April 15th

Day 3 of Peter having entered the DVD era. So I headed out to return some VHS stuff to my old familiar Blockbuster and then headed on around to check out a shop I'd had recommended, Rain City Video. About five miles from the house, this is one of the places that has a large eclectic selection in a similar vein to Scarecrow, my old neighborhood's favorite shop. I think I'm gonna be doing a lot of my early DVD exploring at this place - they have a large collection, three day rentals, mainstream and smut, and a couple of cute clerks. I picked up an old favorite, John Woo's Hard Boiled, as well as Tristan Taormino's The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women video.

Now, I have a large and interesting t-shirt collection. Many are rare, most are unusual, and a goodly number are flat out rude. I was several stores down the road of my errand list before I realized that I'd picked out one of the more challenging shirts to wear today, one sent in to Janes Guide from one of the websites we reviewed. Short and simple, it says I Fuck Better. I was wandering through Safeway absent-mindedly picking up a few items when I noticed I was having more and more of their courtesy clerks wandering back and forth down the aisles I was in, and most of them appeared to be getting red in the face and having trouble breathing when next I saw them. When I checked out the clerk, with whom I've chatted often, told me that I had entertained the entire store staff. As I told her, there's a certain serenity to being able to wear something like that comfortably.

The last task of my errand day was a good bit less comfortable. Dammit. Swing by the Post Office and drop a check for $680 in the mail to the good old IRS. Dammit. The price of making a buck or two more than I have last year is shipping way too much of it off to the clowns downtown. At least they let me have some of what I earn.

And.... the Mariners are 9 and 3. Even with my bitching about the IRS, life is good.

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