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UKLifestyles -
Mini Review - This site has quite a few personal ads for swingers all over the UK. All broken down into the usual categories. IN the way in they post strict rules about how and when they will delete inappropriate ads. However, this was not as well enforced as could be. A few of the ads are spam.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  12/06/2001  Advertising Content:  High - consoles on every page
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quality Swingers - Clubs in , United Kingdom Skin2Skin -
Mini Review - The preview here simply lists the table of contents for the site and gives you a sample list of attendees to their next party. To join you have to give them enough personal information to let them know you are serious and answer the telephone when they call you. They do not charge money to join. Once a member they have sections on their parties giving you all sorts of details, from bios and pictures of staff to FAQs and rules for attendees. Their calendar shows 2-3 themed events per month which are limited to preregistered attendees. Each member who registers for a party has access to a list of those who have RSVP'd. They have pictures of the facility they use, reviews of previous parties and links to local hotels for those of you travelling.
Cost: Free, but not instant  Date Reviewed:  01/13/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
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Forum Society -
Mini Review - This site is a bit confusing when you enter. They have lists of swing parties and swing clubs all over the UK. They describe each club in a short paragraph. But they are never clear about whether joining the Forum Society gets you access to these events or not. They have text only personal ads and a lengthy editorial on why they do not include pictures. YMMV. To join you must email for information, the website includes no information on cost, or benefits of membership.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/05/2001  Advertising Content:  Medium
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quality Swingers - Contact Services in , United Kingdom Doggers.co.uk -
Mini Review - This site is a resource for those who want to find places (mostly car parks) where you can see, or participate in semi public sexual activity. The site has listings for every region of the UK letting you know where you might cruise up on this type of activity. It also has bulletin boards where you can make announcements of your whereabouts and make dates with others for the same. There are a few pictures of some members doing just that.
Cost: AVS - Adult Check  Date Reviewed:  06/11/2001  Advertising Content:  Low

quality The Couples Club - London
Mini Review - Members only club holds regularly scheduled events for the swing community, the MTF TV community and the fetish community. Members may attend all their parties but for some you must come as a couple while others will allow limited numbers of singles. The procedures to join are spelled out in the website. It is not a simple process so be sure to read up and plan ahead if you have a specific date you want to attend. Contact is via email.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/19/2000  Advertising Content:  None

quality Contact UK -
Mini Review - The preview here gives you a sample of the ads inside, a look at their browse ads table format and a sample of a members personal webpage. Inside the members area there are over 1000 ads for swingers in the UK. You can look them over by month submitted or browse through tables of one line summaries. All ads have an email contact. There is also a forum to post about swing parties and events. About 20 members had personal webpages which gave more information than an ad and the site has about 140 pictures in galleries of members.
Cost: $20.00 US/6 months nonrecurring  Date Reviewed:  5/22/00  Advertising Content:  None

quality Emma & Carl's UK Swap Scene -
Mini Review - This looks like the networking center for UK swingers. Members have access to ads, photo galleries, party announcements, live chat and message boards and more. Looks
pretty much like a full service site for UK swingers, and quite inexpensive.
Cost: $10.00 USD/month  Date Reviewed:  08/08/99  Advertising Content:  Low