April 17th, 2000

A quick note before heading off to start my work week at my Other Job.

Got woken up yesterday at 2pm by a friend reminding me of a meeting at the Wet Spot, and that I was the one person coming who had a key to the door. Since I'd forgotten the key last month, his efforts at a phone call were appropriate. Unwelcomed entry into my slumber tho they were.

So I headed on down to O's house after that. She and her husband E are the young parents I babysat for last month, and this is the first time she and I have had a chance to resume our long-standing every-third-friday date. We're lightening up on the rigidity of scheduling, as fridays are a two baby in the house night for them and it isn't fair - or kind - to stick all that burden on E. I arrived a bit early and took a snort nap in the parking lot of a softball field [and amused myself seeing how many rainbow stickers there were on the cars of the girls that left after the game]. Woke up - queasy stomach from too much espresso on too little stomach - and was welcomed in by O and E as they were playing with their new digital cam corder. If they weren't both techno geeks I'd accuse them of being yuppie parents, but they get in under the geek excuse.

O and I did dueling websites to find movie listings, and headed up the road to a $3 showing of GalaxyQuest. Just what my queasy stomach/still stinging recently flogged back/short on sleep old body needed. Gads, but that was fun. We both got most of the inside jokes, my having been a scifi fan for 40+ years and she being a long time con attendie. Walked up the street and had some nice Italian, and then dropped her off. We discussed resuming our periodic dates, and how we would have to find new interests due to whatever post partum changes she is finding herself in. As well we conspired a bit and I'm going to try to entice her husband out on occasion, to the boys parties or whatever - he gets out much less than she, and they are both beautiful, and both deserve so much pleasure.

Enough babble. It's time to go, first cup of left over heated up coffee and a cup-o-noodles shoved down. Argh! I am Peter, hear me roar! [sorry, Helen...]

Life must be pretty good, eh?

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