April 20th, 2000

So, it's actually early Friday morning but who cares. I'm chronicling Thursday.

Met with Raven, my counselor, this afternoon. The beautiful man has helped me over the years, and has helped my family as well. Some months ago when I was deep in a depression, problems at home, problems at work, I gave him a call and said, "Raven, it's time again. I think I'd better see you." We worked every week or two for many months. Today I walked in confident, explained how I was on top of things at work [my Other Job in medicine; Janes Guide has never depressed me], on top of things at home, and we spent two hours in a very pleasant session. At the end we both agreed that we thought we were at a rest spot. Back to being social friends and putting the professional relationship back into remission. It felt good. It's really a healthy and happy thing to have a professional counselor who will call me on things when I bullshit, but who is not judgmental of my being a sadist, a masochist, a switch, a bisexual, a polyamorous slut, or anything else. Try dealing with those issues with a counselor who IS judgmental and see how healed you get.

Treated myself to dine in at Snappy Dragon, a high quality Chinese restaurant on the north end of Seattle, always a pleasure.

After dinner I had another appointment. I met with an artist, a painter and sculptor, who does marvelous work. I had been in his studio for a workshop when he rented the studio out one weekend, and loved his work. We spent an hour chatting and looking at his work and he has some ideas for a sitting. He doesn't look for perfect Beautiful People - he looks for __real__ people. I guess I qualify. More to come in months to come, I'm sure.

Kev came over after I got home and we chatted for a bit. I see him too rarely and invited him to come to the Wet Spot and let me do things to him Saturday nite. Hehehehehe. Now I've just gotta get some quick rest this morning - it is approaching ... nope, it's past ... dawn now. Over to switch cars with the fellow working on mine and then off to Vancouver for a bloodfest party. Up this afternoon, back tomorrow. And it looks like Marian the Librarian will be coming by Sunday evening, perhaps to see how the sling works.

Life is so damn good I can't stand myself.

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