My several-years-old staff bio at Janes Guide is still essentially correct, although one of the cats has apparently found someone else in the neighborhood who feeds better, and hasn't stopped by in a while. I've added a couple of aquariums in the meantime, and have moved to the mean streets of beautiful Ballard, a neighborhood of Seattle.

To describe myself, the self you'll encounter in this journal? The nouns and adjectives add up to something like middle-aged bisexual polyamorous sadomasochistic switch mostly-top pagan male slut, with component parts of Healer, Warrior, and Sacred Slut. Much of this, of course, leaves me over on the far end of the Group W Bench in the eyes of mainstream society, and that's something I am fairly accustomed to.

In addition to my work with Janes Guide, I continue a full time Other Job in the healthcare industry, about which I'll probably mention little. I talk about the general stresses of that life - it's part of me - but I do my best to maintain a line of demarcation between the two parts of my existence. I don't discuss Janes Guide there, to avoid 'hostile work environment' complaints about the sexual content. And I give those I deliver medical services to 100% confidentiality and never come close to describing them online. I never bring my kink there, although I frequently bring my healing to my kinky community.

I spent many years working night shifts and got to actually feel that it was normal to shop for groceries or an espresso at 3am and to have a network of friends that included all the other nightowls I ran into. A couple of years ago I moved to a job where I had to be at work no later than about 530am, off around noon, and it drove me crazy. Finally in January of 2002 I moved to the job I now have, which is wonderful. It is rewarding, validating, challenging, and I'm fairly well compensated. I get more respect and dignity in this job than in any other in over a decade. Work starts at 10am, I'm off around dinnertime, and have many casual days. More than that, my boss treats me well and compliments me, and treats me as a professional. It's a good thing.

Let me just repeat here one thing from my staff bio - my goal of gathering the world's largest collection of sex-related t-shirts. If you have one [XL, please] from a local sex club, website, topless dive, gay bar, hooker collective, fetish spectacular, or whatever, please feel free to send it along. Subtle, outrageous, whatever. I'll give you a big thank you in the journal, mention your site if you send it from one, and get your shirt seen in the better kinky locations here in Seattle. Please?

Updated January 2004

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