In ancient maps they often noted at places like this "...beyond here dragons be found...". That was generally just before you fell off the edge of the earth. Reading on here could affect you similarly. Everything in this journal is true, although some may be outside your credibility. This is the journal of a consenting adult, and one who consents to quite a bit. An adult who engages in a lot of very extreme on-the-edge sex. If matters involving bisexuality bother you, if vivid discussion of bloody rituals upset you, if the idea of planning out your foreplay at the local hardware store boggles you, if you can't conceive of sex involving severe power exchange, if you don't think it's possible to responsibly manage multiple partners, you should not read further. Much of the subject matter here will be controversial and something here will upset everyone sooner or later.

If you can deal with that, please read on and enjoy. If not, please enjoy your reading elsewhere.