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April 16th - 18th - Snowbound 2004, Collingwood

May 1st - 8th - Fantasy Toronto, Toronto

June 20th - 21st - Eastern Canada Leather Sir and Leatherboy, Toronto

July 16th - 18th - Folsom Fair North 2, Toronto
Street fair and festivities for the leather community.

August 20th - 22nd - DSSG S/Mer Camp, Turkey Point

August 18th - 22nd - XXXtasy, Toronto
Swingers Convention

September 3rd - 5th - Pride Weekend, Cornwall
Gay pride festival

July 2nd - 17th - Pride London Festival, London
Gay pride festival

July 1st - 11th - Pride Week, Ottawa
Gay Pride Festival

June 21st - 27th - Pride Toronto, Toronto
Gay Pride Festival

May 5th - 10th - Feature Dancer - Rebecca Lord, Toronto

New Reviews

quality Retail Stores in Toronto, Ontario Come As You Are - Toronto
Mini Review - This co-op run sextoy store from Canada is definitely doing everything right, from their easy to browse online outlet to their in-store workshops. The design is pleasing, no flashing graphics or tasteless descriptions. It's a bright, fun interface. All of the items have good descriptions as well as photos - and thankfully, photos of the items OUT of the box, which is important. I don't know about you, but I can't stand trying to figure out what a toy might look like/do by viewing a box with a pornstar on the cover. They have a wonderful selection of high quality toys for both boys and girls, safer-sex supplies, books and DVDs. I particularly liked the way they categorized and described the DVD titles - perfect for someone trying to figure out what to try who isn't particularly video-savvy. The Toronto store location offers the aforementioned workshops, with subjects like female ejaculation, anal play, flogging 101 and so on. You can buy tickets online too, which is pretty cool. They also offer a host of articles on the site about picking out toys, care and cleaning, anal play, allergies and more. Definitely in the upper-echelon of toystores. Contact info is great, shipping, returns and privacy are all stated.

Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  03/01/2005  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Retail Stores

Lingerie 'N Stuff - Richmond Hill
Mini Review - This website sells toys in Canadian Dollars or US Dollars. The shopping cart will calculate totals in either currency and prices are listed in both. Items are sorted into the usual categories and have pictures and descriptons. The pictures are a bit small and some important dimensions are left off specifically diameters for insertables. The website has contact information available via email and snail mail but no phone number. But, if youre shopping in Ontario and want to keep your online purchase local and in Canadian dollars they are a good choice.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/05/2004  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Retail Stores

Looking4U2 - Toronto
Mini Review - This escort service currently lists 5 women, each of whom has a short description and a few small images. The women all seemed to be fairly young (early 20's) and in great shape. They do bdsm calls as well as regular escort, rates are different for each. Rates are listed, along with specials, and telelphone contact but no other info. While at least one of these women specifically listed bdsm bottoming, it would be nice to have a bit more detail as that is a pretty vast category to guess at what might be offered. I guess I'd say call and ask.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  03/05/2004  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

quality Female Escort - Service in Toronto, Ontario Loving Ladies - Toronto
Mini Review - This escort agency page currently lists 8 ladies and 2 mistresses, all but one of whom have photos. Each also has basic stats listed, along with very short personality descriptions. Rates are clear, contact info is via email or telephone. They provide a listing of area hotels as well, this is outcall only.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  02/04/2004  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

quality Strip Club - Club Site in Mississauga, Ontario The Lounge - Male and Shemale Strippers - Mississauga
Mini Review - The Lounge is located in the basement party room area of Diamond's Cabaret, which features female strippers. This separate venture is an attempt to create more of a private party atmosphere, with nights for men dancing for men, men dancing for women, and shemales dancing for men and couples. The club info page gives a good rundown of what they are all about, along with a schedule. There are directions, cover charges are listed, and as an added bonus there is a blog by Todd that posts photos of the dancers quite often as well as reviews of past performances.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  02/04/2004  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Strip Club - Club Site

quality Resorts/Vacations in Pembroke, Ontario 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra - Pembroke
Mini Review - This couple puts on nearly weekly tantra workshops in their home or other Ontario facilities. They describe each workshop and have a schedule posted for the next 6 months. Registration can be done online. They also have bios about themselves and a pictorial tour of their home facility. They also post resources for anyone interested in exploring this art. Everything from books, videos to other websites. Basically whether you're local or not this is a great place to start a search for the spirituality of tantra.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/10/2002  Advertising Content:  medium - consoles
Categories Resorts/Vacations

quality Retail Stores in Ottawa, Ontario Venus Envy - Ottawa
Mini Review - To start with this site has the same charming genius in naming themselves as their sister women-positive, sex-positive sites [Good Vibrations and Toys in Babeland]. From all I can see it is truly a similar quality and mission site to those others, with Venus Envy being based in Canada. They have brick and mortar shops in Halifax and Ottawa, and offer their product line on the net from this site. They do mention that their stock is much larger than they can present online and to email any queries regarding items not seen. Items are priced - reasonably, the ones I checked - in Canadian dollars but they offer a currency convertor. You'll find toys, lubes, educational material, BDSM stuff, women's stuff, men's stuff, and much more. Ordering is via secure cart or if your preference you may order via snail mail. Their link list is an excellent resource list that should be bookmarked in it's own right. Shipment and other helpful info is so well done it could be an example to new webmasters in their planning. Frankly, I found no down sides at all in this fine site. If you are in the area check out the details on how to find their retail store and the workshops on sexuality they have scheduled.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  01/10/2002  Advertising Content:  None
Categories Retail Stores

quality mmindex - Toronto
Mini Review - This off premise swing club has one long page with all of its details. They have rules and a long calendar of events. They toss in a few sexy pictures of some of their members. Contact is via email and telephone. The club owners also operate a sex toy store for your convenience.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/25/2001  Advertising Content:  Medium
Categories Swingers - Clubs

Escorts - Independent

quality Female Escort - Independent in Toronto, Ontario Mya Jade - Toronto
Mini Review - Mya has a 4 page site organized in a tour format. Each page tells you a bit about her service and has one picture of her in lingerie. She describes herself and includes an hourly rate. Contact is via telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  03/27/2003  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Female Escort - Independent in Toronto, Ontario Sweet Diane. - Toronto
Mini Review - Diane has a lengthy bio where she describes herself and her approach to her service. She has rates for several durations of incall and outcall. Her galleries and site have 5 pictures of her either topless or in lingerie. She also includes a list of her favorite entertainment to let you get to know her better. Contact is via telephone and email.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  05/28/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Female Escort - Independent in Windsor, Ontario Heather Lockheart - Windsor
Mini Review - Heather has direct bio and description of her service. She has about a half dozen pictures of herself in swimwear. She has a whole page of links and descriptions of things to do in her fair city. Her rates are outlined by the hour for Windsor and other cities in Canada when she is travelling. Unfortunately her travel schedule did not load in my browser. Contact is via online form and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  12/28/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Female Escort - Independent in Toronto, Ontario Chloe Rapture - Toronto
Mini Review - Chloe has a description of herself and her services. She has a tour gallery of about 8 pictures in lingerie showing off her elegant form. She has rates for several durations. Contact is via email and online form.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/16/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Female Escort - Independent in Ottawa, Ontario Fun Valerie - Ottawa
Mini Review - Valerie has a very thorough website. She shows a lot of personality in her pages as she describes herself and her service. She has 20 pictures of herself in lingerie that are easy to view and navigate. In addition there are over 10 pages of text about her and her service. She gives you every bit of information you need that is within reason and the law to give. Her rates are clear and she posts a schedule of when she is most likely available. Contact is via email, online form and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/16/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Independent

quality Erica the Fox - Toronto
Mini Review - Erica has a bio page that tells about her approach to her business. The comes a gallery of 3 nude pictures and a rates page. Contact is via telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  3/24/00  Advertising Content:  None

quality Badkat - Hamilton
Mini Review - Kathleen has a great site here. The free area has a lot of information about herself and her service. There is a chat room, bulletin boards and several pages of text that let you get to know her before you book an appointment. Her rates are clear and detailed. She also adds a currency conversion link for those of you travelling without a pocket full of Looneys. Contact is via email, telephone and ICQ. If you want to see her in action online she has a schedule published of her appearances on live cam from another website. Inside the AVS there is a two page gallery of about 40 thumbnail images that link to larger images.
Cost: AVS - Adult Check  Date Reviewed:  11/11/99  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Kelli Sparks - Toronto
Mini Review - Kelli's free page starts out with a description of her services and her vital statistics. There are 45 pictures of her in her gallery. Her rate page is one of the most detailed we have seen. Contact is via telephone, email, ICQ, and an online form. And you can buy her panties online. Inside the AVS there are 32 hardcore pictures featuring Kelli and some lucky Gent.
Cost: AVS - Adult Check  Date Reviewed:  11/11/99  Advertising Content:  Medium

Female Escort - Service

quality Female Escort - Service in Toronto, Ontario Allison's Adoring Angels - Toronto
Mini Review - This site list 14 women and 2 men. Each one has a page with 3-5 small pictures in lingerie and a description, on a separate page these thumbnails link to larger images. They have a schedule posted for all of the escorts. There are hourly rates for different districts of the GTA. They have well thought sections for men considering hiring an escort and for women thinking of becoming escorts. Their is a password protected area for members (become a regular) with larger galleries of each escort and message boards to post reviews.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  01/24/2002  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

quality Female Escort - Service in Toronto, Ontario Cachet Escorts - Toronto
Mini Review - This service has 13 escorts listed with a short bio for each and about 3-4 pictures. Each escort has her rates posted on her section. The site is quick to navigate. Contact is via telephone, email and online form.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/06/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

quality Select - Toronto
Mini Review - This service lists about 15 women. They are separated into several categories. Each one has her own page with stats and rates. About half have about a half dozen glamour photos in a tour format. There is also a section with several fantasies such as maid's and cheerleaders featuring some of these women again. The site has a very thorough policies section and contact is via email, online form or telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  04/04/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service

Affordable Toronto Escorts - Toronto
Mini Review - Are you a web masochist. Does your CPU need some abuse. Click on this site. First thing that pops up is a full page console. It's sole purpose is to tell you the console is under construction with about 12 yellow construction signs. The content is not much better. You get phone numbers of a couple of escort services. Not much else that sounded reliable.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/09/99  Advertising Content:  High

quality T. O. Nights - Toronto
Mini Review - This site has ads for 11 escorts each ad has a text description and at least email contact info. Most had telephone contact and 2-3 pictures also. Some had rate information available. Listed also are 3 escort services serving the Toronto area.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/07/99  Advertising Content:  medium

quality escorts-canada.com -
Mini Review - This is a directory service for escorts in Canada. They are broken down by province and then by city. Each city has a list of agencies and independent escorts. Many of the independents have pictures as well as brief bios and contact information that ranges from telephone to email to a website. There were 40+ listings in Ontario at the time of review.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/20/99  Advertising Content:  Low


quality club 2250 - Hamilton
Mini Review - This swingers site kicks off with a gallery of pictures of the couple that runs things in various states of lingerie and undress. There is a calendar of events that stretches out for a couple of months. The club rules are listed on one page and contact is via email, snail mail, telephone and toll free number.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  1/31/00  Advertising Content:  Low [NL 03/10/01]

quality Club Eros Swing Club for Couples - Toronto
Mini Review - In order to minimize the butterflies of a first swing experience you need information. There are no pictures here but instead pages of text about what to expect at this particular club and other more general information about what to expect at swing events in general. Kudos to the proprietors for doing the entire community a service. The site has membership information and costs. There are calendars of events coming up. They also have a FAQ and personal ads for swingers in the Ontario area. Then they really invest in making a resource for swingers and those curious about it out of the rest of the site. Contact information is via snail mail, email, list server and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/13/99  Advertising Content:  Low

quality Club-Prive - Toronto
Mini Review - This site describes a very active and dynamic swing club. There are different types of events going on all the time. Expect to spend some time here as this site is for those who want a lot of information. Every detail is covered thoroughly they describe all the membership options, give detailed accounts of what to expect at different types of events, and have a great FAQ. They also have great personal ads section. Contact is via snail mail, email or telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/05/99  Advertising Content:  None   NL12/6


quality DSSG - Toronto
Mini Review - This group holds munches and support group meetings in Toronto. The website describes each of these functions and what you should expect at one very well. They have a calendar of their own events giving topics for future meetings in advance. They also have an added BDSM calendar showing events from all groups serving the area. The group also runs a BDSM lending library and the catalog is online even indicating if a book is checked out.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  6/13/00  Advertising Content:  None §

quality EhBC - Southwestern Ontario
Mini Review - The website here describes a very dynamic organization. The start out with a short FAQ about themselves. Then they list several munches. Basically they have a munches all over the place and on several days of the month. They post a calendar that has detailed information on events in the BDSM community all over Ontario. There is a schedule of workshops they are producing and information on how to attend one. The group also holds invitation only play parties, play party rules are outlined online. In addition to all of this site is chock full of resources and information that is of interest to the community.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  6/13/00  Advertising Content:  None §

Pro Domination (Tips on Contacting a Pro Dominant Click Here)

quality Mistress Jacqueline Banks - Toronto
Mini Review - WOW!! This is one of the most informative and honest web sites we have reviewed. This Domme gives you page after page about her style of play and herself. Plan on spending some time here. Choosing a Domme is not a casual decision and this one gives you more than enough information to know if you should contact her. rate information is detailed online, there are galleries of pictures of her. As well as a very good questionnaire telling her what type of play you desire. Contact is via email and telephone.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/28/99  Advertising Content:  None


quality Female Escort - Service in Toronto, Ontario Eros Guide to Toronto Escorts and BDSM - Toronto
Mini Review - This website has about 200 listings for providers in the DC metro area. They are categorized by hair color and by service type, with listings for pro dominas, escorts, dancers, massage and special pages for surrounding suburbs (Hamilton, Mississauga, Barrie and Niagra). Each provider has a thumbnail that links to a page with 1-4 pictures and a description. Contact and rate information varies with each listing. Eros Guide's format is often imitated but never done as well.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/07/2001  Advertising Content:  Low
Categories Female Escort - Service Pro Domme - Service Male Escort - Service

quality The Hot-Spot - Toronto
Mini Review - This site lists different sex services in 22 cities in Ontario. Each listing has a small picture, contact information and a table of pertinent facts such as incall or outcall availability. There are listings for escorts, massage, strip clubs, and video rental stores. They also have a few listings for other cities in Canada.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/31/2000  Advertising Content:  Low

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