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Jane's Cheatsheet

If you're new to the site, or even if you're not but want to get more out of your JanesGuide experience, then this quick site overview is for you. Get the most out of JanesGuide with this handy key and glossary.

The Icons

The quality rating means that a site at least meets our minimum standards for being good. If a site is free, that means usually means actual content isn't hard to find, a minimum of 20 or so photos is there, and there aren't popup consoles. The bar is raised of course for paysites, or those using an age verification service, accordingly.

The original rating means that at least half, if not more, of the content at the site is either exclusive to that site, or produced FOR that site. It's content you won't find elsewhere. A site CAN have an original rating and still not be rated "quality" for other reasons.

The best sites have both original and quality ratings - good material that you won't find elsewhere, isn't that what we all want?

editor's pick
The staff pick icons are where our reviewers can show personal bias. A staff pick means whoever's name is on the "thumb's up", really enjoyed the site, often times even bookmarking the site to return on our own time. The best part about our editor's pick icons is that if you pay attention, you'll see our own little quirks in there, for example Peter loves girls who wear glasses, I am a fan of fine art nude photography, and Vamp... well as far as we can tell she has a kink for brainy, unusual fare...

A review overview, what to look for:

When you're reading one of our short reviews, you might want to pay attention to the bottom line. We put a date the site was reviewed on each one so the older the review, the less chance it's completely accurate. If you find one that is totally wrong, please mail me so we can take a look. We always give NEW reviews priority, but we try to keep the guide cleaned up. That said, if you see a site that has been around for 3 years and is still going strong, chances are it's a great site so look for that too.

In the advertising content, you'll see whether they have popup consoles before you go. You know those little windows that open on their own? Popups, consoles, whatever you want to call them. We note in the ad content line whether they exist, though we will never knowingly send you somewhere with tons of them.

Section overview: where do I find it?

New Listings - The absolute newest reviews can be found in the "new listings" section in our navigation. Every new addition regardless of the type of site will appear there.
Review Index - Looking for something specific? We have literally dozens of categorys of info and entertainment sites listed. Foot fetish, amateur, softcore or hardcore, fine art nude, bondage, the list goes on and on. Pick a category from there and browse.
Regional Guide - If it's something geographically specific like a strip club, escort, massage parlor, S/M club, dominatrix, etc. then look in our regional guide for a breakdown by country, state, etc.
Book Reviews - Because there is more to smut than just what can be found online! Monthly, we pick a few books to introduce you to.
Sex Toy Reviews - We're testing out all the latest sex toys, BDSM products, and assorted naughty sundries - it's a dirty job (sometimes, it's really dirty!) but someone's got to do it!
Staff Picks - Just like our little staff pick icons, this is where we each list sites we truly enjoy and visit time and again. Other tidbits about our staff can be found on these pages too, if you're curious about the people who are picking out porn for you. :)
Consumer Tips - This section hasn't been updated in a long time, however the tips we brought up then are valid now. This will show you how to avoid being ripped off in your pursuit of erotic pleasure. However, if I could just offer you a one-line tip that is ALWAYS true it is this: If they ask you for a credit card number, they plan on using it no matter what they say. Read the fine print, it won't be free.
Featured Artists & Photographers - this is where you'll find a bit of fun free content right here at JanesGuide. I put up small galleries and profiles of photographers and artists whose work I enjoy in this section.

editor's pick
So that's it, we are thrilled that you found us and we hope you find our site fun to surf. We've been doing this for 10 years now and still going strong. I think you'll see why we've become THE source to find the best online. » Jane