good little dinner. She can keep her pantry empty for all I care - I like cooking for friends.

As it turns out, Panther wasn't feeling well when we finally arrived and chatted, and we decided to postpone the needle play til another day when conditions were better. Chloe and I went ahead and moved into the back room and got started with our bondage plans.

At my request Chloe had brought disposable clothes. She arrived beautiful as always, nice pretty fetish attire, but for play she changed into an old pair of khaki pants, long sleeve t-shirt, bra and panties. I had a 50' length of black and white candy-cane striped rope and used it to support her body, under the arms and over the framework several times [the same framework that I had flogged her on Thursday and the same framework that the boy had been on at the Friday Bear's party]. Once supported I wrapped her entire head in loose layers of ace bandage, leaving her mouth exposed. I took a 2' length of stockinet and had her insert her hands into it like a hand muff, and duct taped the ends on her wrists. At that point I just began wrapping duct tape from top to bottom. Wrapped her arms in a big forward-facing bow, her head and her entire body 360 degrees around. Gads, I had forgotten how tiring it is to pull and rip and attach and pull and rip and attach a couple rolls worth of duct tape. A little while after I got started I recruited Eve to help hold Chloe's attention, to support her hands when they needed it, and Eve's hubby was nice enough to start ripping my tape pieces off for me and all I had to do was kneel there and find places to put it on.

Once her entire bod was covered hair to ankles with circumferential duct tape, only her mouth exposed and looking like a special effect monster from a 1930s movie, I sat back and admired my work for a moment. Just a moment. Then I started cutting. Chloe has beautiful large breasts crowned with sensitive nipples larger than a pencil eraser, and it didn't seem right to have them concealed. I slashed the tape, shirt, and bra off of them and allowed her two beauties to poke through the tape. Eve, a fine woman with a fine appreciation of fine women, was willing to suffer and help support Chloe's breasts as I pulled out a couple of Shabbat candles. Chloe had asked about what playing with candle wax was like and this was the perfect chance to show her. Eve aimed C's tits at the dripping wax and you could tell by the reactions from under the duct tape hood that this was suddenly a new Favorite Thing. I kept it up until Eve and I were both tired.

Slipping behind Chloe I knife-ripped her trousers and the tape covering the middle of her crotch. You know, there's something chilling and exciting and terrifying about someone sticking a knife in your crotch and ripping, no matter how close and trusting you are. She had previously told me that she couldn't have an orgasm standing up. That is now an opinion along with flat earth and compassionate conservatives - absolutely proven wrong. I thrust one and then two fingers inside her soaking wet little cunny, and it felt like a moist velvet tunnel, convulsing all around me. She was lurching in the ropes, not supporting her own weight and I thrust harder and harder into her, stirring her fluids and her energies up to a peak, and then again and I found myself going feral right along with her, growling and channeling Jack Nicholson in a feeding frenzy from Wolf. No matter what animal I channeled, she was over and above me in pure animalistic orgasmic energy. Ahh. Damn. What a fine moment and how paltry words sound in trying to capture it. Eve stood back and just watched, a bit hungry in her eyes I believe.

Once cut out of the bodysuit - and trust me on this, it is a long and laborious affair to de-duct-tape someone - Chloe got thoroughly rehydrated and showered the sweat off and we picked up fifty skadzillion little bits of wax off the floor. It took quite a while to find a trash can large enough to dump the two-ton duct tape debris into. After a few minutes of schmoozing and resting, we set up for a bit of return-flow energy exchange. I lay out nekkid on the same mattress in the corner that Maggi had watched from on Thursday night, and Chloe lubed up her gloved hands and started opening my bomb-bay doors and massaging my prostate. I had thought I was too tired for any sort of gallant response but suddenly the next thing I knew I was coming back slowly and groggily from flopping around non-verbal-land, having once more achieved that place where you look like you're having a seizure and you feel like you're having a spiritual experience. No erection, no ejaculation, total ecstasy. Oh so good. Damn. Hot damn.

So Sunday afternoon I'm watching a Mariners game in this incredible season they've been having. A little food, a lot of relaxing, some website reviews and mostly enjoying the pleasant memories of the full weekend and getting my head around the fact that I had to get to sleep early enough to be up and ready for a 12 hour shift at my Other Job Monday morning. Some friends had asked me if I'd be at the Wet Spot's Sunday evening event, am erotic massage workshop, but I'd told them all that I was probably just going to stay home and get ready for work. That was my story until late afternoon I got a call from Chloe asking if I'd attend the erotic massage thingy with her. I showered and changed and grabbed some towels and pillows and headed on out.

This was the inaugural erotic massage workshop at the Wet Spot but it's pretty obvious that the event will be repeated. There were several dozen people there of all different sizes and ages and backgrounds. There were massage tables, futons, and every possible item that would support a horizontal body. Chloe and I were alone together on our table, but other tables had all different configurations - mixed couples, all boys, etc. She had bought a bottle of Eros to use as massage oil and it worked really well. I jumped up on the table and she spent forever giving me a marvelous massage, relaxing my whole back side and then, after I turned over, my entire front. When she got to my little Scotch-Irish dillywhacker, she was diligent and damned if she didn't get a nice rise out of me. For those of you younger fellows out there who have never had any erection dysfunction, you have no idea how appreciative you can be of a loving partner and a dick that gives the gallant response for once. She looked down at my dick and then back at my smiling face with a beatific blissful expression on her face. I really have to admire a person who not only enjoys making my dick big, but deliciously enough to make it a near religious experience.

When it was my turn I gave her rear side a fairly thorough work over, with my own subtle touches. She striped nicely from fingernail scratches, and in several places I did the deep muscle massage that makes you scream until it suddenly feels good. I was flattered when she whispered to me that nothing was off limits and I massaged a slight bit in and around her wonderful rosebud along with the rest of the body. Once she turned over the massage went nicely and as would be expected until I suddenly faceplanted in her honey and lost myself in orally massaging her inner depths. She was startled and, in the words of her own writing on the evening "I had the fleeting thought of, 'Uh, is this allowed?', followed by the equally fleeting thought of, 'Well, it is erotic massage after all...' and then I just let go and went along for the ride." And it was a great ride. That is something that we're going to have to spend hours and hours doing until we get it right, and then do it a whole lot more.

There were some interesting dynamics during the massage evening, involving meeting partners of partners and suchlike. It was a comfortable thing for me and a new thing for Chloe, and she handled it well.

It's taken me forfrigginever to get the whole weekend written up. It was so much fun, so many light-year steps taken in the wonderful growing relationship with Chloe, and I wanted to give fair due to all the events and people involved. I am so blessed, and so lucky to have the life I have. Life is so good, and I think I'm gonna go offer a gift of thanks to the Goddess before I go any further.

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