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quality Sexual Freedom Coalition -
Mini Review - This groups was organized in the UK to defend the citizens rights to sexual expression. They are involved with many events and have them all listed on their pages. If you are curious as to which laws curtail sexual expression in Britain now just look at their Sexual Freedom Bill. It covers a whole laundry list of items that should be stricken from the code. Write your MP, go here and support their efforts. And the fundraisers look like fun.
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quality Informed Consent - UK BDSM -
Mini Review - If you are at interested in fetishes or BDSM in the UK this is your homebase. They cover vigorously every aspect of the scene. The entire site is text based and every method of text communication on the net is exploited, from chat to bulletin boards. Membership is free and assigns you a unique username for your own posts. The entire site is viewable by nonmembers but you must have a username to post. Every section was up to date and active. Definitely a must bookmark site.
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quality Manchester Bisexuals - Manchester
Mini Review - This site starts out with a news page to keep you up to date on happenings in the local bisexual community. Then there is a list of places in Manchester where bi folk can hang out with out a hassle. They have a nice section pointing out various advice and help lines for sexual minorities.
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