April 13th

Fingers crossed so far today on beating the superstitions. I took some risks regardless.

A few weeks ago I got the new smaller entertainment center and Chloe helped me set it up as I've mentioned. Then a week or two ago I had the new bells and whistles 27" JVC TV set delivered. This, by the way, is a much bigger event in my life than you would think in this day and age. I get so much enjoyment from my videos, both mainstream and smut, I don't know why I'd never done it before. I've been working off of a 19" TV set that I got second hand from family when Number One Son was in high school. He is now 27. I've never really invested in anchors, until a year ago when I got my large chest freezer. Couches, recliners, dining room sets, have always been either redistribution from family or Value Village. With a VHS video collection ranging around 400, not including all the many dozens of adult videos, I'd kinda stuck to VHS, but recently decided prices had come down enough that in anticipation of the release of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on DVD, I would add that hardware. Today, after confirming bank balances, I went back to local Seattle chain Video Only where I'd gotten the swivel shelf unit and the TV and bought my first DVD player. Video Only has very competitive prices and the sales staff appear to know what they're talking about, and have never tried to upsell me to the top of the line. Curiously, for a techie sort of place, they have no website.

On the way home, of course, I had to stop by Rain City Video on the way home and pick up a couple of DVDs to test ride. The model I bought, a Panasonic, was a middle-priced model, but according to the salesman I spoke with, who has the same model, it is the best priced model that will play MP3s and such as well as regular DVDs. I picked up a copy of a Jackie Chan/Sammo Hung DVD, as much to play with the language options as anything, and also an adult DVD to play with the multiple view option.

Hazel has been here for several hours cleaning up the place and Number One Son is on his way over to help me with all the wiring and geeking and master remote programming and such. I've worked with computers for over well over 20 years but my level of geekhood peaked somewhere around the PC/XT. Plus, of course, it gives us a chance to get together, have dinner and dad/son bond, and today he'll go home with the displaced TV, which is a tad bit better than what he currently has.

And, of course, I'll now have to figure out yet further shelving space for what I'm sure will be a burgeoning DVD collection.

I feel just like Steve Martin in that movie where he got so excited "...the new phone books are here, the new phone books are here!!!...". I just drove Number One Son home and checked the mailbox and my advance copy of the May issue of Unzipped Monthly, featuring another installation of their reprints of Diary of a Slut. This is a fine glossy gay men's magazine. My boy really enjoyed reading his father's adventures printed in a national magazine. I particularly loved seeing the letter to the editor concerning the first the issue where I first appeared: "...'Diary of a Slut' in the March issue was horrifying. I loved it!...".

I've been fighting bronchitis for close to two weeks now. After a chaotic schedule several weeks ago, I got a long weekend off from the 5th through the 9th, and was weak and sick the whole damn time. Back to work the 10th and 11th, I was about 70% and now still feel similar. Of course, medical workers are the worst patients and although in the past antibiotics have generally been needed I've just treated myself this time, primarily with pampering. Doesn't seem to be too effective, and between feeling ill and a work schedule from hell, my merry sluthood has suffered. This will hopefully be addressed shortly. Life continues to be good, regardless.

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