April 9th, 2000 - Morning

Let me see now, catching up time again. Seems I fit in more life than I can capture in words, and feel guilty about that. I suppose part of being a diarist is in picking and choosing, triaging experiences. It almost has a scent of selective truths - a way of telling the truth/telling lies that has been trouble for me in the past. More than that, though, I think it's simply a matter of having a continuing right to a certain amount of privacy, and at the same time there is a simple matter of space - and boredom - limitations.

I haven't written since I did my after-emotion report, having finished the trial at my Other Job. I'm now working on shifting over again to a nocturnal existence. Got to the SSMUT [Seattle S/M Unabashed Talk; a home based monthly discussion get together] talk Friday nite. Enjoyed the discussion. Was tickled to see one of the elders in the gay leathermen's community there along with us mostly pan/slut folks. I'd had dinner at his home the other day for a planning meeting for ArtBound and haven't eaten as well in years.

ArtBound is this afternoon and I'll try to write about it after it's over. It's a performance art piece, set in an artist's loft space down in Pioneer Square. Half a dozen of the finest bondage artists around, doing pre-planned pieces. Included is Midori, from San Francisco, as well as a handful of local folks who are all friends of mine, and who are all truly artists. Me, I'm a guy who owns a hunk of rope. These folks are good.

Last night at the Spot I didn't have to work. Wasn't scheduled to and did my best not to. Whenever I'm there I'm more or less on-call but I tried to minimize the call last night. Had a power exchange planned with Panther. Started by bringing a piercing frame out into the middle of the dungeon floor. It's a wood square about 6' on a size, standing on end on legs. Had her stand in the middle of it and then laced her to the eye hooks that run all around the inside. Needles down her arms and legs and dental floss lacings. I think there was half a dozen needles in each deltoid, 3-4 down the forearm and one through the thumb webbing, and another half a dozen down each hip. I picked up two containers of floss and curiously enough the mint flavored was green and the cinnamon flavored was red so there was even color involved. To hear her squeal, the flavoring was an added extra. Her hubby helped with the lacings. Once she was securely in place I placed the attention-getters. A spinal tap needle [3.5" long] horizontal behind each nipple. Tied off dental floss to that and up over the top of the framework and then tied a soda pop can to it. And slowly filled the can with water. Later I added additional cans until there was 36oz of water counterbalancing each tit.

At that point I left her to Zen herself for a while, then came back and introduced her to the fine sensation of a tuning fork vibrating against the lacings, my fingers moistened and rubbing the lacings, the cans lifted and lowered, etc. Every variation you could think of. The really fun one was when I was standing behind her and suddenly just cut the lacings to the cans. Her FF cup endowments apparently ... captured her attention suddenly. Ah, the life of a sexual sadist.

The next part of the evening - after cleanup and rehydrating and stuff - was even more fun and for an even more evil reason.

There are folks in our community who hold onto their self defining roles very firmly. "No, I'm a Top, born and never will be anything but a Top, a Natural Top, I'm a Daddy, I'm a Master, kneel at my feet and call me Majesty" sorta crap. Some of them are right and some just need more fiber in their diet and more of a life outside of their day to day soap opera.

So, with all these folks in mind Panther and I decided to make it a balanced power exchange last night. After I pierced her and stuff she threw me in the sling, got out the crisco, and went to town fisting my prostate. It was good sluttish fun for a while, then I started doing a brief little tantric exercise and the next thing I knew I was returning from Someplace Else. I have no idea where, and as I returned I noticed my body shaking but I wasn't in it and didn't really know where and what and who I was... scary time and marvelous as she safely escorted me back to the world of the living. Apparently I'd let the Beast out several times - she pounded and thrust her little hand a bit further in and I roared. It was fun.

I did notice last night arriving home that my throat was as sore as if I'd been to an NFL game cheering. Still is this morning.

Damn, but life is good!

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