April 14th, 2000

A full life it is indeed. Not all preplanned, not all sluttish, not all fancy or glamorous, but full.

Finished my first full work week back on night shift at my Other Job, 12 hour shifts Monday through Wednesday. Had a rough one Wednesday night, ending up with finding my wallet having been burgled right out of the staff lounge. They got no money, but they got the original copy of my first Social Security card with the signature on it that I used over 35 years ago. They got my one piece of bank plastic, my AAA, my Blockbuster membership card, my driver's license, my concealed pistol license, and various other professional and personal trinkets. I was able to deal with the bank card quickly on the phone before it was used and a replacement is coming. Two hours spent sleeping in the Department of Licensing waiting room waiting in vain for my number to be called. I finally realized that behind the counter were four other overweight bearded middle aged fellows and I got a sympathy assist. Off to the house for about three hours nap before heading up for dinner with Jim and Jane.

Now, I'm still driving a loaner car from the buddy who is putting my new trannie into my own car. I'm grateful for the loan, but it's a gas guzzler, it has a slow leak that flattens the left front within 24 hours, and for all the turbo gas guzzling it's underpowered. It was a tiring trip. This is my first drive up to Jim and Jane's place, a couple of hours north of my house. The first half of the drive I had elbow to elbow lemmings on the road at 35mph, and then when traffic lightened up the drizzling rain dropped my visibility to 3-4 car lengths. The rain lightened up just as I turned off the interstate for the last few miles of windy mountain roads. I was never so ready to get off the road as when I arrived at their beautiful home.

Jane and Jim welcomed me into their house, introduced me to the family I had not met previously, made me feel at home, and we relaxed into a nice leisurely evening. Jane fixed a fantastic meal that I stretched out and ate as slowly as I could, just to savor it longer. We enjoyed a nice discrete chat about world affairs while the kids were around, and chatted business after the kids were snoring. We planned the future of sex positive smut on the net, played with the cats, caught up on gossip, and generally had a nice gab fest over a home-made strawberry tart that couldn't be beat. Believe it or not, Jane actually had to be convinced that her pictures are attractive and that there is an audience for them! Sheesh.

I finally filled my travelling cup with Jane's excellent Starbucks Blue Note Blend and headed - verrry slowly and carefully - down their treacherous hillside and back to the Interstate. Found a truck stop and filled my empty tank and flat tire and headed south. Wet roads, low visibility, large trucks, and I just took my time, munching my salted peanuts and sipping my coffee. About halfway home I saw the strangest damn thing. Coming out of the drizzle I found what looked like a giant erector set stretching across the I-5. Normally on an Interstate you don't expect to have to stop for structures. Next I see a large 18 wheeler destroyed, laying across the concrete median barrier which had ruptured the truck and thrown a load of plastic jugs of water everywhere. The poor fellow driving had gotten tired and slipped in the rain, taking out an entire over-the-highway sign framework. Once a firefighter medic, always a firefighter medic, so I put on my flashers and went to take care of the driver, not hurt badly but quickly moving into shock. Got him away from the gasoline spill which was starting to spread rapidly, and wrapped him up in my leather jacket and cared for him til he was safely in the hands of the local medics. I'd grabbed my clothes quickly when I headed out for the evening, so had just slipped into lightweight mocassins. Forty-five minutes out in the rain on the accident scene and now they are now sitting out in the living room, rain and gasoline saturation drying stiffly.

But wait --- my day into night into day isn't over. Today, Friday, there is a luncheon for my manager, going away to a better job. A voluntary but you'd better be there pot luck luncheon. I hate going to those things bringing a bag of chips and the paper plates and feeding the It's A Guy Thing stories, so I spent until dawn cooking a corned beef brisket from scratch. Around 6am I set my alarm for 11ish, got what seemed to be 38 seconds of sleep, got up and dressed, spooned out the horseradish on the side and drove on in for the luncheon. I hit Blockbuster on the way home to get a replacement card, visited my sick car in her transmission hospital, and got home in time for the Mariner's vs Blue Jays game.

I know I'm drowsy now, but after the game I'll catch a few hours nap, then get back to work as the resident slut in charge of website review. I'm eager!

Life stays full, and that's good.

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