April 9th, 2000 - Going on Midnight

What a long and exhausting day!

To bed at 530am, up at noon. Planning session for LIL from 2-4pm, and then down to Pioneer Square to an artist's loft for ArtBound .

Kev and I car pooled down cuz parking in Pioneer Square is a bitch. As luck would have it, we hit the off ramp near Safeco Field five minutes after the Mariners game ended, and we got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, cussing and pissing and generally ready to move into road rage. It was actually not that bad, as he has a new job and we haven't had much time together. Once we got there, though, the traffic problems were a lost memory and it was just so much fun. Kevin and I were DMs [basically etiquette consultants to the crowd], and also the first aid team at an exhibit of bondage as performance art. The artists were varied and the works were excellent. Got to schmooze with many old friends and new as well.

Several highlights for me personally... one was a total surprise. I was introduced to an artist, painter and sculptor, whose work I've admired. He told me that I had caught his eye and he wanted to get together for a sitting. Me, an overweight middle aged fellow; whodathunkit?

Secondly, I ended up helping Midori, spotting for her as she strung her boy up in a wonderful rope suspension. In addition to being stunningly beautiful and a most skilled bondage diva, she is a fascinating real person with a wide diversity of interests and experiences. While I was spotting her boy and she was stringing the ropes up we covered topics ranging from the lack of a rite of passage in contemporary America to the applications of Mazlow's hierarchy and McGregor's management theories to being a fem dom.

All in all, the exhibit went off virtually without a hitch, and hopefully will be repeated a year or so down the road. Now back to the more mundane items like hitting fast food on the way home and getting ready to go back on night shift tomorrow night. Read some nice compliments online from observers of the scene I did with Panther last night and that was pleasant. I'm going to try to get a few reviews done tonight and then sleep all day tomorrow.

I've been blessed with an abundance of riches. Life is full and good.

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