April 5th, 2000

Catching up. I wrote a diary entry about guilty pleasures, outted myself on some stuff, and then spent three days working Day Shift and being too busy to follow up.

Watched Ally McBeal monday nite, first time in 18 months since I started working monday nites regularly... and it was a rerun I'd seen before. No Guilty Pleasure unpunished, eh?

Monday was 12+ hours on my Other Job, challenging and busy but not overwhelming. Tuesday was only 10+, non-stop busy at an acceptable level to come home tired but satisfied.

After work Tuesday I had to run through the library, pick up copious copies of as many different tax forms as I could find, through the grocery store for fresh veggies and some Alaskan scallops, and home to hurriedly wash the accumulated dishes before my company arrived.

I have two friends, a lovely lesbian couple named K and C, who are among the most generous people I know. Liberal with their affection, generous with their skills, giving of friendship, quick to host a meal or donate a used piece of furniture. They're a fairly upscale and mainstream couple, and I'm a fairly fringe sort, so I hadn't seen them in months upon months, but we did a dinner last Friday at Chang's Mongolian Grill - a favorite Seattle dining spot. When C, a corporate comptroller, found out I was heading to H&R to figure out my newly complicated taxes, she insisted on doing them.

So, Tuesday evening they arrived - early and halfway through my catching up the kitchen cleaning, of course. C set up her adding machine and K - a techie guru - plopped herself down and started tinkering, tweaking she called it, with my 'puter.

"Hey, didja know you have a useless 98 meg backup file here?" ... "Where's your receipts?" ... "What's this wav file for?" ... "Did you keep a mileage journal?" ... "Is it always this slow to reboot?" ... "Lessee here ... W-2... 1040 ... C-EZ ...".

I escaped to the kitchen and started chopping vegetables. C kept playing with numbers - a most unusual fetish, I must say - and K read my accumulated journal. To her credit, she encouraged me in my writing.

After eating [bok choi, green onions, sweet onions, broccoli, and daikon steamed then mixed with stir fried scallops that I had marinated in half Worcester sauce, half soy sauce, with a splash of red cooking wine, a splash of seasoned rice vinegar, a heavy sprinkle of garlic powder and a light sprinkle of sugar] I dazzled them with some of the stranger selections from my CD collection.

Austin Lounge Lizards, "Jesus Loves Me (But He Can't Stand You)"

Those Darn Accordions, "We're An Accordion Band"

Ute Lemper, "When A Special Girlfriend"

Mary Schneider, "Yodelling the Classics"

Benzedrine Monks, "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy"

A pleasant evening with good friends. They even liked the yodelling, although I did spare them the ode to a John Deere tractor. They're about to become grandparents, so my recent tale of helping care for my friend's little one communicated to them. I promised C a better meal next year and she promised to save me more money next year.

Good friends, good food, and a small tax return when I'd thought I'd be paying bunches. Life is indeed good.

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