April 23rd, 2000

Ah, well.

After such a rousing party Friday, thoroughly exhausting but fun, I had on my calendar journeys to excess. Kevin was going to meet me at the Wet Spot Saturday and I was going to mummify him in saran wrap and then get out the crisco. Sunday evening Marian my Librarian was coming over for our first play interlude.

I got home from Canada yesterday afternoon and found a phone message from Kevin pleading exhaustion and we rescheduled for next week. No prob.

I schmoozed at the Spot last night a bit. The place was quite quiet with many of the usual attendees evidently being at a regional scifi con. Did a bunch of fruit and veggie shopping on the way home cuz I'd told Marian to arrive for our date relatively fed, we would play, and then I'd fix snacks late.

Marian had requested a rather aggressive date, some detail of her interests were offered, and I said "OK, wear disposable clothes." I hope I didn't project too much of what she'd visualized, but this afternoon I got a note from her backing out. It's unfortunate. There is a definite strong sexual tension between us, has been every time we've met. I'll take the long view - we will consummate the tension, sooner or later. I guess I'd better offer a less threatening date to start.

So, website reviews tonite, eat up a bunch of the corned beef I cooked last night, and brew up a batch of double bergamot Earl Grey. And eat a whole lot of fruit and veggie platters.

Life is good. Disappointed on occasion, but still good.

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