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quality original services phonesex vamppick Isabella Valentine
This is what I call first rate! Isabella is a heart stopping beauty with a sparkling intellect and a lot of artistic talent. She offers phonesex and recordings through niteflirt (where she has a 5 star rating). She is a pin-up artist and college student (studying sociology and psychology) that is a phone sex operator to pay the bills. She specializes in forced feminization and hypnosis, and she offers a lot of original writing on the site about her approach and interest in the topic. There are also quite a few high quality modeling images of her along with an audio sample. My favorite part of her site is her livejournal though, which delves into her real life and experiences as a phone operator. She often includes pictures and goes into great detail about interesting topics. She also posts original artwork, and I loved seeing that side of her personality! All in all, I wish every phone sex site was this good. It is everything you need to help you decide to place a call or not. Great job! It reminds me very much of the phone sex site that Jane had before she started Jane‘s Guide. -Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original info bdsm resources Chanta Rose: Bondage Expert
The Australian beauty Chanta Rose has contributed to some of the most infamous bondage sites on the web including meninpain.com, wiredpussy.com, waterbondage.com, hogtied.com, and whippedass.com. Her bondage rigging is creative and inspiring, and she is finally offering classes in her technique. This website lists those classes (most of which involve bondage and/or electro sex), complete with contact info and cost. If you don't have a partner, she says that she can hook you up with local bondage models who can help you learn (for an extra fee, of course). She is available for teaching, rigging and modeling in a Dominant role. The site offers a mailing list and a blog. You can see gorgeous samples of her rigging, modeling, and classes on the site. She will soon be offering her new book through the site as well. Definitely go take a look, especially if you are from the San Francisco area and enjoy bondage- Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality pics porn star celeb Raven Riley's Porn Blog
Some man named "DirtyJumbo" has a "blog" about porn actress Raven Riley. There are only about 7 entries, almost all of which point to teaser galleries or other marketing tools. There are a few pics on the blog as well. There isn't anything of substance or personal here. I'm treating this as a teaser gallery site. The "Quality" rating just means you won't find any tricky stuff. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Naughty Trinity
I'm puzzled. I logged in and saw a total of 10 images and 5 short movie scenes (with sound). The movie scenes had her pretending to be a vampire. That was it. Maybe this changes every day? There weren't any text messages or links to other things that I could find, so I'm wondering what they are talking about when they list cams, wallpapers, ringtones, and such in the preview. Maybe I stopped in during an update? Check with them direct to ask about what you are getting before joining. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Persian Kitty's Links
Want to appreciate Jane's Guide a bit more? Take a look at this site. It is one great big ad with no original content. When you click on category links you see banner ads and nothing else. The gallery section takes you to teaser sites or pop up hell. To top it off, they are using a name that is meant to mislead people into thinking that they are going to THE PersianKitty.com site instead of this pathetic knock off. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  HIGH

quality services phonesex SpoiledRottenPrincess
Princess Tina is a self proclaimed spoiled 19 year old college freshman who does phonesex through niteflirt. On this page you'll get a quick introduction to her as well as around 26 click to enlarge softcore images. She seems to enjoy being dominant and creating situations in which to humiliate the caller. She says she has few limits, but doesn't state what any of the limits she has are. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Desire X
This blog chronicles a long distance love affair between a man and a woman. It is extremely romantic in nature with lots of poems and rich language. There are moments of pure lust as well, many of which include a bit of role reversal and strap-on sex. You see the love affair from both sides, as the letters from HIM are right next to the letters from HER. A neat little window into the hearts and minds of others. Good for the romantic at heart! - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products worn items vamppick Chandies Panties: Dirty Panties For Sale
This is without a doubt the most well organized, informative, attractive, classy, and customer service focused used item site I have ever reviewed. Chandie sells panties, photo sets, pantyhose, socks, pillow cases, hand-written letters, t-shirts, and more. She also does some special request stuff like "pee panties". Her order status and lead times are clearly posted. (What a great idea!) She is also very active in a forum and in her blog. Everything is explained clearly and easy to find. This is a perfect example of how to do it right. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Everything wrong with phone sex sites. It gives out an infinite array of numbers to call for phonesex or recorded stories while managing not to give out ANY info about the specific services. You don't know how much it costs. You don't know who is manning the lines. You don't know how to receive any form of customer service. Just AWEFUL. If you are clever, you WILL find the rates eventually at the very bottom of the site in very small print. Not helpful. You will also see a PO box. Um, that isn't going to be much help in resolving billing issues or answering questions. Skip it. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original info sexuality resources vamppick Adult Toy Talk
Excellent! This site is a blog style no-nonsense review of adult toys. It is written by "Buzz Buhrmann" who tests these toys along with his partner (and along the way dispels the myth that adult toys are for solo play only). It appears that he will only be posting about toys that have been "bed tested" and have passed. I'm always a bit leery when people don't post negative reviews as well, but when I read the product descriptions they were extremely accurate and fair. I've used many of those products with a partner, and he was spot on! Highly recommended! I really liked the fact that each review was thorough and explicit while never being vulgar. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original services phonesex kittys korner kouch
It is always good to review a phone sex site that shows real pictures and is obviously written by the woman who gives the service. This one definitely qualifies! This divorced (and thoroughly beautiful) 41 year old woman offers phone sex and cam shows through direct dial up, niteflirt, WebCamLive.co.uk, and such. Her rates are explained clearly. She offers a free video clip as a teaser. She also offers a members only section featuring cam shows, explicit videos, and over 400 photos for $24.95. An interesting home grown project. My only complaint? I see that she likes roleplay, but she didn‘t talk about any of the things she wouldn‘t do. - Vamp
Cost: See above  Date Reviewed:  11/16/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality pics lesbian Hot Lesbian Fisting
We don't often get fisting content, so I'm going to list this tiny teaser site. There are around 20 click to enlarge hardcore images of a young woman being fisted by another woman here. There is little clutter and no pop ups. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original services phonesex Diabolical Deviance
Alissandra is a beautiful young woman with a very unique approach to dominance that seems to leave her clients very happy. She can arrange to spend time with you on cam, phone, or online chat. Her services are available through niteflirt and keen, and she is highly rated on those services. There is a gallery of around 20 pictures on her site, and it looks as though she has real images of herself rather than licensed ones (that many sites peddle off as images of the site owner). Her blog is a collection of thoughtful entries that makes for interesting reading. While she is very into Dominance, she is explicitly not interested in AB/DL (adult baby/diaper lover), extreme verbal humiliation, or cuckold calls. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original personal pages women Sex Music, Orgasm Sounds, Sensual Music
Real live orgasms mixed to classical, techno, and trance music! DJ Triad has put together some of the most interesting erotic music I've heard in a long time. Her unusual and haunting mixes are definitely inspiring without being blatantly pornographic. She offers many different CDs (with samples available on the site), as well as downloadable orgasms for your listening pleasure. It appears she will be offering a few other items as well, as she also stocks an intimate shaving kit in her shop. An interesting musical project that is definitely worth a listen. I‘d imagine that this would be particularly good in adult clubs or private play parties. Customer service and contact info are all easy to find. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products adult toys Vibracious
This is a very sex positive, intelligent, and woman-friendly sex toy store. The descriptions of the items are often original and quite helpful. You'll find everything from popular lubes to Wicked Gear style bondage items. When I visited, the lingerie section wasn't open yet. The DVDs include run times. I was very impressed with the site, and I would feel comfortable ordering from them. All customer service info was easy to find. They have live chat help. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original personal pages women vamppick Lady of the Woods
A one of a kind site! A petite woman around 5'1" and 100lbs that manages to be a wise woman of the forest, existing off the power grid in a cabin in the woods. This is the first alternative (solar/hydro) power source porn site I've ever seen, and she manages to explain how she does it by showing you photos of her home and of her many "off the grid" ways of supplying power/sewage/water. Right next to this wonderful feminist and earth momma style info, you'll get some of the hottest written erotica around with a decidedly "witchy" or gothic tone to it. You can gain access to all that for free! If you want to see galleries of her in adult situations (that are solo and include activities like double penetration, outdoor nudity, and watersports), then you have the option of buying gallery access through www.adultwork.cu.uk or paying per image with Pay As You Click. She is a real eclectic piece of work with her tinkerbell like figure, her mature years, gothic style, and hippy know how. I found myself absolutely entranced, wanting to know more about this woman. She is very accessible through private webcam shows and a phonesex line. Her rates and info are listed, and she is very upfront about what she likes to do. If you like girls with a more natural look, you'll enjoy her toned down to absent makeup combined with her hairy armpits and natural pubic hair. She ends up doing many penetration scenes with sticks or branch like objects, which I know is a fetish that is often overlooked. Her financial domination comment made me adore her when it pointed to a wildlife charity. She keeps a journal, and she is as interesting to read as she is to view. Absolute love at first sight for me! This is the type of porn site I live to review! - Vamp
Cost: See Above  Date Reviewed:  11/15/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original pics BBW Miranda Live
I'm assuming this is a rather new site, since there are only about 150 click to enlarge nude photos here of an older BBW (Big Beautiful Woman). The images are very amateur in quality. You get a Camz membership when you join, but I didn't see any obvious schedule posted for Miranda on her own site. A lot of money for not a lot of content. Still, no shady stuff. - Vamp
Cost: $14.95/month recurring at $13.95/month  Date Reviewed:  11/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality pics hardcore Wedding Uniform Sex
We don't list a lot of these sites anymore, but since there aren't a lot of "wedding fetish" sites in our library of links I thought I'd add this one. There are around 24 click to enlarge hardcore pics of folks having sex here. Some of the pics involve a girl/girl/boy threesome. It includes wedding outfits. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original video pre recorded FGR VIP
What we have here is viewable, but not downloadable as far as I could determine, videos. At time of review there were 17 different groupings of films, and each has a dozen films all on a topic. One group was first anal, another was 'be the next Ron Jeremy', another was first lesbian, , first ATM, and so on. The dozen films on each topic are all similar and on the theme of the group, but different actors. Example - the 'next Ron' grouping was a hostess who would take one or two women out to find a volunteer to audition with the women... and believe me, not everyone passed the audition. You can view in 56k, DSL, or broadband,and WindowsMedia or QT. You also have access to a large collection of still images for each film. I didn't like the way the billing was phrased - "join now and get $19.50/mo" when it's actually a sign-up for $39 for 60 days. Not hidden, just slightly different. Bottom line is that 17 groupings of a dozen movies each, each with 4-6 5 minute clips, still ain't a bad deal for the price, but they'd be more reputable if they were more straight-up on the charges. - Peter
Cost: As above  Date Reviewed:  11/13/2005  Advertising Content:  As above

quality original bdsm female bondage vamppick Shackled Maidens
Beautiful. Just beautiful! This site has over 5000 very well done images of women in unusual or heavy restraints. You'll see a lot of cuffs, chains, collars, stocks, and chastity belts here. Some of the images are in color, while others are black and white. Trust me, the black and white ones look GREAT that way. Many of these images are so well lit, stunning, and perfectly composed that I'd love to have them hanging on my wall. All sets are available to view on the site, or for quick download as a zip file. The forum seems to be full of really happy members. The only real problem I could find was that the current movie of the month wasn't working for some folks, and the site owner was diligently and aggressively pursuing an answer to that problem. Some of the images are very glamorous and cleaned up with shiny metal and cheescakes style posing, but others (my favorites) involve rusty chain and dirty/wet/sweaty looking girls. Some of them are in "work" situations (such as scrubbing the floor). I was absolutely impressed by the image quality here. The site is full of real stunners. My only complaint? Ads in the member area. They aren't bothersome though, as they are posted at the far bottom of the page. I was so turned on by the pictures that I'm still going to give it a Vamp's Pick! I consider this fine art photography. - Vamp
Cost: $22.95/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium - see above

quality original words adult journals Pea's BDSM Playtime Adventures (journal)
This is a neat little livejournal by Peajayess, a 30 year old male bottom who is in a sexually monogamous relationship with his partner Arecee. His partner has a LJ too, so you can read about their BDSM play and relationship in both journals (which I always find a lot more interesting than just getting one perspective). It is neat to get an inside look at the Portland scene through this man's eyes, and he writes fairly often about very real play. If you like caging and rope bondage I think you'll find this journal especially interesting. An intense little look into the wild side. All entries are public. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/10/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality products adult toys Her Sex Toy Box
The descriptions are sometimes a tad on the thin side, but this site offers a really wide selection of products from lingerie to massage oils. The customer service, contact, and shipping info was all really easy to find and they have LIVE help along with a toll free help number. A good place to surf if you are looking for a safe place to get brand name one size fits all lingerie, sex toys, dolls, and such. It is written in a very woman friendly way. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics gay vamppick Amateur Canadian Guys
Well, there aren't many sites that make me actually pant...but this is one of them! If you like hot gay sex between men of various body types and ethnicities, you can't miss this! Fab magazine sex trade columnist Todd Klinck and his business partner "shemale" entertainer and spanking video star Mandy Goodhandy have something called "The Lounge", which is an alternative strip club in the basement of a straight strip club in the airport area near Toronto. They have put together a lot of photos and videos starring men from "The Lounge", and they also run a video chat and a live webcam show from the club. You can actually feel the heat rising off of these movies! If that wasn't enough, there are two features that I just have to talk up. First off, the bios are very "real". By that I mean that they write them up in a way that really tells you something about the performer, even if what they tell you is that he is straight. The COOLEST thing about this site is the preview. If all sites had previews like this, I don't know if I'd have a job! It is absolutely "transparent", which means that they show you precisely what you are getting. You can see all of the content that will be available to you, so you can make a good call about whether the site is for you. I was very impressed. There is a lot of content and it is very easy to navigate. The cam shows are scheduled and posted. Everything here is first class and well done. The price posted below becomes lower after a few months when you get the loyalty discount. - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month recurring   Date Reviewed:  11/09/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics fine art photography vamppick Divine
This is a really neat site with a great design! It is a fine art online studio that manages to show work that is sort of a cross between traditional photography, latex fetish, digital photography, and 3D modeling and image manipulation. There are various galleries on the site that take you to everything from a traditional photo gallery of black and white nudes to a zany comic strip about a woman being abducted by mechanical creatures that pay her off with chocolate. I was intrigued by the design and found the entire concept unusual and engaging. My only complaint? I want to know more about the artist/artists! Two thumbs up (for both an original concept and an original design!) - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/09/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products clothing lingerie Katie Rose Intimates
While the lingerie, dance wear, sexy clothes, hosiery, and other goods here are major brands like Dreamgirl and Poison Angel...the approach is entirely down home. There are a wide variety of products here, all with reasonable descriptions (although some of the pictures are rather small). Size charts are available, as is live help. The owner has put together quite a few original articles, and she also has a blog that deals with on topic information. Shipping, returns, privacy, and contact info is all easy to find. There are a few harder-to-find offerings here like "chain mail", petticoats, and plus sized lingerie. I'm giving this site the "Original" stamp due to the blog and the original articles. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/09/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality products adult toys Secure Ordering Passion Bunny
From Florida comes this adult toy store, with a cute name. The items offered have enlargeable photos in every case I saw, and adequate dimensions listed for you to decide if this or that sex toy will fit into or onto a given orifice or appendage. They offer all of the usual tubes and lubes and suchlike, and also a collection of paddles and cuffs and ticklers and such. They have gift certificates available, and an advice column, and much of their focus is outreach with home parties. They have clearly stated shipment and return policies. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/08/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics older women Moms Explorer
MILF; Mom's I'd Like to Fuck - popularized in the movie 'American Pie' and now it's a porn genre itself, and this site does it quite well. Women from their mid 30's on up to their 50's, in both still images and downloadable WMV format. You have both low speed and high speed downloads available. The women are all Russian, and real-world attractive more than glossy porn star attractive. They all appeared the ages cited. I counted two dozen or so girls at time of review, and each has 3-4 still image galleries and several WMV films, and all I reviewed was hard core and of good quality. - Peter
Cost: $29.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals The Sensual Exhibitionist
I enjoy reading blogs like this - intelligent and well written, and about interesting people doing interesting things. The Sensual Exhibitionist is a psych student at a college in Florida who is paying her way as a stripper. The blog is new, but from what I've read thus far it'll be an interesting go of it as she continues to post. Already the real world has intruded, as her club recovered from the recent hurricane. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/04/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics gay FreshBoys UK
The site is well named, as it is full of fresh faced very young UK boys with uncut cocks. If you like still pictures, you'll see so many here that it will make your head spin. Most of the images show boys masturbating, but there are a few galleries showing men fooling around too. Some of the images are blurry due to misuse of the camera, which always sort of bothers me. The movies were pretty disappointing. They feature rather lackluster masturbation, and the men sometimes seem to be having great difficulty just remaining hard. The main movie gallery didn't show any "cum" shots that I could find (although you could see a few in another place). What is with that? To top it off, this is one of those ticket sites so you have to have an account with the folks that sell tickets just to see how much it will cost you to see different things. I greatly dislike that. If you are going to sell tickets, tell me upfront what the galleries are going for before I have to sign up for another site. I'm giving it a "Quality" rating because I didn't see any shady stuff. I just didn't enjoy the site, and the payment thing is irritating. - Vamp
Cost: See above  Date Reviewed:  11/03/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

original fetish female domination Farting Sexy
You don't see this every day. This site features the mature LadyEve and Farrah farting and burping into the camera. The largest portion of the website includes around 90 movies (wmv with sound) featuring lots of farting and a bit of burping. The women tend to talk into the camera and project a sense of confidence and enjoyment in their activities. I went to the cam section, but I didn't see any schedule posted and the cam wasn't active. They have a journal, but it only has two entries. The "farting board" is a lot more active. There were 11 galleries of fart pictures (and a bonus gallery from someone else), 11 farting sound clips, and 4 blooper movies. They try to sell you "fart panties" in the member area, but they don't give any info about them. Ditto custom farting videos. They even offer a fart in a container, which I must admit is innovative. If that isn't enough pushing of commercial product for you, you can hit the cam link and have three pop ups assault you with free cam sites (that try to sell private shows) or go to the "fetish clips" areas for the ladies in which they try to sell you individual clips that they've made for another site. I was really not impressed with that. - Vamp
Cost: $22.95/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/03/2005  Advertising Content:  High - see above

quality original fetish panties stockings Panty Club
This is something I haven't seen before...a panty sniffing site. It has over 90 panty videos (wmv with sound) showing masturbation, hardcore sex, and panty sniffing. There are well over 80 photosets as well with thousands of pictures. They chat is actually a link to a site with free chat cam. I don't like the fact that it is advertising in the member's area, since it is constantly referencing private shows. - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/02/2005  Advertising Content:  High - Ads in Member area

quality original pics amateur compilations Southern Angels
If you enjoy fresh faced petite amateurs, you'll know you've found heaven once you've seen these angels. There are well over 100 original softcore sets of photos here, all of which are very well done while obviously being amateur productions. You can look sets up by model, so if you've got a favorite girl it is easy to find everything she has done. There are small bios that avoid being your typical "oh yeah baby" stuff. I found a few tech glitches and navigation is a tad lacking at times, but the site is so new that it is to be expected. There are 4 movies (wmv with sound) that show one of the photoshoots in a sort of "behind the scenes" fashion. It allows you to hear the Southern accent on one of the women there, which is a nice treat. I was impressed by the amount of ethnic diversity. The body type featured is more on the athletic side than you usually find, and many of the girls have obviously natural bosoms. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/02/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality pics older women Moms Explorer
If you enjoy mature women of varied body types, you'll find quite a few of them here. I counted at least 72 movies (wmv with sound), and each movie had several pages of still images from the shoot as well. There are many on topic stories and some bonus galleries (two of which just send you to other websites that you gain free access to). It seems from the forum that many members are feeling disgruntled about the lack of updates for the site they joined. It seems most of the content is coming from other places at the moment, as they struggle as a new site to put together their own content. Still, I didn't see any dishonesty. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  11/01/2005  Advertising Content:  Love

Phone Sex UK - Adult Chat Live
I think I can sum up this site of UK numbers with a quote from one of their descriptions, "USA Only 66¢ to $1 per minute." They do not go on to clarify what is a 66¢ call and what is a $1 call. The site is chaotic and hard to understand. There aren't any good pictures or descriptions of the women. There are sound files, but if you don't know exactly how much you'll be paying to hear that pretty voice it is a bit of a distraction. Lots of issues. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  11/01/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original bdsm female bondage Maxine X - Fetish Diva
This young Cambodian beauty seems to really enjoy having kinky adventures, especially if they involve rope bondage and forced orgasms. Her site contains around 22 photo sets of varied kinky action from watersports to predicament bondage. She is switchy, so sometimes you see her as the dominant partner (but most of the time she is in a submissive role). The 36 videos (with sound) show off her ability to female ejaculate, which is a nice treat. In addition to the still and video images, she has a cam available and her schedule is posted. - Vamp
Cost: $14.96/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics model glamour High Heel Fetishes
This site specializes in glamour style images featuring conventionally beautiful women wearing heels of some sort. The site is still very new, so there are only around 11 models featured in about 34 photo sets. Most of the photo sets are solo, but there is the occasional pseudo lesbian vibe girl/girl group as well. The images are all very polished and available in different sizes (as well as in a zip file for fast download). In addition to the still images, there are around 15 quicktime videos with sound (including soundtracks). If you like polished images with a glamorous flare, then this site might just be for you. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/90 days recurring at $19.95/month  Date Reviewed:  10/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish female domination ~*Mistress Lisa Blog*~
I'll admit it, I never really know how to evaluate these "financial slavery" sites because it is one of those kinks I definitely don't have. Here's the low down, and you can make up your own mind. A "Mistress" Lisa insults you while demanding that you fill out an application and front a $50 tribute before talking to her. If she approves you, then you have to know and follow her rules. If you do so, she may talk to you via Niteflirt either on the phone or cam when she feels like it. There are various pics on the site, and I don't know if any of them are her...but they are definitely different women. Contact info is provided (in the form of email address), and she does give a description of what she is offering...even if it is an offer to put you over a barrel. Her interest and fees are upfront. The site is easy to navigate and straightforward. She has a blog, but there really isn't anything in it worth mentioning. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  10/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Gay Sex Amateurs
First off, this AVS site has around 50 poorly lit and rather unattractive pictures of hardcore gay sex. The images are also fuzzy and surrounded by ads (to add to the overall sparkle). In order to get in to see these images you have to sign up for the ugas AVS. A curious thing about that is that on the form to sign up it states that membership will be, "1 year membership (1 week free Platinum) ($19.95)." If you read the TOS you find something entirely different, "However, if the trial-offer member fails to cancel his or her trial Platinum membership within the trial period, as provided, the trial membership will automatically convert to a one-month Platinum Membership at the end of the Trial Period, plus a free two-week grace period, billable at the rate of $39.95 per month, or the then–applicable rate." Buyer beware. - Vamp
Cost: AVS: ugas  Date Reviewed:  10/26/2005  Advertising Content:  High - ads in member area

quality original video men vamppick Men Over 30
We've been getting quite a few high quality gay male sites lately, and most of them are being put out by the company behind this one. If you've looked at circlejerkboys.com or boysgonebad.com, then you are already familiar with how these folks do business. This site focuses on men over 30, and manages to show some smoking hot video that offers up some really great treats. There are over 51 men featured on the site, and they range from the most clean cut athletic type to the tattooed bad boy. Most of the movies (rm, wmv, and mpeg with sound) show the men masturbating, but a few of the movies have gay couples action. What I really liked about the content was that the men were honestly excited. So often I see men bottoming to anal sex while being completely soft and bored, and I didn't see that even once here. They also have this GREAT thing called "man talk" which is a video interview with each of the performers. I love the fact that some of the men were very upfront about being bisexual or married to women, and that wasn't treated negatively. The interviews also had a friendly quality that completely avoided that odd predatory vibe that I so often see on other sites. In addition to the videos and interviews, you'll find plenty of pics from the movies and have lots of free access to video feeds (all of them on topic) and several other sites by the same company. Honestly, as gay sites go I think this is some of the best sex positive bang-for-the-buck out there. Whole heartedly recommended. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/ month recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Coquito's World
Ah, one of my favorite things to review...the adult blog. Coquito is a closeted bisexual woman in her mid 30's who has had a very tumultuous and painful life. She is currently struggling with her feelings about women, the lagging passion in her marriage (to a man), and the aftermath of weight loss surgery. She is a multiracial Latin American, a Mommy, and a New Yorker. Her entries range from updates on her weight loss to intimate discussions of her passions. I found myself mesmerized by this blog and forgot that I was working. She has a very clear voice as a writer, and sucks you right into her world. I wanted to sit down to coffee with her and discuss things. She really is that intriguing. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original services personal ads Power Exchange
You may be familiar with the infamous sex club Power Exchange in San Francisco , California. Well, this is the web gathering spot for that very same club! Although there is some basic information about how to get there and the different areas that you can enter (a mixed pansexual space, a couples & women space, and an all male space), the main thrust of the site is the personals area which is open to locals and non-locals as well. I was given a chance to evaluate the "Gold Membership", but there is a free version that just lets you take a look around and do some basic things on the site to see if you like it. With the Gold Membership you get unlimited access to all the features such as chat, forums, member pics, around 17 original photo galleries, and about 6 original video productions featuring the space. What I like about this site is that it gives people a place to meet online for quiet and less pressured interaction, and then also offers a real life safe and public place to meet up and fulfill your interests. I'm not aware of another place doing the same thing. - Vamp
Cost: gold membership $7.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original personal pages couples vamppick The Gungemaster Photosets
Wow, we really need a few more categories here at Jane's Guide. "Gunge" fetish or WAM (Wet and Messy) is essentially about covering folks in some kind of mud, water, or gunk. A lot of sites show naked people like this, but most of the time the real fetishists that I meet enjoy the models fully (and rather conservatively) clothed. This site is obviously created by fetishists and for fetishists, because they have well over 1,500 photos of a fully clothed petite woman being covered in custard, mud, water, and sunflower oil. The images are HUGE, and the gunge sessions are lovingly recorded step by step so that every bit of mess is fully shown. The outfits are carefully selected and often very conservative and proper. All of the photo sessions can be downloaded in zip form, and the preview is about the most honest and helpful version of one that I've ever seen. Boy, I wish everyone did it this way! Aside from all that, I found myself absolutely ENVIOUS of the woman on this website. She is having more fun than I can imagine. Oh, what I wouldn't give to slosh around in a party dress in the mud! Absolutely recommended for gunge fetishists. It may puzzle the rest of you. Now, if you’ll pardon me…I’m off to buy a dress. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/90 days non recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original pics amateur solo Las Vegas Candi Squirts
Some women are just powerhouses, and this one certainly qualifies. This 46 year old self described "MILF" claims to have had sex with more than 1,143 men and holds the Camz record for female ejaculation (more than 40 times in a cam session). While many people specialize in a certain type of content, this curvy lady manages to cover just about everything from gangbangs to watersports all by herself. She even has fairly rare stuff like arm wrestling and catfighting. There were so many pics and videos (with sound) that I completely lost count, but it will keep you very busy. She also has full length movies and does several cams sessions a week for CamZ and SexCamCentral. Her schedule is clearly posted, so it is easy to figure out when she'll be on. If you like downloading content, she has made it easy for you by offering picture sets in zip files. They can also be viewed as slide shows. Candi offers used clothing items and custom videos as well. A bit of a porn renaissance woman! - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish female domination Royal Mistress
Do you like an elegant style of dominance? Do you crave that special snotty woman in your life to make you kiss her feet? If so, this place just might be for you. A nice variety of such women dominate both males and females on this site. Many of the 37 image galleries seem very focused on foot or boot worship. The 22 movies (wmv with sound) were a bit more varied and showed flogging and service. My favorite clips involved a pool where a Mistress was dunking a submissive boy and then having him lick her feet. Fairly mild stuff here, it won't satisfy folks with extreme tastes...but it will thoroughly sate those with an interest in the subtle. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur compilations British Facials
I'll admit it...I have a weakness for British porn. I love to hear a man talking in that wonderfully polite way (that only the English seem to be able to manage) while simultaneously talking dirty. This site definitely catered to that fetish with around 25 movies (wmv files with sound) showing young UK amateur girls having sex with the camera man. They generally seem a bit shy, and he slowly talks them into sexual situations while filming. There is something politely predatory about it. Sometime during the filming, he will end up showing the aftermath which may take the form of a facial, body, or internal "cum shot". This site is definitely not about safer sex. There are pics on the site as well, but only about 270 at present (and many are a bit fuzzy or don't enlarge properly due to a tech glitch that I'm sure will be fixed soon). Some of the images show pregnant women. The camera work is a bit sketchy, and it is about what you'd expect when someone is exerting themselves physically while holding a camera (lots of jerky motion and images of women's backs). That said, I did find it very hot. I think mostly for the talk and the taboo of body fluids being exchanged like that in this day and age. The price listed below is the standard price, but it sounds like until he's established you can still get the $10.99/month recurring launch special. - Vamp
Cost: $19.99/month recurring (see above)  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality pics gay Twinks Paid and Laid
One of the things I like about gay porn sites is that they rarely mess around with a vague title for their page. This one is no exception. It tells it like it is. There are two twinks in about 50 pictures showing hardcore sex. Oral, anal, and all male threesomes make up most of the offerings (and the folks you see on the outside of the site are the ones you see on the inside of it). All anal sex shows the use of condoms (always a relief to see in any porn), and some participants have tattoos. This site uses Rainbow Passport AVS, which I don't have any feedback on...so buyer beware. A brief look over the TOS didn't set off any alarm bells, but read it over yourself carefully. - Vamp
Cost: AVS: Rainbow Passport  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  High - ads in member area

quality original pics model glamour classytease
Lisa is a beautiful woman whose maturity and class only adds to the smoldering heat of her images. This amateur site is full to the brim with well over 130 photo sets and about 19 videos (wmv and mpg). The images are very softcore/glamour that leans much closer to old style cheesecake then to modern porn. Lisa models all kinds of lingerie, outfits, costumes (French maid, schoolgirl, hula outfit), and has a real flair for picking fine stockings and heels. The settings are often extremely beautiful outdoor venues or public places. In addition to the pics and videos, she has a bunch of bonuses like screensavers and erotic stories written by visitors to the site. I found the images here to be a real celebration of her beauty, and the poses and playfulness caught here really left me feeling good. I just loved this place! - Vamp
Cost: $29.99/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

ATK Galleria
This is a re-review for a site we've been back to every year or so for the past several years. ATK actually has several websites in the "family", including "ATK Natural and Hairy" (hirsute, anyone?) and "ATK Exotics". The tour is fairly extensive, with free sample galleries of a few of the models added that week. The models tend to be in the 18-23 age range, all different body types, with lots of "girl next door" types. The members area has just recently been revamped with an extensive navigation system. You can browse by model name, search for particular attributes, and when you find a model you like you can very easily find ALL of the content in which she's featured, including easy-to-click links to downloadable zip files for the collectors out there. There really is far too much content to view in a month, with literally thousands of photos added weekly. Each gallery is thumbnailed, with various options of viewing size so you can easily fit them to your browser. It was really very impressive and well-thought out. There are movie files as well, generally in downloadable MPEG files - each with a sample thumbnail, text description and file size. The price is high, but this is one of the best-organized and largest softcore/hardcore photo sites online.
Cost: Date Reviewed:  10/18/05 Advertising Content:  Medium - a bit of upsell to other ATK sites

He Craves Huge Cock
Well, this is a bit misleading. This site promises thousands of videos and pictures, but what it isn't clear about is that it is talking about content on other sites that you can access through the AVS. The actual site itself has around 49 hardcore gay male images that look pretty much like all the free stuff you'll find other places. There isn't even one video here. What you will get are lots of blinky annoying ads for things inside the member area. Not cool. I'm going to have to label this place a cock tease. - Vamp
Cost: AVS: UGAS  Date Reviewed:  10/06/2005  Advertising Content:  High - ads in member area

quality original bdsm female bondage Damsels in Peril
I think that few things qualify as being quite as original as the amateur "attack of the giant rubber spider" movie that I saw on this site! Although that was a very unique offering, most of the movies on the site are more traditional damsel in distress content. You won't see heavy leather bondage here or heavy SM. What you will see are pretty women bound and gagged, or in situations where they are being abducted or held. I'd say that there are at least 50 different scenerios presented here, and around 5000 images in all. In addition to the pics, you'll find about two hours of video (mpg) with sound. The videos often have some basic plot involving abduction. As this is an English site, you'll hear the women declare things like, "You are a fucking nutter!" I couldn't suppress my giggles. It is a playful fantasy site for folks that enjoy the idea of a pretty little damsel in distress, and usually in the hands of a wicked male of some sort. Please note that prices are in EUROS. - Vamp
Cost: 24.95 EUROS/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish fighting wrestling FEMMEFIGHT
If you enjoy watching glamorous and petite English women tear off each other's clothes while catfighting, then you will be very pleased with this place. It shows beautiful women wrestling, kicking, hitting, slapping, spanking, biting, and hair pulling. The action is "light", so you won't see bruising or serious injury. The women mostly are playing a bit of slap and tickle while wrestling and ruining their clothes. They shout things like, "Don't hurt my skirt, it is designer!" It would appear that there are over 4000 photos here, and easily 2 hours of video (mpg) with sound. Somehow the English accents really add something to the fighting, in my opinion. Sometimes the action is clothed, while other times it is naked. I saw quite a few "victory" poses showing a clear winner as well. When paying for the site, please note that it is in EUROS and that the phone option is PAY PER MINUTE (and clearly labeled as such...although the price per minute is not clear). Needless to say, I'd steer away from phone billing until you know exactly what you'll be charged. Otherwise, it is a quality site. - Vamp
Cost: 19.95 EUROS/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  10/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics porn star celeb Secure Ordering Eve Angel's Official Site
The best thing about Eve's site is its high-level of content - There are tons of high quality photos and videos (with Eve and other models), which are daily updated and can be saved as part of an on-site 'favorites' folder or downloaded as Zip files. Additionally, there is a forum for questions, a page showcasing snippets from favorable reviews and testimonials, and readily-available tech support.

Cost: 29.95/mo.  Date Reviewed:  10/03/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality fetish medical Male Medical Examination
This free site has around 28 click to enlarge pictures of a man getting a "medical" exam in which a thermometer is inserted into his bottom. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/23/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products adult toys VX1 Female Orgasm Machine
This is a website selling the VX1 saddle design "female orgasm machine" that is much like the Sybian. A very nice feature of this machine is that it can run on it's own rechargeable optional external battery pack, or it can be plugged into the mains supply (240v) via a supplied power pack. The site is extremely well organized and informative. Also, unlike many of the other sites selling similar toys, this one makes the price very clear and easy to find. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/23/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics fine art photography PhotoSmart
This fine art photography site has very irritating music that starts up automatically when you go to it. The site is also entirely in French and is arranged in a very annoying manner that makes you scroll left all the time and click twice on images to see them at a decent size. There are lots of neat images, but my brain exploded from the overload of the nasty music and I wasn't able to concentrate on them. There is some contact info here. A classic example of how NOT to be clever if you want to attract fine art lovers. It is a quality site, even though it is an ANNOYING one. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/23/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics hardcore Eva Loves Cum
Eva is a very lovely and curvy young woman with an absolute fixation on oral sex. She shows absolute enthusiasm while performing anal, oral, and vaginal sex with her partner. The scenes almost always end in him ejaculating on her face. There are a large variety of movies, all of which have sound. You can download the entire movie, or get small clips of it. They are all available as mpegs or windows media files. Although the great majority of the content is original pictures and movies about Eva, she also has a healthy "friends" section that is full of different faces in movies and pictures. She does webcam/phonesex through niteflirt, and she offers her members 5 free minutes of it. She also has a store selling DVD movies of her exploits. The site is well put together and easy to navigate. You won't read a lot about her, but there are plenty of images and the site is updated often. Lovable, curvy, and great for the "cum shot" lover. - Vamp
Cost: $21.95/month recurring at $19.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/23/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products adult toys Better Sex Revolution
Well, I just love everything about this place. Everytime that I start to wonder why the heck I'm looking at all this stuff and where the sex positive material is out there, I end up finding something like this and remembering how beautiful and sacred sexuality is and how important it is to help positive sites get the attention that they deserve. This place is put together by the Sinclair Intimacy Institute, which is the maker of The Better Sex Video Series. If you are unfamiliar with this series, I guess I would describe it as an explicit sex positive educational tool. You'll find short video clips from professionals, polls, and a very nice (and intelligent) blog here. You can also go to a shop that sells their video series as well as other sex positive materials (such as sex toys). The descriptions are complete and very helpful, and the entire site is respectful and understated enough to make just about anyone comfortable while shopping here. There is a very nurturing, loving, and confidence inspiring vibe going on that I think will help set anyone at ease. I heartily recommend it! Customer service info is extremely thorough. My one complaint? There is sound on the index page, so be careful of that. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/22/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics gay Circle Jerk Boys
Whew! This site has absolutely zero nonsense on the inside, which I really like. There are well over 138 scenarios (each with a large selection of video and photos to choose from) in which supposedly straight men masturbate on camera, or get talked into partnered masturbation or sex with other men. The movies have sound and are available in realplayer or windows media format. You get free membership in three other adult gay websites with your membership to this one. The men you find on the site are smoking hot. My favorites were the muscular and long haired Brazilians. There were plenty of clean cut athletic guys (for those into the frat boy look). If you go to this site and close the page, you'll get a pop up. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/22/2005  Advertising Content:  High - See above

quality original pics hardcore DigiDolls
If you like classic porn beauty and action, then DigiDolls could be right for you. There are well over 100 gorgeous models on the site, each one photographed in very high res and well lit situations. The stuff you'll see here is as well crafted and crisp as you'd run into in Playboy or Penthouse. The pictures are placed into categories such as lesbian, solo, and hardcore. You can easily seek out specific models and specific content. Navigation is a snap! There are many movies to look at, all of which are high quality. There is a link in the member's section to an offsite sex toy store and a place to buy private sessions with webcam girls. I don't really like seeing that on the pay side of a site, but the links weren't overly obnoxious. - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/22/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium - see above

quality original products worn items My Fragrant Pleasures
This lovely Latin American woman offers her used panties, socks, pantyhose, and bras for sale. There are many real pictures on the site, and she appears to be open to special requests and "stains". Shipping, prices, and contact info is all easy to find. It looks like it is a good idea to contact her before ordering though, as she likes to work with you to produce the exact product that you are after. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality video downloadable Medieval blowjob
This is another one of those strangely original offerings. It is a teaser site for a pay site, and it has around 12 movies with sound (wmv). The man is dressed up like a Knight, and the woman does exactly as the title suggests. I can't say that I've seen that very often. There are many ads, as you'd expect a site of this type to have. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium

quality original words erotica The Erotic Bard
Brandy Wynne is the author of erotic (and often romantic) tales. She has around 10 original creations on the site (and has them tagged with short descriptions so that you may easily choose one to your taste). Some are about couples, while others include entire groups. Aside from her erotic writing, she has an online blog that is fun to read. All in all, a nice original expression of sexuality on the web. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Advanced Massage Products, LLC
I love the products that are sold on this site including the Harmony Systems, Sybian, Venus, and XO-PoniRocRs sex toys. The problem is, they don't talk about pricing. You have to contact them. The site also has an odd tone that makes it sort of difficult to understand the information they are presenting. I want clear shipping, contact, privacy, and customer service info that is easy to find. I also was put off by the links that went to other sites without clear warning. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Mommy's boy
Ageplay is an often misunderstood interest, especially when it is sexual in nature. It is a type of roleplay in which a person acts a different age than they really are. In this case, Benjamin is a grown man who has taken on the role of a young boy in a roleplay relationship with his non-biologically related "Mommy". It appears that Benjamin is mostly interested in men, but that his Mommy is the exception to the rule. He writes about his daily erotic life with her and his thoughts on being a grown up little boy in this blog (hosted on blogspot). It is fascinating and very titillating (if this fetish appeals to you). It is extremely sexual in nature, so if you are strictly into regressive stuff you'll want to stay away. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality pics hardcore Fist Fucking Pussy
This is still pretty rare stuff to find on the web, so I'll share it. Here are around 28 hardcore pictures of women having sex with large objects, fisting, and engaging in anal play. There are heterosexual and homosexual situations. There are lots of text links and ads, as you'd expect. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium - see above

quality original products jewelry Nipple Charms
This shop specializes in non-piercing nipple jewelry. There are many different styles, including versions that have blinking lights! Many of these pieces attach to the nipple with a loop, but others involve wire. None of them are designed to cause discomfort, unless the wearer specifically wishes to be uncomfortable. If you have body piercings, these are available with lobster clasps and can still be used as attachments to your current body jewelry. They have a smaller selection of penis, boot, wrist, ear, and ankle jewelry that matches their charms. All customer service and contact info is easy to find. Quite a few of their designs involve bells, which may particularly appeal to those with erotic slave girl fantasies (or realities). - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality fetish girls with glasses Joy Of Spex - Babes In Glasses
We don't often list these types of sites anymore, but this content is rare enough that I thought that I'd share it with you. There are around 23 softcore pics of two brunettes in glasses here. Both models have tattoos, and one of them wears braids (which I just find totally adorable). The free site is a teaser for a related pay site, so there are lots of links that lead to it. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium - See Above

quality original fetish feet Footpixies Female Foot Art
If you are a foot fetishist into bare soles (especially when viewed from an angle that allows you to see a woman's bottom and the bottom of her feet at the same time), this is definitely your heaven! I couldn't begin to count all the content here. The shoe sizes ranged from 5 to 11, and I saw pointed feet as well as rather blunt toed girls. There were wrinkled, dirty, and oiled soles. If you are into legs/panties you will probably like this site a lot as well. The movies often show the girls flexing their legs and flashing and rubbing their feet. It is easily one of the sexier foot fetish sites that I've visited, and the members over on the forum seemed to be overjoyed at the content. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month non recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/16/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics fine art photography SixElephants Productions - Fine Art
Kristian Themstrup is a fine art nude and fashion photographer from Seattle, who has an extensive background in his art. He has published work in Vogue International, Michele 7, The Creative Nude Photography Network, and more. He offers a small selection of art nudes on the site, most of which are black and white. His work is very rich in texture, and seems to concentrate on the use of light and shadow (as well as composition through conscious arrangement of the human body and close study of the model's lines). His work often reminded me of the Black and White photography that was very popular in Obsession perfume ads many years ago. A lot of talent! - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Tits -n- Toast
Karen offers up a rather frank and mature blog full of thoughts, opinions, and sex. She posts personal photos and gives you the inside track on the erotic life of a thirty something suburban woman with a great sense of humor. She just started the blog, so there isn't a lot here yet. What is here shows a lot of promise. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality products adult toys Oooh La La (UK)
This UK sex toy and lingerie shop is playful and female friendly in design. It offers a fairly tame and romantic selection of lingerie, panties, stockings, toys, masks, pillows, chocolate body paint, games, books, lubes, and more. The descriptions of the items are helpful (and list sizes), and all customer service info is easy to find. My only caveat? There is music on the index page. A cute little UK site that encourages you to spoil and indulge yourself with "naughty" delights. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products books magazines Paranormal & Dark Fantasy Romance
Michelle M. Pillow is the author of paranormal, dark fantasy, historical, and contemporary romance ebooks and print novels. She lists excerpts from some of her stories, and provides blurbs about all of them. I really love that she lists them by genre and explains what order to read them in. (I wish more authors did that!) If you are a vampire fan, I really recommend you take a look at her stuff. I was absolutely intrigued after reading her site. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original info sex work resources Xpersuasions Adult Employment Resources
This site is basically a place for models, escorts, dancers, adult entertainers, and their employers to hook up. People post profiles that can include reviews, images, and even video. Access to the service is free for models, dancers, escorts, and some employers. Other memberships have various costs. I surfed around a bit, and it seems that a huge number of the women on the website are escorts. The search function is a bit awkward, but it does work. - Vamp
Cost: See Above  Date Reviewed:  09/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original bdsm male bondage vamppick Extreme Boyz Gay Twink Male Bondage
Woof! This is some of the sexiest bondage I've seen in a long time, and I couldn't believe the price! You'll find tons of original male/male bondage here, all of it featuring nice looking young males. For those unfamiliar with the concept, "boys" doesn't refer to underage individuals. It is a common term in the gay Leather community that refers to male bottoms/slaves/submissives. The bondage in this context most definitely involves power exchange, and some of the hottest forms of it are shown inside. One movie clip showed a boy tied up in the bathtub with the water running, and every time he got dunked under the water and had to hold his breath my heart raced with him. Great stuff! Aside from being a quality porn site, this place really is a community with forums, chat, personals, and a lot of member interaction. Most of the images appear to be video captures to me, an they don't enlarge...but for the price I feel they are giving you a lot. Videos have sound, and all of them are of decent length. If you want super long full length films, they have video on demand. It is free to platinum members, but the rest of the folks pay extra for it. I'm still fanning myself after watching a duct taped boy tickled and tormented. Whew! Absolutely recommended. - Vamp
Cost: $5.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium - video on demand in member area

quality original pics fine art photography vamppick Molly by Antone Pavlov
I see a lot of fetish inspired fine art photography, but Antone Pavlov has brought something truly new to the table. His bizarre images of his "western geisha" Molly are self described as "fine art sexual fiction," and I can't think of a better way to describe it myself. You can see the influence of artists such as Bellmer and Molinier as he takes photos of this rail thin woman and distorts them until she looks like some kind of doll or automaton. She is posed in a way that makes her appear both powerful and vulnerable at the same time, impervious but open. She reminds me honestly of some sort of alien intelligence. The images are all black and white and available as Silver Gelatine and Archival Lambda versions. All images are 12" x16" prints, limited editions of 100, signed, dated, and numbered. All prices are in GBP, so be aware of that when you order. Haunting, fascinating, and striking. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish feet Pedal Pulse Pedal Pumping
This is one of those fetishes that you either get or you don't. The page has lots of video clips with sound featuring women in various dramatic situations involving pedal pumping. One gallery deals with brake failure. The actress goes through some scenario (often involving someone messing with her brakes) in which she realizes that the car won't stop and she frantically pumps the pedal and begs for things to work out right. Another gallery features "cranking" which is all about trying to start a car that won't start. The last two galleries feature revving the engine and driving quickly through traffic. The videos do not solely concentrate on the feet, but they do cut to them often. As a side bonus, they show some of the bloopers that happen as they put together some of these tense situations. There is some hard to find stuff here, like damsel in distress pedal pumping and night vision videos- Vamp
Cost: $23.95/month recurring at $19.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics BBW Sweet Carrie's BBW Panty Fetish Site
Carrie is a young BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) with 48DD natural breasts, bountiful curves, and an impish grin. Her site is rather new, and there are only around 64 pics online at the moment. The images are interesting softcore/masturbation pics for the most part, and quite a few of them are dark. They don't enlarge, which is a bit frustrating because they are rather small to start with. I found myself wanting to enlarge quite a few of the pictures, especially since the site is trying to emphasize her voluptuousness. Aside from offering memberships she sells used panties, picture CDs, Masturbation DVDs, and offers phone sex. I would have liked a bit more description of how the phone sex works, but she does list her price. - Vamp
Cost: $9.99/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics softcore Lexie Vaughn
If I had to choose one word to describe this site, it would be "charming". Lexie is a really fresh faced and fit young woman with long dark hair that smiles and hams it up for the camera in a way that shows she is really loving every minute of it. This is a brand new site, but she is adding content rather rapidly. There are well over 600 pics here, all of which are softcore and of amateur quality in terms of resolution. There is a definite pixilated quality to some of the large color fields. The layout of each picture is well done though, and the lighting is pretty nice. There are two movies on the site (with more to come). Each one is offered as an MPEG and as a DivX. I have to say that I found her videos to be some of the most natural and sensual that I've seen in a while. They have a goofy innocent quality that is really attractive. Her blog is real, and discusses her actual feelings and experiences rather than simply being a place to read about website updates. I was very impressed with it. - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish female domination Milked Males
This is content that you don't often find on the web, a site essentially devoted to females giving men hand jobs. There are over 600 pictures and well over 40 video clips of a few women (sometimes separately and sometimes working together) teasing men who are in light bondage and masturbating them. The bondage will not satisfy shibari fans, as it exists mostly to give you the fantasy that the males cannot control what is going on. Some of the scenes have an element of dominance/dungeon style play or a medical flavor, but most of them are just old fashioned tease situations that culminate in the man having an orgasm. You won't see a lot of female nudity or ass play, although there is a bit. It is actually a pretty titillating site, as the tone is very playful and the folks don't appear very hardcore at all. They seem to be sort of flirting with this kind of play, and their enthusiasm and early joy of discovery is infectious. - Vamp
Cost: $26.95/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo The Sexy Accountant
The title says it all. This is a simple personal website by an older, sexy, blonde, and curvy accountant. She poses for around 1300 softcore shots, with a sprinkling of hardcore (including a couple of watersports images). Her pictures are of amateur quality, but they are in focus and do show a variety of angles and situations. - Vamp
Cost: $30.00/month recurring   Date Reviewed:  09/13/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics fine art photography vamppick WhitfieldJournals
I'm in love! This is the website of the inspirational photographer René Whitfield. His images have a wonderfully fresh, emotional, and artistic quality that you rarely find anymore. His deep respect for the models and his passion for the female form are completely obvious, with some images nearly sparkling with innocent giggles or smoldering with passionate glances. His own gorgeous wife is one of the models. While the images are striking and technically amazing (available in smaller low res forms or in poster sized high res files), what really sets it apart is the personal touch. René does behind the scenes reports that are *actual* discussions of his life in pursuit of his vision. He updates the site every second day, so there is plenty of stuff to fill his journal and he updates his blog daily to let you know what he's up to. There are well over 6,000 images here of 25 women. If you are a fan of Hegre's fine art/softcore images, you'll find these have a similar (but altogether unique) quality. Absolutely recommended across the board. Customer service, navigation, technical, and artistic elements are all perfect. - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/month recurring at $16.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/13/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo Secure Ordering Rebecca's Office Hours
Well, this is my kind of office. Rebecca is an attractive and busty 30-something brunette with a nice homegrown amateur site. Visitors have plenty of samples. Inside she has photos and videos, with about half of her mostly hardcore content being interracial. Most of her content is male/female, although there is also solo, girl/girl and moresomes. Membership rates are reasonable and will only rebill if you chose to renew. She has a CD image collection and several DVD's for sale via secure cart. I enjoyed my time here - give her a try. - Peter
Cost: $9.00/mo/non-rebilled  Date Reviewed:  09/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur compilations vamppick Next Door Hookups
The folks putting out these sites are doing an awesome job! This one is another no plot, no striking-a-pose, and no extra bs site that focuses on amateur sex between college girls and guys. Almost all of the action is between one man and one woman, but sometimes you see threesomes or lesbian stuff. All of the couples seem very real and make love like they are very used to each others bodies and not at all used to being in front of a camera. This can lead to some minor frustration about not being able to see things that well, but it mostly leads to a lot of excitement about seeing something that is refreshingly real and erotic rather than wooden and boring. One of the things I found strikingly refreshing about this place is that there is a lot of fingering and cunnilingus shown, and a lot of action is centered around the woman's pleasure. There is a lot of tenderness and conscious effort going on, rather than the rough use of plastic models that you see on a lot of sites. I was impressed and aroused! There are currently 32 galleries, each one showcasing a couple or scenario. Each movie is in Windows Media and Quicktime format, and they include sound. The movies are long...each one a full length porn vignette in its own right. There are galleries of photos from the video, and you can view them individually or in a slide show. A short bio describes the folks and the action that you'll see. Everything loaded fast, and navigation couldn't be more easy. I have to say that I would recommend anything by these folks at nextdoorstudios.com right now. They are putting out really female positive (and HOT) porn! - Vamp
Cost: $22.95/month recurring at $20.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

original video downloadable boob sex mag
The photographer calls himself "Joe Tit-Fuck" and describes the site as, "Busty Pros and Amateurs getting tit-fucked and boned." This is the level of class and dignity that you can expect throughout the site. There were some very pretty girls here with nice bodies, but I found myself much more mesmerized by the attitude of the photographer who touched the models as if they were meat and wrote nasty things about them like, "What a Typical Porn Slut-- Stupid porn name. Sucks Cock Good though." There are five main links on the site. The first is labeled "downloads" and it takes you to 26 quicktime movies with sound. The second link is labeled "boob sex videos" and it takes you to the SAME 26 videos. The third and fourth link appear to be things that you'll find on the site as a member, but they actually take you to off site places. One is a sex toy store and the other is another amateur site. The last link lists 32 girls, some of which are rather well known porn actresses. The content varies for each girl. Some show just photos, while others link to videos again. I found that while the girls were good looking, the overall feel of the place was so repugnant that it was difficult to view. Your mileage may vary. I guess there is only one way to end this review, "What a stereotypical and sexist Porn Photographer -- Stupid Pro name. Takes video okay though." As much as I dislike the site, it did deliver what was promised and was original. - Vamp
Cost: $23.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/09/2005  Advertising Content:  High - See Above

99 cent phone sex
Alicia is a young Latina with real pics of herself on her website, even if those pics are a bit distorted. The site is pretty bare bones with just a couple of phone numbers with rates posted (one of which is the 99 cent/minute one). My concern is, what is the minimum? No minimum? 120 minutes minimum? Aside from the phone numbers, there is also a link to niteflirt.com where you can read reviews and hook up with her through their service. It appears that she can do Spanish calls, which is a really nice bonus. There are about 14 nude pics on the website that don't appear to be of her, but she doesn't pass them off as her either. Not a lot to say about this one. There wasn't any effort put forth here to explain things or assist with customer service questions at all. - Vamp
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  09/09/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish balloons vamppick Fetish Palooza
I love this site! It showcases some really difficult to find stuff all in one place, and it manages to have beautiful looking models that seem to really be enjoying every minute of the action. The main fetish you'll see indulged in here is balloon popping. It is exactly what it sounds like. Young girls blow up large balloons and then pop them by sitting on them, smashing them between their bodies, touching cigarettes to them, over inflating them, and such. Even if the balloon stuff itself doesn't excite you, I'm willing to bet that the screams and giggles of the girls will. Speaking of which, the site also showcases some great tickling videos and pictures that keep the action light hearted and fun rather than truly torturous. Rounding out this selection, you'll find lots of pony tails and long hair for folks into that...and many pictures of pretty feet being licked, stepping in food, or just posing provocatively. This isn't your typical porn site, so you won't see a lot of nudity or anything. What you will get is over 30 galleries of hi resolution LARGE images of hard to find fetish stuff as well as over 44 short high quality movies with sound. For those that have need for specifics, the tickling is often girl/girl and includes some light element of bondage and/or damsel in distress imagery. While reviewing this site I had some questions and dealt with their customer service a bit, and I can tell you that they are very polite and quick responding people that seem very eager to please their membership. They currently have a feature that allows you to look up content by model, and it looks like they'll soon have a method that will allow you to look stuff up by fetish as well. A simple to navigate amateur site with lots of promise! - Vamp
Cost: $14.95/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/08/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish feet hot gigi girl
Well, this one is well named. Gigi is a scorching hot woman into high heels, stockings, trampling, and giantess images. She also seems to really enjoy dominating men with her feet, giving foot jobs, and having her toes worshipped. There are easily around 100 large galleries of images showing just this sort of thing, and at least another 60 showing more traditional softcore images. For those looking for specifics, her well manicured feet are a size 7 and she likes to keep slightly long painted toe nails. There are at least 100 fairly short video clips with sound showing everything from light teases to instructional footjob lessons. There is an online store offering used products and custom videos, but it appears to be in construction so I'm basing this review on the content of the photo/video site. A neat site for foot lovers, and a beautiful woman to gaze at regardless of your bent. - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/08/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

original fetish ageplay The Dark Nursery
This site is all about diaper fetish and infantilism (which is essentially a type of roleplay in which an adult takes on the role of a child). It is important to note that this has nothing to do with pedophilia. This fetish is specifically about seeing *adults* placed in childish circumstances. This site takes this in sort of a different direction. Usually sites of this kind show very petite blondes in pigtails and such...while this site often shows BBW (Big Beautiful Women) who are bald or wearing wigs. You'll see tattoos and such on the adult babies, which you don't often get elsewhere. There are literally 1,000's of original images, most of which show an adult woman in childish clothing playing with a diaper, drinking a bottle, using a pacifier sexually, or such. There was a webcam, but it didn't have a schedule posted and when I looked at it I only saw some dogs playing. There are a couple of video clips, some stories, lots of links, and some licensed content mixed in with original stuff. The top frame on the site didn't display correctly on my computer. I really wanted to love this site, but with all the ads throughout the pay area and the frequently dark images I just couldn't get into it. The frame issues and the lack of a webcam schedule sort of sealed the deal. - Vamp
Cost: $18.99/month recurring at $14.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/08/2005  Advertising Content:  High - Ads in member area

quality original pics porn star celeb Eve Angel's Official Site
This is a polished professional site for the adult film actress and model Eve Angel. Eve is predictably gorgeous with long dark hair, chocolate brown eyes, exotic good looks, and a thin and youthful frame. She has been seen in Hustler, Penthouse, Mayfair, and other mainstream magazines and her site reflects that professionalism. You won't find any baloney here. Each day there is an update, and most of the time it is an update featuring her. Sometimes it is another model, but in that case they are pros as well. You can quickly download all the images as a zip file, which is really convenient. Most of the images and videos are softcore "look at me touching myself" stuff, but some show some mildly hardcore situations. Some of the vids are just home movies of the photo shoot. All the images are available in hi or low resolution, and videos are both streaming and downloadable. Unlike many sites these days, this one doesn't have a daily download limit. The site is organized extremely well, so you won't have to hunt around for info or content. All in all, exactly what I'd expect from a good pro site. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month recurring at $24.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/07/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

original pics amateur compilations American Hunnies
Ugh...poor quality doesn't go far enough to describe this one. I wanted to like it. I did. I love amateur sites, but this one is full of 137 galleries of girls posed poorly and in bad lighting. Many of the images are blurry, and most of them are non-nude. Quite a few have more clothing on than you'd see at a neighborhood picnic. The 19 or so regular videos (that were working...which were very few), were grainy messes that showed silly action like a girl flopping her butt around while giggling or girls just standing around in bikinis looking vacant. The web cam captures were catastrophes not worth viewing. The girls are sort of alternative, in that quite a few have tattoos and such. The problem? Some of them have really BAD tattoos that are obviously in transition and being covered up soon or are sunburnt to heck and back with scars that look like self cuttings. The dysfunctional image is complete when you put a bottle of booze in their hands. Not attractive. It has a cheap/exploitive feel rather than an alternative one. You also have to enter your password a zillion times to see the content that is working. - Vamp
Cost: $16.99/month recurring at $15.99/month  Date Reviewed:  09/07/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur compilations Where Toys Get All The Love
When you think of girls with toys, you may think of the rather uninspired jelly vibes and such that you see on other sites. That won't be the case here. The girls get off by themselves with major sex toys like the Sybian and big metal vibes that seem to be turbo powered. There are around 40 models/scenario galleries on the site, each one featuring a ton of video (that can be downloaded as a zip file). Video captures are also available, and they are rather dark and low quality as you'd expect them to be. Most of the action is solo with some narrative by the camera operator, but some of the galleries show lesbian situations. The girls are sort o a diverse group, from the shy and quiet to the really vocal. One thing to take note of is that the site has a daily download limit of 1 gigabyte per member, so if you exceed that you'll have to come back in 24 hours. An easy to navigate site full of lots of amateur masturbation. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/07/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Strap On
Frankly, I don't care what the content is here. Let me tell you how you'll be given a major headache every time you try to log in or close down a window. After entering your member name/password it will put another window up with the content. You'll go to close the first window, and you'll be struck with a cascade of pop up ads that will ruin your day and take over your content window until you've lost what you had. So, you'll have to keep both windows open the whole time...and when you close down you'll have a bad day. All this for around 30 bucks a month? FORGET IT. I don't care what is here, it isn't worth it. A total rip off and migraine inducer. I‘m STILL closing pop up windows. - Vamp
Cost: HIGH - see above  Date Reviewed:  09/07/2005  Advertising Content:  $29.95/month recurring

quality original fetish panties stockings vamppick NYLON-TABOO.COM :: Nylons, Pantyhose, St
Wow! Well, this is actually more than one site. It is a network of sites...and when I visited if you had a membership with one you could get into all of them. This specific site is about nylons and has a bunch of original images divided into the categories of pantyhose, thigh highs (which include some knee high images), stockings, corsets, body stockings, and nylon sex. For those of you with a fetish for "nylon sex", let me be clear and say that this doesn't show fully encased individuals having sex. This is mostly just images of beautiful women wearing stockings and having sex with men. I really liked how this site was organized. I could quickly jump from interest to interest with no difficulty, and the whole site looked clean and professional. It was very well done! That said, I couldn't help but go over to the teen and uniform sites that are also in this network. If you like schoolgirl shots, you simply cannot miss the uniform site included in this membership which shows lots of cheerleaders and schoolgirls in some of the hottest pics of that sort that I've seen. Most of the images are softcore but very sensual. Well worth the price of admission. - Vamp
Cost: $17.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words alt fiction Nameless Erotica
The words I found in this blog were real, and as often from the pains of love as the joys of love - and they show how close the two can be. You won't find hardcore sex here, but more of the tastes of the emotions of love. In my opinion the stories are written such that different people will read the same story and have their own different experience. Makes for interesting reading. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality pics hardcore Devil Cuties
This site is fairly new, and it already has tons of content. There are over 160 photo galleries (and I didn't see any with less than 150 images a piece). You can see all of them, or you can choose niche interests to view by. Currently they list hardcore, toy, softcore, lesbian, and video. The images are all very high quality, large, and sharply focused. The models are mostly very young and petite women, but a few are pretty chesty. There are around 11 video galleries, each with around 15-30 minutes worth of images with sound in Windows Media and DIVX. Most of the videos are solo masturbation pieces, but a few show lesbian or hardcore action. Screen caps from each video are available in .zip file form, and you can view high quality photo images from each video session as well. Last but not least, I love the logo! No pop ups or other intrusive stuff, and the site is very easy to navigate. A nice page with good ol' fashioned pro porn. If you like "innocent" looking girls, you'll love all the braids and pigtails here. I know that I did! - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Well, this one pretty much defines rip off. Inside you'll find around 118 poor quality (and small) images of a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) showing off her feet, tying up a man's genitals, and participating in hardcore sex. The design, skill, and image quality are horrid. I don't even know if these are original or not. My advice? Don't bother. - Vamp
Cost: $30.00/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish feet Lovely Soles !!!
This site offers some unique stuff for foot lovers. There are over 3000 very high quality (and LARGE) foot fetish images on this site, and they definitely were shot specifically for folks with this fetish (rather than just being regular softcore showing feet). You'll find models from Bali, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Finland, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Australia, Canada, Austria, Israel, and Central Africa here! That has to be the most exotic offering of soles I've run into on the web. The photographer seems to be drawn most to long feet, long toes, and long toe nails that have been painted. Often the soles are dirty or obviously callused. You don't see a lot of well manicured and smooth soles here. There are a lot of images that are shot very close up exposing the entire sole, or showing the toes spread. There are also a lot of images of the women standing on a man's face. You'll also see toe rings, foot worship, and multiple girls on one man. Many times the women's email addresses are included. The most interesting section to me, however, was a bit from their old website that showed direct scans of women's feet. I liked them because they showed how pressure changed the shape of the foot, and because there was an almost surreal quality to the images when the feet were shown trampling flowers or small figurines of men and women. I liked those as fine art pieces, actually. All in all, while less than perfectly manicured feet aren't my thing...this is a PERFECT site for those with that particular fetish. Highly recommended for exotic foot lovers. - Vamp
Cost: $21.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Medium - pop up

original pics BBW Chateau Cherie
This is a tiny site with a real sort of amateur appeal. Cherie is a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) that likes to pose in panties. You'll find almost 500 (mostly softcore) images on the site, and most of them are sort of pixilated and of low quality. There are around 3 movies as well, each of them rather short and also of low quality. There are a sprinkling of ads in the members area for adult toys, ifriends, and private sessions. On the free side of the site you'll find around 17 erotic stories and links to a diary and forum. There is also a store of sorts selling worn items like panties, stockings, socks, "cum kerchiefs", gloves, and custom photos. I liked the variety that she offered, but little was explained about shipping and such. I wanted to know more about the merchandise, and it looked like the only way to have it explained was to write to the site owner. I like the personality of the site, and Cherie is a beautiful voluptuous woman...but the web page needs some work before I can offer it a quality rating. - Vamp
Cost: $14.95/month recurring at $10.95/month  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  High - ads in member area

quality original pics porn star celeb EarlMiller.com
This website features over 48,000 hardcore and softcore images by photographer Earl Miller. If you've seen Penthouse, then you have most likely seen Miller's photography before. The high quality professional images you'll see here are of professional porn stars, and are about what you'd expect to see in men's magazines. They are sorted by hair color, model name, type of sex shown, and such. So, it is easy to find exactly what you want fast. There are even two special sections for close ups and "butt shots". There are tons of movies in both quicktime and windows media player versions available on the site, and they are all of the photo shoots. So, expect action to be slow and very artificial while cameras flash. I ran into some tattoos, piercings, and watersports while looking through the galleries...but most of the time you'll see more vanilla situations. If you like Penthouse, then you'll love this! - Vamp
Cost: $24.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur compilations Filipina Archives
I haven't seen very many sites completely devoted to young amateur models from the Philippines, so this was a neat treat. There were well over 5,000 original softcore images here of about 22 women. They are all very slim and between the ages of 18-25. You won't see any fake breasts here, which is a welcome change. There are also quite a few models that do not shave their genitals completely, which is nice. There isn't any garbage cluttering up the place, so navigation is easy and you never get lost. The presentation is respectful and lacks the racism that you often find on sites presenting models of a specific ethnic/racial background. - Vamp
Cost: $22.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/02/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish female domination vamppick Muki's Kitchen
This infamous little site has been online for at least 5 years now, and I've been watching it grow since the very start. It has the guts to take on a very taboo erotic fantasy (vore or erotic cannibalism), and manages to make it feel very safe and sane. You won't find any gore on this site, and they aren't trying to make things look real. It is erotic roleplay of the this-needs-to-always-just-be-a-fantasy sort, and you can tell that the models are hamming it up (no pun intended) and having a good time even while they are "roasting" on spits or being barbequed. From what I understand, the site is run by a husband and wife team of professional photographers that specialize in shooting restaurant food for a living. You can definitely tell that they have a background in this, because they are able to create the feeling of heat using lighting and creative sets rather than photoshop. Almost all the images you'll find here are really rather tame lesbian bondage situations with the added zing of some food play, it is only the context that makes you feel a bit like you've waded into the taboo side of the web. When I visited there were around 14 portfolios, each of them offered separately on a pay-per-week-of-access basis. There were various ways to pay for each, and the prices varied depending on the payment method. For those hoping to see some men on the menu, there are two portfolios over at Mrs. Muki's Kitchen. Be sure to check those out! All pics are hi-res images that will fill your screen, and each portfolio tells you precisely what you are getting for you money. If you like girls trussed up like hams, brushed down with oil, stuffed with thermometers, and served up as dinner...this is the place for you! Dark, humorous, erotic, and definitely taboo. Just remember folks, it is just roleplay. - Vamp
Cost: See Above  Date Reviewed:  09/02/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics sites FOR women vamppick Next Door Male
This site is a real charmer that showcases the good looks and erotic energy of the typical straight boy next door. The site design is simple, and you won't run into any ads or pop ups to distract you. Inside you'll find around 78 galleries, each featuring a different young man. The galleries consist of a short bio, a few pics from a separate photoshoot, and a rather lengthy (15minutes plus) video of the man getting undressed and masturbating alone in different situations. The men here are obviously a bit nervous and self conscious, but that is part of the charm of the site. These are not seasoned professionals striking poses and being aware of their best side. The movies are available in windows media or quick time format (and in cable or modem speeds). The photo galleries can be perused by clicking to enlarge the ones you want, or by sitting back and using the slideshow feature. It is my understanding that most of these men are available for custom videos for rather reasonable prices, and that the site welcomes requests. While it is geared toward women viewers, it certainly isn't homophobic either. I liked it an awful lot! - Vamp
Cost: $22.95/ month non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  09/02/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality products videos dvd Secure Ordering Boomer-X DVD Rentals
Adult DVD rentals, in a system similar to the mainstream Netflix. You chose your membership according to how many DVDs you want at a time, and build your requested queue. Membership starts with $15.95/mo for two discs and there are five levels up to $34.95/mo for eight discs at a time. As soon as they receive your returns you get the next one mailed to you, with all postage paid by Boomer. Terms are all quite clearly stated. You can search their inventory by actor, studio, type of activity, and so on. Looks like a nice polished effort. - Peter
Cost: Site is free; rentals are as noted.  Date Reviewed:  08/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products bdsm gear Secure Ordering Impact Edge
Oh, my my my. This is not just another BDSM cut-and-paste remarketer. This British site is the high quality personal effort of a man who has been involved in this sort of thing for many many years, and he has gathered together some of the nastiest looking toys I've seen in my own many years. Whips, canes, paddles, sure - but that's just the start. One entire line of implements - la seria penitentia - was inspired by the real flagellation devices used for centuries in the Roman Catholic Church. Another group of items were inspired by the old woven carpet beaters of grandmother's time. Ordering is in pounds sterling, via secure cart. There is an online contact form for questions, as well as a snail address, phone number, and fax number. Returns are individually negotiated and shipping information is clearly stated. In addition to their toys they have a nice collection of books - all of which should be on one's reference or reading shelf at home. Nice stuff here - well worth a visit. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo Brit Girl 32DD
This attractive and volumptuous British amateur has a mixed content website. You don't have to be a member to contract for private live webcam sessions, which are available either for her solo or with her husband as a couple. Members do have reduced cam rates. She offers a bunch of sample images and clips and inside the members are you have a large collection of both soft and hardcore images and videos, which can be downloaded in WMV format. She offers both pictures and videos that can be downloaded to your cell phone, but that technology is beyond me to evaluate - I'm certain cell phone geeks will be able to figure it out though. There is a bit of an amateur feel to the entire site, which she and her husband run, but there are enough fancy glossy sites out there - I like a bit of homegrown feel. All prices noted are in UK pounds, so if you're a dollar customer, check a current currency conversion table. - Peter
Cost: £9.95/ one month membership  Date Reviewed:  08/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products books magazines Secure Ordering Lockpick Pornography
A genderqueer adventure story - an idea whose time has come. Joey Comeau, the author, presents a sample online in the form of the original seven chapters, which you can read here in the site. The extended print version is available via PayPal [it appears that it is only available to Canada & the US right now, but that may change - contact the author to ask]. All pre-orders of 'Lockpick Pornography' come hand signed and numbered and include an illustrated zine. The synopsis sounds great. I love that Jane's Guide gives me the opportunity to encourage young artists like this - give it a look. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Nil

quality original pics model glamour Secure Ordering Mondaysgirl - Picture of the week
Everyone hates Mondays - but now there's a reason to look forward to them. Photographer Syess will post a new photograph of a beautiful nude woman to enjoy. There is an option to rate the photo of the week [love, hate, or just ok] and as well you can purchase postcards or larger prints if you like via the Beanpix shopping service. Nice idea! - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Nil

quality original pics model glamour peterpick NewNudeMag.com - Different Vision
This ambitious new offering is from the photographer Petter Hegre, whom we have admired here at Jane's Guide for some time. His concept is a large glossy high quality quarterly print magazine, accompanied by an online counterpart magazine which has all the same content plus tons of extras. He roams the world from Moscow to the Amazon basin and on, capturing the vision he has for photographing the nude body in exquisite style. Joining him in this effort are a selection of other photographers - each with their own unique style - and he also offers photo book reviews, pertinent articles, discussion forums, tips and suggestions for aspiring models and artists both, and much more. Visitors will see plenty enough to tantalize them and make their membership decision. Membership is an annual rate, and new members get a personally signed print of a photo by Hegre, a prize which would generally cost much more than the subscription rate itself. All around this is one of the more spectacular and high quality efforts I've seen in quite some time. Highly recommended. - Peter
Cost: $49.95/annually  Date Reviewed:  08/27/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Quality - Original vamppick GirlsOutWest -
This site is so much fun! It is a female owned and operated Australian amateur site that is completely sex positive and full to the brim with fabulous women. The thing that really distinguishes the pictures you'll find here (outside of their high quality) is the comfort and joy you see in the women. You can tell these folks are having a GREAT time. Annie (the site owner and photographer) says, "The chicks on girlsoutwest remain in control of their image. They decide what adventures to have, what to wear, and how explicit they get. Their body language, facial expressions, mirror their personality so you see 'real' honest girls in these images." I was skeptical of this claim, but when I looked around I found it to be very true. You can view the somewhat endless galleries and movies in order, or you can look them up by category. The girls are categorized by breast size, pubic hair style, nudity level, age, body size, insertables, type of sex shown, special interest, clothing style, hair color, and more. Some of the special interests represented here include hairy girls and girls with glasses. Most of the sex you see here will be masturbation and lesbian stuff. Photo galleries are available in zip format for swift download, and movie files are often rather huge mpgs (92Mb and such)...so having a cable connection is pretty important. Excellent FAQ, thorough customer service info, wonderful organization of pics and movies, and a great interactive forum. What more could you want? Absolutely recommended.
Cost: $24.50/month non-recurring Date Reviewed: 2005-08-26Advertising Content: Low

quality original products worn items Asian Cosmicsweetie's Intimates
Joyce is a 21-year-old college student, half Chinese & half Malaysian, and has a cute little body [her face is pixilated in her site]. She offers worn intimate clothing of every different sort, custom DVD's, and CD picture sets. Payment can be in cash or money order, or via Ikobo money transfer service or one of several similar services. Shipment terms are clear, as are all of her pricings. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/24/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words erotica Secure Ordering Inga Mahn Romance, Romantica, & Erotica
This is author Inga Mahn's personal website and it is a free site. She has several novels for sale with links to their electronic publishers, and has also placed short stories in anthologies, also linked to here. Her fans can find updates here in both a sporadically updated journal and as well more frequently updated list of upcoming releases, and also a link to an interview with her that gives insight into her love of writing. Her work is romantic erotica, some of which are based in her own New Orleans hometown, and some of which looks downright kinky, although most appears to be more "should she follow her heart... can she rekindle lost romance...". - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/23/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics hardcore Secure Ordering Twistys
This is the big time, folks. A megaporn site that really delivers what they promise, and no slick or deceptive ads along the way. They offer to update daily, and have thousands of pictures, tons of downloadable videos, and I have no idea how many beautiful models. They claim over 1400, and I'm not going to count them to check; it looks accurate. Watching some of their video samples - I have to, folks, and bear up under it - it sounds like there are many from Eastern Europe. Hardcore, male/female and female/female, solo female as well. They offer DVD's of their stuff for sale on the site as well. I got lost in the members' area, looking about and sampling my way through. It would take forever to surf all of their content. Costs a little more than the average amateur site, and they deliver so much more than the other commercial sites that charge the same. Two thumbs up - I'll be back to visit. - Peter
Cost: $24.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  08/20/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original fetish female domination Violent Chicks
Homegrown video from Nevada, USA, featuring ... violent chicks. The photos and videos here have a lot of oral foot worship, face slapping, crawling about on a leash, and other similar, but all in a domestic setting. Tounge washing the ceiling fan blade that one didn't clean well enough, being a human footrest in the living room while one's mistress is kicking back with a beer, and that sort of thing. The dominate ones are all female, and the submissives are either male or female. The primary nudity I saw was male slaves, with one video including a topless female slave and I saw no explicit sexuality. The photography is all original by this site. They offer three DVD's of their work, for purchase via snailmail. - Peter
Cost: $14.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  08/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality products clothing lingerie Secure Ordering Yandy Lingerie
Lingerie, costumes, faux leather, latex, and other sexy-wear. The site is out of Arizona, and has a nice explanation of terms, conditions, shopping, returns, and privacy. You can request removal from future mailings from them if you so desire. Photos enlarge for better detail and a full size chart from small to plus is enclosed on each item's page. They offer free shipping on purchases over $70. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Solo Girls
Gads, why don't people stop doing this shit? They offer a "charge me later" option, which is $90 for 3 months and then a $29/month late fee plus other fees. Most folks who have a hard time paying for their smut today will have a hard time in a month or three. In their regular membership there is a small box you need to uncheck, and if you don't then in addition to the $30/month you've already signed up for you'll get five days of $1.95/day 'trial' leading to an automatic rebilling of an additional $23.36 monthly. Money money money, and it's your money going away. The sad thing is that I looked at their content and it's pretty good stuff. It's all this "hope people don't notice the fine print" stuff on the billing that makes me spitting nails angry. - Peter
Cost: See above  Date Reviewed:  08/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Not so much

quality original pics model glamour Velvet Voyeur
The word velvet conveys an image of luxurious and soft, and that is what the Velvet Voyeur site is. Everything is done elegantly in manner of presentation. There are a handful of girls at present, more to be added I'm certain. They are each very attractive and in different ways from each other; no cookie cutter samesame here. The photos and videos are high quality. There is no explicit hardcore, but a beautiful woman languorously stripping herself can be a wonderous thing, and so it is here in this all original content. Each model has her own page of biography and likes/dislikes, and even a column of comments posted for each lady by members. Well done. - Peter
Cost: $9.95/1st 3 mo then 9.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  08/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish feet Cute Sexy Feet - UK Foot Fetish
This is a great site for foot fetishists. They promise all original homegrown content, and they promise and deliver a lot of it. Visitors see just a taste, but it should be sufficient to make a membership decision. What is their content? The overwhelming diversity within the simple phrase 'foot fetish'. They have women in every type of shoe, heel, flipflop, lace up... you name it. They have feet with nails painted every possible color. Feet in chains or ropes. They have feet attached to fancily dressed models and they have feet attached to models who are barefoot all over. Dirty feet. Feet trampling fresh fruit. Feet being sucked and feet being tickled. Feet wading in streams. You get the idea. Their still images are a minimum 1024 x 768 and most are 1280 x 960 in size, and there are scads of them. They have videos of feet being spanked, or feet in bondage, or feet being tickled by electric toothbrushes, or nails being polished, and on. If you haven't gotten the impression yet, let me just tell ya that this is a doggone good site for foot fetishs. -Peter
Cost: $19.95/1st mo - can recur at $16.95   Date Reviewed:  08/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original services phonesex Jane's Phone Fetish Site
The entire effort here is classy, with her personally caring effort very evident throughout the site. Jane is an upscale one-woman telephone service. If you call her number, she is the only one you will speak with. Her photos are of an attractive young woman, and she is quite well spoken. "I can hold a conversation about anything from Dante to ass licking, and everything in between." She specializes on phone domination, and writes a broad blank check of willingness to work with whatever your fetish is, no matter how taboo. Clients can make payment arrangements either over the phone or paying in advance and she gives discounts for bulk purchase. She has even started a collection of original fiction, and has a journal. With her obvious elegance she clearly puts a lot of the more crass commercial shops to shame by comparison. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur compilations Jewelry Palace
This is a new effort, and I'm glad to see it. The content is all original [with the exception of some 'guest galleries' from other sites] and it highlights a fetish I'd not seen before. This labor of love is all about those who fetishize jewelry and especially wristwatches in a sexual context. They have galleries of models who have brought their own jewelry collections to the photo shoots, and members have a collection of videos showing hand jobs and spanking wearing certain types of wrist watches. Like I say - it's new and there are only a handful of galleries and videos at this point - but give 'em time. This is their passion - it'll fill up. - Peter
Cost: $20/1st mo/rebills at $15/mo  Date Reviewed:  08/09/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original bdsm male bondage Secure Ordering Bound Guys
This site is nothing but chock full of male on male bondage. Nothing glossy or fancy - it's all amateur, the way this gritty sort of bondage is best. The content is submitted by viewers, who get a certain degree of free membership in exchange for the amount of content they have sent. Rope, duct tape, leather gloves, uniforms, cops, all sorts of gay icons, and they are offered in illustrated story format for the most part. As well there are galleries and some videos. Members see plenty of samples to make their membership decision. They offer their stuff on DVD and VHS via secure shopping cart. Lots of good stuff here and not a helluva big price to pay - enjoy! - Peter
Cost: $9.00/mo/non-recurring  Date Reviewed:  08/09/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Big, buff, tough women kick boxing, wrestling, doing martial arts, and engaging in cat fights are available in downloadable video(VLC media player)with monthly membership. Fighting Angels claims there are 100's of videos to watch whenever and for however long the suscriber likes. I had a tough time navigating this site. When I went to the menu and clicked on "girls" and "shop" nothing came up. It was a struggle to search for more information regarding this site. The text descriptions of the action taking place in the videos are rough, although many of the models appear to be professional weightlifters. Frankly I was confused. The picture quality of the models looked good but I could not find any sample video and the trailers showcased swirly, colorful images that took 2 minutes to download. Huh? I want to see and understand more clearly what I am getting before I agree to a $43.22 monthly membership. -Odette
Cost: $43.22 U.S. dollars -30 days  Date Reviewed:  08/09/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality products fetishwear Secure Ordering Le Chateau Exotique
Le Chateau is not only an online fetishwear store, but also a brick'n'mortar store in Pennsylvania. In addition to the usual lubes and tubes, they have several lines of leatherwear, corsets, as well as some of the more obscure stuff like chastity devices, 7" spike heel ballet shotes, and beginner's crossdressing kits that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere. Ordering is via secure cart, but as well they list full contact info of phone, snail, fax, and so forth. Y'all know my standard caution when buying this fancy stuff - get in touch and negotiate carefully to avoid expensive disappointments. They do have clear shipping and return policies stated. Per their site, you'll also find these folks vending at some of the better nationally known kink events. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  08/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original bdsm female bondage Limited Audience
I really think that this site title is a misnomer. In their homegrown content they keep to their theme [medieval, fetish, gown and costume bondage,
with beautiful damsels in distress, in photos,
photostories and videos], but I think it's done so well that it will appeal widely. There is no explicit nudity or explicit sex, but don't let that fool you into thinking there won't be any sensuality. A beautiful woman dressed to meet your fancy, bound and squirming, can be a very hot thing to see. They offer ample samples out front to tourists, and inside members have over 30 models to pick from, some of whom have quite a few galleries. Recommended. - Peter
Cost: $17.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  08/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original peterpick Abby Winters
The free area of this website has about 25 large very high resolution images of nude women. They also list over 150 models and you can view one picture of each one and a description of her shoot, including number of pics and what she does in it. Membership includes two tiers, Regular and Gold. All of the models bios listed under the regular membership category now link to galleries of an average of 100 pictures and 2 downloadable videos. The video clips are long and available in .mpg and .avi formats. A nice feature of all of the galleries is the custom .zip files you can make to save bandwidth. Gold members have to make a 3 month commitment but actually get a price break per month. In addition to the solo galleries they get 30 girl/girl galleries averaging about 200 pictures each,some returning models and a section called deviations with everything from pregnant models to fire twirling nude. Excerpted from their last review: "The image sizes are very large, bigger than my current 1024x768 resolution could handle in terms of seeing an entire image at once. There are softcore shoots, insertion shoots, peeing, shaving, some girl/girl content, etc., all unretouched, another thing the site prides itself on. Also offered are dozens of downloadable video files, in both mpg and avi format, desktop wallpaper files, and an active member discussion board. In all it's a wonderfully done site, incredibly easy to navigate, the constant updates and huge image files should really appeal to collectors of amateur images out there."
Cost: $17.60 - $30/month  Date Reviewed:  08/05/2005   Advertising Content:  low

quality original words adult journals Sadistic Excess
The power of arrogance in a fella leaves me disgusted and intrigued at the same time. Daemon journals his thought processes, relationships, and sadistic desires, exemplifying narcissism to it's fullest. To dominate one, yet still maintain a trusting, loving relationship is still a mystery to me and obviously to the writer of this site who's inner turmoil leads to a lonely, anguished existence. To be honest I don't know enough about the sadist's lifestyle to comment with any great knowledge or perspective. But I do know that I would like to experience a little role reversal with Daemon, force him down on all fours and give him one hell of a spanking.
My apologies to Sadistic Excess, as my review has not transpired into a very useful tool in understanding this site, let me try to re-summarize. Daemon is honest, a thinker, does well at expressing himself, writes cool poetry and pisses me off. Give his site a visit.
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  08/05/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words adult journals Married, With Sex
What a fun blog to read. A man [40] and his wife [38], parents of five kids, and with an active kinky monogamous sex life that they love to talk about here. There are occasional photographs, and the blog is searchable by topic. I love to encourage folks like this, taking the brave step of going public with their own sexuality and taking ownership for all the wonderful variety of it. More power to 'em. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/30/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish latex pvc fetishwear peterpick Angela Ryan - Living Doll
What a striking beauty Angela is, and how exquisitely presented in this personal site. She is a scrumptious redhead who has apparently both a large collection of latex, corsets and other fetish attire, and as well a large collection of friends who are top quality photographers. She looks as good wearing rope as she does latex. Her work has appeared in SkinTwo, Gothic Beauty, and Marquis magazines, among others. She has appeared at fetish balls and similar events not only in her home Texas but around the US as well. She promises new content several times a week, both of her own work and of her 'Bosom Buddies'. Visitors see ample free pix out front to make their membership decision. Everything here is done in the highest of quality. Recommended! - Peter
Cost: $14.95/mo/rebilled  Date Reviewed:  07/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original services phonesex Secure Ordering Submissive Control
I've got a feeling that this lady does deliver what she promises. She offers humiliation, she offers financial domination, and so on down that road. Not my gig, but I understand that there is a market for it, and she has photos of her subjects from all over the world. She has many different options, from buying her used clothing, to subscribing as a cash slave, to live or pre-recorded domination. She is also available via Niteflirt for phone calls. - Peter
Cost: The site is free  Date Reviewed:  07/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo Raven
Fairly new to Southern Charms, Raven is a redheaded stay-at-home mom from the middle of America. She has nearly 90 galleries as of time of review, and they are all nude, pink, or jilling. She hopes to add boy/girl action in the future. Also available for purchase via email are her used panties [and all the lingerie she wears on the site]. - Peter
Cost: $12.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  07/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Needs a bit of work here. I have to admit I'm a bit uneasy at a site where the custodian of records is in Romania, the site management is in British Virgin Islands, and the contact phone number for help is in Brooklyn. I have a problem when the per minute charges are listed on the FAQ page but not in the legal terms and conditions OR on the sign up page. They bill themselves as "free live cams" but there is a per minute charge - that ain't free. Also, of the 41 models listed, 30 had no photograph and zero were online when I attempted to review the site. It's kinda hard to work up a decent warm fuzzy with a girl named "krzyj11215" without at least a snapshot. - Peter
Cost: Per minute charges  Date Reviewed:  07/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products fine art prints Secure Ordering Erotic art at Pink Camellias.com
Pink Camellias offers original drawings/artwork and limited edition prints. The selections vary, from softcore pinup to hardcore penetration, all done in realistic style. If you click on "browse all items" you will get a catalogue with thumbnailed images to go through, OR you can click the "shop" link and get a textlink version of the catalogue and guess from titles. The artist also has a page showing the various stages a drawing goes through, which was pretty cool to see. There are several formats for prints, ranging in price from $8 for a non-limited-edition 8x10 glossy print, and going up to 11x14 limited editions, signed and numbered, for $30.00. Commissions are sometimes done, email to inquire. Ordering is online via secure server, or check or money order via mail. Orders are all final, no returns unless item was damaged in shipping. Contact is via email or snail mail.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/26/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words erotica The Rosary - An Erotic Love Story
While this website is formatted using Blogger as it's engine, it is not a weblog at all. Rather, it's an ongoing erotic novel, with a chapter posted daily. The blog formatting is inconvenient for this, as it makes sense to start at the archives first so that you can read everything in proper order. Formatting issues aside, author Lucinda Jack has created a wonderful website. The story begins with a London couple, Penelope and Pete, embarking on a journey in swinging after having their curiosity piqued by stories in the London papers about such things being in vogue. It continues as they meet another couple and the romantic entanglements begin. If you're a fan of literate erotica, this is a must-visit.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/26/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original pics fine art photography janepick Come Together
This is an indie website that has elements of many of my favorite longrunning sites like Scarlet Letters andCleanSheets. The photo galleries are wonderfully inclusive, with images of all genders, body types and ethnicities (and hair colors!) - like an exhibitionist website, but with GOOD photography instead of polaroids. Also, the content isn't about showing just the explicit parts, rather it's all very tame with plenty left to that nice big sex organ, the brain. There are also original comic strips and drawings by Eku Egao, and several very hot short erotic writing pieces by a variety of authors. They are quite sensitive to their readership, offering a helpful guide of icons so that readers can avoid content they might not want to view, such as anything with bondage, or impact play. In the free area is a helpful section of intro "101" articles on topics like anal sex and penis size, along with an advice column. They've also got some totally cute merchandise with their "take back the apple" logo, from tshirts to boxers to magnets. Wonderful new addition to the web.
Cost: $4.95/mo., $13.95/3 mo., $24.95/6 mos.  Date Reviewed:  07/25/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original pics fine art photography janepick NawaYoi - Drunk on Rope
Mateo is a Las Vegas based artist and photographer, with a lovely free site! It's getting rare these days to find sites with good work that are willing to put it out there freely. He has a short info section with an explanation of the site name, a bit of history on Eastern rope bondage art, and his own views. The galleries are free, you just need to set up a login which happens in minutes via email. Once inside, you'll find dramatically lit, mostly colorful images of rope bondage, pinup and fine art nude images. Loved it.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/25/2005  Advertising Content:  None

Secure Ordering PhoenixPrime's Adult Bookstore
This online bookstore sells eBooks via PayPal. They are looking for new authors to submit works (they pay a percentage of royalties) in any adult genre, from sci-fi to romance to TV/TS and group sex. Right now there are only 4 eBooks offered, all BDSM in theme. They each have a free excerpt to read, but I was disappointed that there was no info on how many pages each title was - I didn't know if I was going to get a short story, novella, or full-length book. Prices are $7.50 each, as mentioned via PayPal secure online transactions.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/25/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original pics amateur solo Lanas Lingerie Tease
Lana has hit exactly the target she aimed for with this nice little site. She loves lingerie - and it's obviously not just that she knows she looks great in it, but it's the feel of the satin, the fur, the silk, the lace, and how she can flaunt it. She also loves to tease. Now generally I don't care for tease - it's too often a Cruella DaBluenuts sort of thing. None of that with Lana - her tease is the tease of the loving partner, encouraging you to enjoy it as much as she does. Her content is all homegrown, filmed by her husband and is all softcore tease emphasizing her extensive lingerie collection. Members see 18 still image galleries at time of review, and as well have over 20 downloadable videos, ranging from 4-5 up to about 10 minutes or so long apiece. She is an elegant lady and this site was a nice find for me. - Peter
Cost: $12.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  07/24/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

Live Adult Video Chat
Well, I guess I don't really get the "free sign up" thing. You sign up for free for the opportunity to pay per-minute fees for chatting. The more private the chat, the more the charge. The only free stuff I saw was an occasional girl who had her cam on live, clothed, chatting with the assembled multitude. Everything else was a charge. Most of the girls presented [a small camcap picture] were offline when I was checking, but they do have an extensive schedule of when various girl are available. - Peter
Cost: Per minute charges for most viewing  Date Reviewed:  07/24/2005  Advertising Content:  Not an issue

quality original pics softcore Perfect Erotica - Premium Nudes
Sure, this is a teaser lead-in to a large pay-site, but this site itself has sufficient free content to keep you happy for quite a while. Everything here, I might mention, appears to be quite perfect. Perfect girls, perfectly photographed, and so on. It's all softcore, but they promise hardcore in the pay site. Even if you don't move on to their pay site, stop by here and enjoy a little bit of perfection. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/24/2005  Advertising Content:  Subtle and well done

Wild Hairy Girls
Too bad. I share their fetish for unshorn partners, and wanted to like it here, but I just gotta step back and warn folks to watch themselves. First of all - the membership is $16.95... but only for a 30 day TRIAL. Have to watch for that word. In the detail of the terms and conditions - the ONLY place I found this; it isn't on the sign-up page - it rebills at $38.21 monthly after the first month. Sorry folks, but that is deceptive. I did wander around inside a bit but when I tried to play a video clip I was told to disable my pop-up blocker, and that's when I decided just to back on out and issue a 'let the buyer beware'. - Peter
Cost: $38.21/mo after 1st month  Date Reviewed:  07/24/2005  Advertising Content:  Hidden charges as above

quality pics porn star celeb Secure Ordering Lanny Barby official site
From Quebec comes porn star Lanny Barby. Her site is pretty glossy and finished, as you would expect from a former Penthouse and Hustler covergirl. This is no amateur site. Sample images are provided of both still galleries and of videos. Members see close to a hundred galleries of still images and about sixteen downloadable hardcore videos. Her content has some jilling but is mostly girl/girl, boy/girl, or many/girl, and there is also a large behind-the-scenes collection of pix. You also have the opportunity to order some of her dozens of explicit commercial DVDs. - Peter
Cost: $29.95/mo/rebilled  Date Reviewed:  07/23/2005  Advertising Content:  Moderate

quality original pics amateur solo Sensual Sammy
Sammy is an attractive and well built 30-something housewife from London. In this nice and neat site she offers both still images and videos, all of original content. Visitors see a smaller collection than members, but regardless visitors here see much more than on many other sites. Members see about 16 galleries at time of review, each with about 30 photos or so. The photo galleries are primarily stripping and jilling. Also there are five movies at time of review, hardcore, and available for either dial-up or broadband. Some of the buttons open content in new windows. Nice site and looks like she'll be growing her content regularly. - Peter
Cost: $14.95/mo/rebilled  Date Reviewed:  07/22/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics hardcore I Spy Cameltoe
Cameltoe is a widespread fetish, although many who have it have never heard the term. A cameltoe is a vision of labia lips highlighted in thin pants. That's the hook of this site at least - they spot girls with a cameltoe and then progress to have hardcore sex with them. It's obviously all commercial smut, hooked up with a bunch of other similar sites. Visitors see sufficient up front in pictures and sample video clips to make their purchase decision. If you join you have a many girls, each with a collection of still images and streaming video of the same scene. You can also link directly to the carbon copy sites with a slightly different theme run by the same ownership. WYSIWYG. - Peter
Cost: $29.88/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  07/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Oh, lots

quality original pics amateur solo Roxanna Strawberry
Roxanna is a cute petite redhead with a curly mane. This is her amateur site, and I must admit the photos and videos are that. The lighting is uneven and many of the photos are low res. That doesn't take anything away, however, from the obvious enthusiasm she brings to her sexuality and to her site. You have to give enthusiasm points to a beauty who films a blowjob she gives her first member. Visitors see ample sample images [although some were dead links today], including sample movie clips. Members inside see a growing collection of both still images and videos. She encourages new members to contact her via email to get a free phonesex session. Yes, there are some weak points, but overall I think this is the sort of young enthusiastic amateur effort that we need to encourage. - Peter
Cost: $10.99/1st mo/rebills at $9.99/mo   Date Reviewed:  07/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics softcore Secure Ordering http://www.secret-sarah.com
Well done! Fantastic photos, videos and brief commentary from Sarah, a 19 year old, exotic looking young lady from France. Sarah, albeit a questionable french name, maintains a striking resemblance to Hollywood star Eva Longoria. Photographer John Root captures the very essence of this sexy little nymph from shower scenes, to lesbian play, to titilating poses of Sarah in natural settings. Membership buys you exclusive photo sessions, video, and personal e-mail exchange with Sarah. Weekly updates are guaranteed and if desired the suscriber can e-mail requests for specific photos or video of Sarah. The site will do their best to honor all. A delightful sampling of video shot, about two minutes long, gives the consumer a good feel for material available. The site was self-explanatory with high quality picures, appealing layout, and secured billing. Credit card, phone password or online checking are the methods of payment accepted. While discussing this particular site with my "friend with benefits" this evening he inquired of Sarah's best physical feature. Good question and my answer is that Sarah maintains the standard required for many nude models in this industry - pretty face, great curves, full ass, and neatly shaved pussy. A pleasure to ogle. - Odette
Cost: $18.95 for30 days, $12.95 after.  Date Reviewed:  07/15/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words erotica Ellwood...If She Could - Leigh Ellwood
Leigh Ellwood writes romance erotica available in paperback for purchase from Phase.com which gives a brief overview, excerpt and reader reviews of Ellwood and other erotica authors works. Aside from promoting her paperbacks you can sign up to receive a free monthly newsletter, enter to win prizes, link to other like minded writers as well as read the day to day life of Ellwood on her blog site. If you like romance - you know muscular, square jawed men and flowing, long haired, gorgeous women, intertwined in conflict and passion, you are bound to find some material on this site to your liking.
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  07/15/2005  Advertising Content:  low until you link to Phase.com

original pics amateur compilations Muffins With Butter
Visit this blog if you want to check out black and white photos of the site owner in bondage and various other erotic style nude poses. She's a good looking gal with an exceptional bod. Unfortunately there ain't much else on this site except for day to day ramblings, a few pieces of poetry and personal reviews of sex toys rated on a 1 to 5 muffin scale. Uh yeah ... I am not too sure about the cutsey muffin scale thing. No matter the pictures are nice. - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  07/14/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words alt fiction Remittance Girl
Ahhh back at the computer again and I am starting off my evening by reading some really smart, creative and interesting material by Remittance Girl. RG delves into areas I never even considered such as robot prostitution. Her writings are definately cerebral with a nice touch of eroticisim. I found the 100 list of things about herself to be very telling, but have to have to admit many of the writers and subject matter RG is interested in is far to complex for my little mind. There is plenty to investigate on this blog, from short stories, to personal thoughts, to the care of orchids - yes the flower. I was captivated by RG's short story "Penny Red" which reveals a sweetly seductive lesbian experience between two friends. What more can a lady ask for? - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  07/13/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words erotica Secure Ordering HH Self Author of Erotic Paranormal
Just as billed, HH Self is a writer of paranormal erotica. On this personal site he has a short story and excerpts from a couple of longer pieces. The longer stories are available for purchase by download in either HTML or PDF formats. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/13/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words erotica The Story Mill -- Illustrated Stories
A varied selection of erotica written by several different authors makes for good reading on this site. Along with the stories there are photos incorporated into many of the writings. Some pics were pretty cheesey while others truly enhanced the text and made for a lovely experience. I read through 3-4 stories and loved the interesting styles and subject matter. I enjoyed one particular story by Peter Klein titled "Marcia." The introduction reveals the relationships between the Dunbar men and the Beaupree women. The Dunbar men live to acquire and covet Beaupree females eventually to marry and carry on the family lineage. Dunbar fathers, sons and brothers all "share" their mothers, daughters and sisters. The premise of the story revolves around the incestuously close relationship between David and his father. David unable to impregnate, gently coaxes his father into making love to his seductive, young Beaupree wife with hopes of implanting her with the Dunbar seed. Definately a kind of freaky, uncomfortable good read with many more complexities than I have shared here. My only complaint about this site is the lack of material -there were less than 20 stories available - continual addition of new works will keep me coming back. - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  07/07/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original products corsets Secure Ordering Adore Corsets
This site is from the UK and offers ready-made corsets for sale. They have a sizing chart and many enlargeable photos and descriptions of the wide variety of materials [denim, velvet, brocade, tartan, satin, +++], styles [overbust, underbust, corset dress, etc], that they offer. Contact information is clear, as are their shipping and returns policies. Delivery is free worldwide, a nice plus. They have a price comparison offer to consider if you are shopping around. My one word of caution is the same word I offer on any expensive purchase like this - I strongly suggest careful sizing and exchanging of email with the merchant to reduce the chance of disappointment later. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  07/03/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo All Ruth
Coming from the UK, Ruth is a truly beautiful young woman who appears to be thoroughly enjoying her career in porn. In addition to her natural beauty her gift of laughter and ability to be silly and sexy at the same time makes her even more viewable. In her one attempt to 'fake' an orgasm, she breaks down in laughter, all caught on video. She appears solor or with girlfriends, in her all original-content still galleries and videos. The sex is all either solo jilling or with girlfriends, and [except in the one joking time above] the orgasms were exceedingly real and the sex was the sex of women who want to have sex with each other, not the 'sex' of women being filmed having sex with each other for commercial porn. Overall, a very nice clean site. Samples on the front end for visitors are ample. Production quality of both still and video is high. She has very friendly and interesting commentary on all of the content, in addition to having a diary and wallpapers and other freebies. Well worth a visit. - Peter
Cost: $29.90/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  07/03/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products clothing lingerie Secure Ordering Fetishirts - wear your kink!
This BDSM tshirt site is an offshoot of darkconnections.com, and sales of the shirts help support their main site. I had some good laughs at some of the shirt slogans here and mentally marked some to come back and order. There are shirts for the top [and if the "BDSM 101 ONLINE DEGREE passed - You can call me Master now!" shirt doesn't make you giggle, give up!]; shirts for aftercare ["CAUTION - The person wearing this shirt may be in subspace."]; and a bunch of others that just scream to be worn ["Don't mix your crazy with my lifestyle."]. Ordering is via Cafe Press, and most folks are fairly familiar with their ordering system. Some of their stuff is sacrilegious, but ya know - if you can't take a joke about it maybe you shouldn't be using power tools with the other kids. I like these folks. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/30/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original products adult toys vamppick Tickleberry
Sex toy stores are rarely exciting for me to look at, but this one had my heart racing! My goodness there is some great stuff to purchase here! First off, this place specializes in male chastity and female domination. When I say it *specializes*, boy do I mean it. They have about every male chastity device to be had, and they offer a special "Chastity Training Programme and Keyholding service" for men. This might be a great option for you if you'd like to have someone trustworthy holding your key, but you don't know anyone that wants to participate in your sex play with you yet. There are some female chastity options on the site, but they are few and far between when compared to the male options. There are plenty of sex toys and adult items for everybody here though, and many of them are fairly unique and very high quality offerings. Some of my favorites include the "chastity dildo harness" (which about induces an orgasm just looking at it), RoseBuds buttplug jewelry (which include jewels, watches, horsehair, and intricate designs into that form of arse toy), Gorean Style Lockable Slave bands, gorgeous body jewelry, striking fetish gasmasks, dildolls (plush penis toys), love cushions, really attractive and creative bondage harnesses, and absolutely breathtaking (pun intended) Queening stools for face sitting! That barely scratches the surface of everything here though. The descriptions of the products are prepared with a lot of love and knowledge. The customer service info is superb. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that all prices are in British Pounds. Stop by the free photo galleries for some real eye candy! Yummy! I wish all online stores were this titillating and classy. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/30/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Pink Bottomed Girls
Such fun - Pink Bottomed Girls is about a lesbian couple who are thoroughly enjoying caning and spanking. Pink and Brat, the two ladies involved, present here a cheerful and bright insight into the dynamics of such a relationship. They mentioned to us, and we agree, that there are not enough sites out there exhibiting the life of real women who love women, as opposed to the cartoonish caricatures in so much online smut. This pair are real and committed women, building a life together, and having a bunch of spanking fun along the way. A fun read. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/30/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original info sexuality resources Pleasure Activism Australia
Although this is a really wonderful resource for Australians, I'd actually recommend it to anyone with an interest in sex positive politics and education. The organization describes itself this way, "Pleasure Activism Australia is a not-for-profit community group for sex-positive, pro-feminist people of any gender who believe in advocating consensual sexual pleasure for adults and who believe in the power of consensual sexuality to transform our society." They often discuss things of interest to the GBLT, polyamory, BDSM, and swinging communities. They have several discussion groups, but it is important to note that these are not for personals. These groups are specifically for discussion of human sexuality and the politics surrounding human sexuality. There is a great news section that will be fun and educational reading no matter where you are from, a resource section that offers some really great original essays such as "Path of the Sexual Healer" by NightOwl, and lots of links to educational and political info that will be all to familiar to some of us...but is a great guide for the new kid on the block! Excellent organization of information and extremely helpful. - Vamp

Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/30/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

We're Kinky Inc.
This online store is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia (but we don't know exactly where because they don't give a physical address). Contact seems to be web form only, which makes me a bit nervous. It doesn't inspire confidence when you go further and read the privacy policy information consisting of, "Put here your Privacy Notice information." There is a wide variety of merchandise, each piece of which has a minimal description. I wasn't impressed. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/30/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals odettepick Housewyfe & Caveman
I could not stop reading and chuckling at Housewyfe Wendy's journal entries and thoughts. Wendy is an amazing writer with great comic ability. There are several snippets I would like to quote from Wendy's blog site, but not enough room to write and even better if you check it out yourself. I love a gal who can laugh at herself and circumstances and openly share with the rest of us. So what is this site about? Wendy details her sexual relationship with her husband whom she fondly refers to as "Caveman." After many years of sexual repression the two are finally getting it on and Wendy can't get enough. The beauty of this site is that Wendy also gives really excellent couple advice. Had her site been available before my seperation there may have been hope for me and the "wasband." No joke - she's good. Humor, insightful thoughts and a knack for erotic writing, makes Housewyfe & Caveman worthy of attention. - Odette

Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  06/29/2005  Advertising Content:  low

SexyVices.com - Discount Adult Sex Toys
This adult toy store sells many mainstream toys that you may have seen before, especially if you are familiar with Hustler or Adam & Eve brands. Many of the toys have pretty good descriptions, but as usual many of the anal toys are completely without listed measurements. Contact info includes email and po box, but that appears to be all. The return and privacy policy is listed, even if it is brief. The cart system is based on paypal, which makes me think that they'll run into problems soon (as I've seen MANY paypal adult customers run into trouble). No shipping info is given in the areas that I could access. All in all, I wasn't impressed. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality video pre recorded Euro Car Sex
Much of the content here is Eastern European, but much of what I skimmed was domestically made commercial porn as well. They offer both still galleries and videos, and all is of good production quality. They submitted their site as 'downloadable', but I could only get it to stream, not download. Streaming is available on different connection speeds, and either in 6 minute chunks or in 30 minute complete scenes. On the front page visitors will see ample samples to judge the content inside [much of which is linked to rather than homegrown]. Warning - if you click on the video trailer preview the sound can be loud. Also - too damn many pop-ups when I first got to the site; I almost didn't review it because of the pop-ups, but once I got past them I calmed down and the content earned the Q. - Peter
Cost: $29.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Pop-ups, as noted above

quality original personal pages women vamppick Tatiana von Tauber - Art Photo Fiction
I'm in love! Tatiana von Tauber is an intelligent sex positive feminist with a great spiritual and international depth that shines through her writing and art work. She is so multitalented! There is a beautiful array of watercolors, oils, pastels, and charcoal work on the site (some of which has sort of an art deco feel to me, while other pieces have a much more impressionistic style). A neat selection of photographs (that unfortunately don't enlarge) really took my breath away. She has a great instinct for how to use light/shadow to accentuate form. I have to admit that it was her writing that really grabbed me by the soul and tugged though. Her erotica is hot and honest. Her essays are spiritually deep and passionate discussions of her complex feelings. Her book reviews are charming and helpful. Her links section is actually very interesting, and highly recommended as a jumping off point to many sites of note. I love seeing sites just like these. She fearlessly represents her entire self on the site, while never flinching away from her sexuality. Excellent! Sites like this clearly show that female sexuality is most beautiful when it isn‘t dumbed down. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics art digital art Doppelganger810
This attractive UK artist has put together a personal site filled with original creations of dark erotica with a somewhat gothic feel. His artwork often features long legged women in nice high heels involved in some form of fetish or alien sexual act. The lines are spidery and fluid, at once very feminine and threatening. Genitals seem to sprout from unexpected places in the background, sometimes becoming almost plantlike or serving as a sort of border for the rest of the picture. Women are often sprawled out, pulled open, or presenting themselves in obviously sexual ways. There is a sort of "off" quality that pervades all of these images that sets your teeth on edge and makes you a bit nervous, even if you don't take into account what the images are putting across more obviously. Aside from the visual artwork, he has a selection of his poems and a short artist bio that includes how to play games with him online. An interesting individual with a distinctly unsettling vision of sensuality. I have no idea if his pieces are for sale, but he does have contact info on the site and says he can be reached for commission work. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/29/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original fetish panties stockings PantyhoseTV
This is one of those paysites that manages to have an accidentally misleading name. If you've surfed as much porn as I have, you most likely instantly thought that this site was about transvestites or transgender folk in pantyhose...but you'd be wrong! They are actually making a television reference, and all the women on the site are bio girls. If you enjoy viewing wonderfully long legged women having sex and posing for the camera while wearing pantyhose, you'll find tons of that kind of content here. There are over 73 galleries of images (both softcore and hardcore). Many of these are stills from videos, but they are still very decent quality. If you enjoy erotica, you'll find over 25 pantyhose specific stories and more than 38 miscellaneous fetish tales. The site really shines in terms of video content though, and I'd say that the movies are the main reason to sign up for this place. There are over 203 full length films here (many around 20 minutes total or more). All of them have full sound and are high quality. Themes run the spectrum of lesbian, hardcore, toys, uniforms, foot, suits, and voyeur (and they are categorized as such for quick viewing). If you are unfamiliar with the "suits" category, that is what they call folks wearing pantyhose in a way that covers more than just the lower body. So, if you see someone with pantyhose over their head and arms as well as over their lower body, that is a "suit" image. While I'm incredibly positive about all this original and high quality content, I do have some negative things to say about the site. The live cam link goes to a site full of "free" live cam teasers that ask you to pay for real cam shows. There are links to that and to a DVD store in the member area, and then they really add insult to injury by having an "interesting links" section full of garbage like "medical products" and "privacy software". I have to say that I was really on the line about listing this site given the "medical products" section, but I think they manage to be legal (although I wouldn't recommend buying such products). In general, this is a great site with some really tacky gunk and ads messing up what would otherwise be a great design and wonderful product. I‘m giving the porn content a positive review, but I‘m going to tack on a large warning about ads and products. - Vamp
Cost: $29.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/29/2005  Advertising Content:  High - see above

quality original fetish enemas watersports Enema blog
This photo-illustrated blog is a new and enthusiastic entry to the net, and is done quite well. It is kept by a Scandinavian couple, dealing mostly with enemas but also occasionally with other BDSM, anal, or similar content. They have safety information & warnings, well researched enema recipes and commentary about other enema sites which they consider to be less responsible. From my reading, this should be a bookmarked site for anyone looking to either eroticize enemas or moreover, anyone who does any sort of anal play. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/28/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Bathhouse Diaries
What a good effort here to educate and enlighten people on an area that is little known by outsiders - the gay bathhouse. The writer has over ten years of experience in regular attendance at bathhouses, and I think his clear writing and experienced viewpoint can be of great help, in particular to men who are considering a first time experience. Every culture, every minority group, every group activity, all have their own traditions, their own communication practices, and their own behavior standards, and that is quite true of the bathhouse as well. A lot of marvelous fun can be had, but bathhouses can be dangerous as well, due to drugs, disease, and unsafe decisions and activity. This site may help you to negotiate your way safely through your adventure, and that's a public service. You have to wander through a bunch of advertising to get to the free content here, but that's a small price to pay. Ignore the ads that abound - or visit them to help the writer pay for his free site - but do click on through to his essays. Recommended. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/28/2005  Advertising Content:  Lots, as noted

quality original pics fine art photography Secure Ordering Ah, The Ladies - An Erotic Photo Art Gal
Well with a site titled "Ah,The Ladies" how could I not click onto this site and begin to investigate my next review. And what an absolutely beautiful gallery of photographic artwork I have stumbled upon. Jonathan Aaron, a professional artist/photographer, provides a lovely sampling of photographs that represent his work completed in the late 70's through the early 80's. The photos reflect the different periods of his artistry, capturing his early romantic style, to pinup girl shots, to erotic, fetish style, nudes. Aaron provides commentary along with his photos and one can easily feel his passion and love for women and photography. Membership for 30 days is $34.95, all 244 photos downloadable for your personal art collection. I especially appreciated the thought and energy Aaron gives to fellow artists and photographers site links, posting pictures from each artist's collection and giving a brief synopsis. "Ah, The Ladies" is truly a pleasure to view and most certainly worth the cash to further explore Aaron's artwork.
Cost: $34.95 for 30 days, $11.95 for 7 days  Date Reviewed:  06/28/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality pics amateur compilations Secure Ordering Russianymphos
It did not take long to preview Russian Nymphos. The site offers 3 enlarged picture samples of their models in six different categories. The categories available were solo, toys, lesbian, hardcore, bound, and fetish. Although the pictures are amateur they were posed and featured the same bathroom scene in the lesbian preview and fetish preview. I am not sure what the fetish is when the model is wearing only panties and big yellow rubber gloves, grasping a bottle of shower gel while straddling the toilet tank. Well I guess it's pretty obvious, just not my thing. Just another reminder that I need to clean my toilet. Should you join they promise thousands of pictures and video clips of Russian ladies exclusive to the Russian Nymphos site. If you like thin, pretty, naked women take a looksy and enjoy. - Odette
Cost: $14.95 for 30 days - $9.95 after   Date Reviewed:  06/28/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality products videos dvd odettepick Female Orgasm World
This site is one stop shopping, offering a fine selection of movies, DVD's, lingerie, sex toys, educational literature and of course pictures of gorgeous orgasmic women. Most impressive, however, are the thousands of videos available on demand. You can purchase 3 different ways. Female Orgasm World has pay-per-minute movies, streaming movie rentals, or downloadable movies. Prices seem reasonable, as low as 8.5 cents a minute for the pay- per-minute videos. Required software(free)is Windows Media Player or Real Player. The site allows you to search by specific categories, title, star and studio. Video clips are available, showcasing close up pussy shots of women having orgasms. I liked the movie review section which has a rating system, an enlargable photo and description of the video. Contact information is an online chat or e-mail. Monthly membership payment can be made online, by check or by phone. Great content, selection, picture quality and ease of use. - Odette

Cost: $19.95 a month  Date Reviewed:  06/24/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words adult journals Wife Worship
This site is new and therefore does not have a lot of content. That said, I am intrigued by the site owners complete devotion to his wife. He exists to please and answer to all of his wife's needs and is seeking out like minded inviduals for idea exchanges so that he may better satisfy her. Ruth's boy posts a few pieces of artwork that were right up my ally - one drawing has a man caged with just his head popping out the top, buried deep inside the pussy of a voluptuous dominatrix. It's really hot. But I digress, if you find yourself checking out this site read the article on prostate milking, author unknown. It is a complete guide to locating the prostate, learning to milk it, as well as discussing the effects of this particular act. This is a great tool in controlling orgasms. I look foward to reading more of Ruth's boys journaling and following up on the sites growth. - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  06/22/2005  Advertising Content:  low

original words erotica dirtyboy's dirty thoughts
Two words to describe the Dirtyboy website - Harlequin Romance. Dirtyboy writes for the ladies, in verse form, to lenghty play by play of a cyber sex orgy, to fictional, lovemaking extravaganza's. After reading through some of Dirtyboy's stories he posts comments from his female readers - many who deliciously flirt back with him and engage in online romance. It's kind of fun to read. I did find that much of what was written began to sound all the same to me, although I did appreciate the graphic detail and genuinely felt the erotic experience right along with the writer, Roger. I prefer darker, weirder writing styles but cannot deny that Roger puts forth great effort and energy into his work. - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  06/21/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original products adult toys peterpick Secure Ordering Bathhouse Buddy
What a great idea! I can't tell you how many times I've been walking around an orgy just wearing a towel or hanging at the hot tub and suddenly found myself lucky enough to have to remember where the condoms and lube are kept, or where my locker key is. Bathhouse Buddy is a neoprene cuff with pockets that you can velcro around your ankle or wrist, and carry the basics for keeping yourself happy and safe right close at hand. You can wear it in the tub [although it isn't waterproof - don't put your smokes in it]. There is a video showing samples in use, and alternatively for dial-up shoppers there is a photo gallery. The site pushes this item heavily as a tool for protecting yourself with safer sex, and it's a very good point. Marketed for the gay male market, this is an item that anyone of any gender or orientation could put to handy use. Shopping is via secure shopping cart and prices are listed in Canadian dollars, and in my opinion the price is quite reasonable. Definitely two thumbs up! - Peter
Cost: The site is free.  Date Reviewed:  06/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Thoughts from a Spanko
The fellow who posts this blog calls himself 'HBspanker' - and obviously is quite into spanking with a hair brush. He is enthusiastic and has a wife quite willing to work with him in his spanking fancies. It is a quite recently started blog, but he has been posting links to products or websites on-topic that he has found [and doesn't really come off like a shill, but an enthusiast]. There are a few vintage pictures of over the knee spanking folks have sent in to him. I say more power to him - I love it when people are able to happily embrace their fetish and incorporate it into a healthy relationship. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/20/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics art digital art sarapick Zeppellina
I may have a new favorite blog! Zeppellina is a citizen of “Metropolis, Erehwon “ which, in and of itself is literary enough to amuse me. Then add the fact that she is an amazing visual artist, working in watercolor, pencil, glass, and a variety of other media. Top it off with an ability to write clearly, coherently, and intelligently on a number of topics. Do you see why I’m in heaven? Her art is the real magnet, here. Stunning nudes, intense figures, eyes that leap from the page to embrace the very soul of the viewer. Zeppellina has a vivid imagination and the talent to make her visions real. The links along the right hand side were a tad distracting, because they are so large, and so clearly advertising, but that is the ONLY fault I can find in this exploration into the mind of an artist. - Sara
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Moderate to High

quality original words adult journals sarapick Freya's House of Dreams
Vignettes. Moments in time, captured in a blog. Each entry is a sexual snapshot – no names, no faces, just passion. Sometimes kinky, sometimes close to vanilla, always hot and beautifully written. Freya writes in pictures. I am wrapped in the moment, feeling what she feels, smelling what she smells, tasting the salt of her lover’s sex. When I needed a break, I could flip over to one of her links, the first of which is her overflow blog. As Freya says, “A girl can only talk about sex so much before she wants to talk about music.” Given the beauty of her writing, I could READ about her sexual adventures for a long, long time. Wit, charm, talent, and beauty. What more could a blog reader desire? - Sara
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/19/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original video live webcam women blondeteez
This is the web cam site of Blondeteez, a 29 year old professional Cam Model. The ‘free’ area doesn’t offer much. She does say a blog is in the works, and beyond that there are a few softcore photos and descriptions of what you can get if you are chosen to be an exclusive member of her site. As far as I can tell, her main criteria for selection involves the ability to put your credit card number onto her form. Once you are a member, in addition to the ability to interact with Blondeteez via her web cam and Yahoo Messenger, you get about 7 small galleries of photos that mostly feature our star in sexy lingerie, another dozen or so photos showing her playing with anal beads, dildos, and the like, as well as a couple of downloadable short video clips. Inexplicably, there are also a few commercial MP3s available for download. I don’t think the licensing is in order for this, but I didn’t check into it too closely. She provides a discussion forum that looks fairly active, and to which she responds regularly. Blondeteez has also chosen to share some short stories, presumably of her own creation, with her members. They are really just vignettes of climactic sexual moments – written with a great deal of passion, and an utter disregard for standard rules of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The real feature on this site is the opportunity to book private cam sessions with the model. If she is your “type,” I expect you will not be disappointed. She is enthusiastic and seems to truly enjoy her work, and gives customers many different ways to contact her – email, IM, even SMS through her cell phone. If you want to buy time on the web with Blondeteez, her site is the gateway to do that. If you just want photos, words, and stories, there are better sites. -Sara
Cost: Variable $2 - $3 per minute of access  Date Reviewed:  06/19/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

ADULT AUCTIONS Official website!
This site is set up to look like a very famous internet auction site. In reality, all of the auction items are simply items for sale with fixed prices from the distributor. The prices are fairly standard, with often a greater than 50% additional charge for shipping and handling. No bargains there! From the way it is set up, it is clear that they WANT to be a real auction site, but aren’t getting the traffic needed to support it. It is set up with the usual buyer feedback areas, some chat communities (the latter are all empty at the moment), etc. I find it odd that all of the feedback is so uniformly positive, as well as so uniformly anonymous, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions there. I have more concerns about the transaction mechanics. To test the system I tried to order a product, and found that it simply took my information, and forwarded it to the seller, rather than hooking me into a secure ordering page. The positive side was that the site never asked for my credit card information, but it did say it was going to access my “account.” When I signed up, the system provided me with a $10.00 credit, but I am not certain how that will cover a greater purchase. I was NOT impressed with the security on the web site. Caveat Emptor. -Sara
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/19/2005  Advertising Content:  100%

quality original words webzines Tara Tainton, erotica writer
It is not often that I am caught off guard by the disclaimer section of a web page. My first introduction to Tara was on the splash screen, and it did just that! The agreements are phrased in the positive, not the negative, and set the tone for what is to follow. This e-zine is divided into (admittedly annoyingly alliteratively addressed) sections, including a blog of Tara’s current thoughts and activities, advice to writers and readers, and many, many links to other web sites to purchase related materials. It is advertising heavy in that sense, but somehow it all seems to work together. There are a few photos, a little bit of her writing, and a lot of Tara’s opinions about life, freedom, and expression. The whole is liberally sprinkled with quotations from Anais Nin, Susie Bright, and other masters in the field of erotica. This reads like a magazine, a sampler of what is available. It is well written and well put together all around, and very enjoyable.

Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/19/2005  Advertising Content:  High, but see above.

quality words webzines Secure Ordering SexHerald
This is a slick e-zine! It is true that some of the articles are bland, heterofocused, or do not contain substantially new information. However, most are informative, interesting, and diverse. It is not perfect, but the format is clear, the layout intuitive, and the content extensive! I especially liked the purity tests and the aphrodisiac soup recipes. The advice column is rather insipid, but that is balanced by the well written and insightful reviews of books, movies, and products. One thing I did notice was that even when giving a rating like 2 stars (out of 5), the reviews emphasize the positive aspects of the product, toning down the negatives. Most products have a link to a web site for purchase, but it seems to simply be a referral rather than an integral part of the Sex Herald. They do have a small product area of their own - mostly T-shirts and the like. The direct-order items are secure. There is far more to read here than one could devour in a single sitting, and I highly recommend it as a source of information and entertainment. -Sara
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/18/2005  Advertising Content:  Moderate, but well integrated

original products books magazines Secure Ordering How to Make Adult Videos with Women
Ray West offers a TON of good information in a difficult to read and occasionally repetitive format. Many of his ideas boil down to basic common sense plus a short college-level course in marketing. That said, $79.00 is a low price for a course in business if you have not been exposed to this information before! Some of his claims seem a bit unbelievable, such as strippers giving him their home phone numbers in exchange for his card saying he is making a film. I don’t know many who are that trusting, really. His ideas are sound and the foundation of his business plan is a decent one. This is almost undone by his absolutely appalling grammar and spelling. He appears entirely unable to differentiate between “your” and “you’re,” for example. An editor would have been a boon to this publication. Really, the true value of this product is his marketing advice. It is equally sound for selling adult movies or ceramic flower pots, but it is solid advice. He is realistic with his expectations, and asks that you be both professional and patient. In addition, he gives some practical information about model releases. There is little information about actually filming an adult movie, and the camera advice runs towards “rent something cheap.” The most valuable aspect of this publication is the contact information. Assuming that it is up to date and accurate, the lists of contacts alone are well worth the price of the text. There are lists of distributors, duplicating services, vendors, and more. It is truly an exhaustive list! Is it worth the money over all? That is up to you to decide. If you are looking to make and market adult films, it might be. I don't understand why there are shipping and handling charges on what is, essentially, an e-book, but be aware that the charge is there.
Cost: $79.00 + $4.00 s&h   Date Reviewed:  06/18/2005  Advertising Content:  none, this IS an advertisement

quality products bdsm gear Secure Ordering Slave to Lust
This is an adult toy store, with plugs and nipple clips and massage oil and suchlike, and they also offer craftsman-made gear, ranging from jewelry to leather toys to dungeon furniture. Ordering is via secure shopping cart and payment is via PayPal. Shipment and returns details are listed. Shipment costs are estimated via an option in the shopping cart. I would suggest that for anything beyond the simplest items you contact them on their Q&A form or via email to discuss, as returns on custom or large items can be difficult and/or expensive, and individual negotiation is really recommended. Also, I didn't find where they are located, and they listed no phone numbers, fax numbers, or storefront locations - your only contact given is via email. It appears to be an OK site, but I'd feel less uneasy if more extensive contact information was available. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/18/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality fetish TV and TS Wild Shemale
Members here have access to numerous links to galleries of both still images and video clips, all of chicks with dicks. Some of the work is stripping to nude, some is masturbation and some is flat out hardcore, sucking and fucking, gang bangs et al, and all including transgender folks with both breasts and dicks, generally either with other transgender folks or with men. They also have a column of news extracted from mainstream media about on-topic concerns. None of the erotic content is new or original, and much of it comes from other nations, but there's a lot of it and most is fairly good quality. - Peter
Cost: $24.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/18/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words webzines Secure Ordering The Fetish Tribune
Newly revamped and improved, the Fetish Tribune is a combination of webzine with articles on a variety of topics of interest ranging from interviews with profession mistresses to discussion or links to discussion about the porn industry to the history of corsets, and on. In addition to the archived copies of their zines they also have pay per view galleries, primarily women in fetishwear, although they plan to cover a large gamut of fetishes. There are a lot of samples of the images [which do not enlarge] and then behind the PPV gates are a larger number of images which open nicely large in a separate window. They have a Yahoo group where updates to both editorial content as well as galleries will be announced. Nice early effort, and I'm certain they will continue to grow over time. - Peter
Cost: Free [plus PPV galleries]  Date Reviewed:  06/18/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

original pics black Secure Ordering BBW Busty Fantasy
You'll find an assortment of ameteur pics of Busty Belle showing off her ample breasts and ass in a variety of lingerie and dress up wear. From the beach to the baseball field Busty Belle gives her audience lots to look at. Miss Belle promises to update her site weekly and will respond personally to all e-mail received. Aside from the photos there are some video clips, with obviously a lot more available for your viewing pleasure, if you suscribe to BBW Busty Fantasy. Good links to other BBW related sites.
Cost: $19.95 monthly  Date Reviewed:  06/17/2005  Advertising Content:  low

original words erotica worderotic.com
Worderotic.com showcases compilations of original writings of long and short fiction and verse by author Miriam M Wynn. The subject matter varies from romance, lesbian, hardcore to many other facets of erotica. I particularly enjoyed one of her short stories titled "A girl in Paris." Of course being the francophile that I am I became fully engaged in the relationship between a young, french street prostitute and her wandering, morally confused, well bred solicitor. Wynn's writing progresses from developing the characters and plot into plenty of sexy, titilating action. Despite the well written works I found myself wanting more, perhaps some pics or links to other like minded sites. - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  06/17/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words adult journals Pussy Talk
DTG - 'Dirty Talkin Girl' - has been keeping this journal for about a year and a half now, and it's a good fun read. She is a straight monogamous married woman in her 50's who writes about sex just because it's fun. Because it's fun, to get herself off, and if you get off on what she writes it's a bonus. She has a nice back-n-forth with the folks who read and post comments in her journal [I was surprised to find a few of my friends have been posting in her journal]. Often when she discusses a topic she will post links to source material about it, and some of the posts are educational more than erotic. There is plenty of erotic as well, never fear. The whole effort is nicely done. - Peter
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Nil

quality original bdsm SM Painfiles.com
This site is titled correctly. This is raw, bloody, downhome SM. Nothing pretty, nothing gussied up, just straight up mutually consensual SM. That ain't bad. Tits nailed to boards, soles of the feet pierced, humiliation, putting out cigarettes on the skin, dripping wax on one's own nipples, and a ton more - all for real. The content is a mix of homemade original and licensed content, and not a bit of it that I saw was faked. Visitors see plenty of the representative content to make a membership decision. Members have both still images and a collection of videos. - Peter
Cost: $24.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/15/2005  Advertising Content:  Moderate

quality original fetish TV and TS Sissymaids
Sissymaids is a treasure-trove of silky, lacy, yummy crossdressing photos, videos, and instruction on proper behaviour, dress, and makeup, all controlled by the lovely Mrs. Silk. This site is out of the UK and membership seems pricey, although I could not figure out the exact cost in US funds. Once you become a member, aside from all the perks of access to tons of orginal pics and video, you can sign up to receive a monthly personal e-mail from Mrs. Silk directing you to a location on the site for your own "personal monthly milking riutal." Nice touch. I was also interested to see that if you prescribe to the crossdressing/bdsm lifestyle there is possible opportunity for employment as a maid in Mrs. Silk's UK residence. Despite zero financial compensation I imagine for the right person this position could be a very fulfilling experience. There is much to learn from Mrs. Silk. - Odette
Cost: Monthly rate 25.00 UK funds  Date Reviewed:  06/15/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality services phonesex Forbidden Flirts
This is actually a group on Niteflirt. There are about 17 different ladies that belong to it, each one offering a pretty different phone sex experience. They are tied together (it appears) due to their "no taboos" attitude. Some are dominant, while others are very submissive. Some are just horny, while others are into crossdressing. Each woman has a short bio that lets you know her main interest. Prices and schedules are listed, and there is a button which shows which women are available when you visit. Niteflirt members leave reviews of ladies, so you can see how others have felt about their experiences. Be sure to visit the main Niteflirt page and read the FAQ for indepth info on using the service. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals conjectures of a guilty bystander
Okay, this blog is just funny! Yes, it is another journal from the close knit BDSM community over at blogspot...this time a couple in a D/s marriage. The thing that sets it apart? It cracked me up repeatedly, because the folks involved have a tendency to make fun of themselves and take shots at their own submission or dominance. An example? "[H]ardy and I were in the shower this evening and he commented that my big, poofy, pink shower cap (a la laverne and shirley) was definitely not a turn on. he's christened it the "a.b.j.b" - the anti-blow-job-bonnet. Cost of a shower cap - $1.99 Getting out of a shower blowjob - priceless" See what I mean? Don't make that face! If you are a submissive, I KNOW you can identify with what Erica wrote. I've been there, and I know! She and Hardy are always that honest and creative in presenting their daily life, which is often hotter than hell. Honest, refreshing, and funny! - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Once Bitten
I've said it before, and I'll say it again...few things move me (or interest me) like an authentic blog written from the heart. Here is yet another journal from the BDSM blogspot community, and this one is by a 24/7 M/s (Master/slave) couple with children. They have a particular love of hemp rope that shines through their writing, and they've been together long enough that their romance is well grounded in real life. Here is an excerpt from the blog that proves this perfectly, "Not hot: the hemp rope breast harness crossing the line from 'erotic' to 'itchy' while I was away getting a fussy small child settled back down to bed. Darned kids!" A lot of the discussion here is about the honesty it takes to have this sort of relationship, and that is something that I really adore about it. Kaylem and Gabriel Montana take you on a sweet, funny, sexy, and honest tour of their home life and their inner struggles and joys. Great stuff! - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/14/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo Secure Ordering Shadows of Eden
What a lovely lady! Eden is the artist, the model, the producer, and this site is a very nice effort. Her only tool is a webcam, but she has made both still images and video into works of art beyond the scope of her equipment. The site is free, however she will send additional content to those who make a donation via PayPal. She is well worthy of encouraging! - Peter
Cost: Free [see above re donations]  Date Reviewed:  06/13/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Figleaf's Real Adult Sex
I think I have spent a good couple of hours perusing this site. If you are searching for a quick sexual arousal fix, look elsewhere. This site is chockful of many complex, varied, and interesting commentaries on sexuality, relationships, philosophy and so on and so forth. And despite all the amazing stuff I read, what do I remember most? A very complete and amusing journal entry on how to make a mold of an erect penis. It's quite a process! I also loved the post from Alyssa De Jour on penis size. Figleaf does a phenomenal job of finding, reviewing and giving his perspective on really excellent material. Of course he also provides links to other great personal sites and blogs. There are a few photos of the author in a kilt- which I might add are not too shabby! - Odette
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/13/2005  Advertising Content:  low

Passionate Panties
This online store is pretty new, so they don't have a very large selection of products yet. You'll basically find rabbit vibes, lubes, lotions, clit toys, a few pieces of lingerie, and a few regular vibes. The descriptions of the merchandise are pretty short, and many of the toys don't have any dimensions listed. The pics of the merchandise are pretty pixilated. I couldn't figure out how to purchase a few of the pieces of merchandise that didn't have a button. The FAQ is fairly abbreviated, and I didn't see a privacy policy. Contact info is in the form of telephone, email, and online form. I'd suggest contacting them before ordering, since the site is pretty bare. Remember that all prices are listed in British Pound. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/13/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals Unwrapping The Layers
One of the great things about working at Jane's Guide is that you can become familiar with entire online communities, and you can shine a spotlight on them and help them to grow. I recently have looked at a couple of journals over at blogspot.com written by D/s couples or submissive females, and most of them know each other online. Each time I discover a new member of that online group has asked for a review, I'm overjoyed to get an even better idea of how these friends interact and goad each other on to write even more intimate and amazing materials. "Unwrapping The Layers" is the latest discovery! "J" and "Himself" are a married couple that have both come out to each other about their interest in D/s, spanking, and such. You'll find beautiful and honest entries about their experiences and feelings here. I especially recommend reading about their latest experiment with "figging". Intelligent, thoughtful, funny, and HOT! - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/13/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original info bdsm resources Den Of Perversion
This is a not unreasonable web site for people exploring an interest in BDSM. I have some issues with the authors’ insistence that their rules and definitions are the only acceptable ones, but overall they give fairly standard guidelines and advice. The forum is a good place for folks to swap information and discuss their feelings. That might be the most valuable section for a new person within the scene! The erotic fiction section is more predictable than hot, though the blog section has some hot moments! Be aware that the links to “free” videos will take you to other web sites, with differing definitions of the word “free,” often that include spending money. There is also a link to a small chat room – there were only two other people in there when I tried it, but they were quite happy to chat with me! It was only mildly off-putting that the first comment addressed to me was “how big are your tits?” I mean the first. Before “hello.” Leaving the chat room, there is a fairly extensive links section, including free online postcards, links to online stores, and links to other information sites. I can’t say anything really bad about this site – there is some original content, and the information, while aimed at a very specific segment of the community, is stuff that people making a transition from online to real life BDSM experiences would do well to read. - Sara
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/12/2005  Advertising Content:  Low and well segregated

quality original words erotica sarapick Ruthie's Club
This site is a literary porn fancier’s wet dream. The free section is a tiny sample of what they have; one sample story and a couple of free extras. What do they have to offer members? New stories - at least five of them – every week, in addition to bonus stories, illustrations, jokes, and assorted other treats. This week’s Club Cocktail was accompanied by a short-short piece about sex at amusement parks. How can you not love that? No advertising at all, and a well maintained web site that is easy to navigate and very clearly laid out – what more could you ask? The fiction is all well written, high quality, with a focus on plot over “stroke” materiel. Their submission guidelines are clear, and they are happy to accept work from new authors. There are galleries of past illustrations, a forum and discussion page, and more fiction in the archives. I cannot heap enough glowing praise on this web site. You really have to join to appreciate it. If you like the written word, if you appreciate the nuances of well written erotica versus simply hot porn, you will quickly make this site your favorite, too. - Sara
Cost: $17.95 Mo/Nonrecurring  Date Reviewed:  06/12/2005  Advertising Content:  None

quality original pics amateur solo Naughty Nerd
he free area of this reads like a blog. Deija is an adorable young woman who looks great posing nude behind her guitar, or in a tiny T-shirt with a great big dildo, or even in skimpy panties and a big smile. Her message board is very real, and gives you a good look at the kind of folks she seems to attract. You are free to view the Web Cam schedule, and see teaser photos from her videos. This is a girl who is clearly enjoying what she is doing! Once you sign on to the pay portion of the site you see that the message area on the first page hasn’t been updated too recently, the most recent note from Deija is dated May 10th. This isn’t really an issue, however. The photos certainly have been! And what great photo sets they are!!! The latest updates include four galleries of up to 50 photos each. The one with the Oreo cookies is absolutely my favorite! You also get a teaser of 4 galleries “coming soon.” The main photo area consists of 72 different photo sessions, again ranging from 20 to nearly 100 photos in each set. In addition, there are a dozen short videos (most are from 3 to 5 minutes long), which manage to be both hot and amusing at the same time. Deija has brains as well as looks, and this comes across very clearly. Her games link page backs this up, with a selection of games that amuse her – many of them are my own favorites. (So, if I’m bright, and I like the games she likes, SHE must be bright, right?) This girl is adorable, and her web site is everything it sets out to be!! - Sara
Cost: $19.95/Mo. Recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/12/2005  Advertising Content:  Very Low

quality original video downloadable Parkwood Models
Parkwood consists of all original video, primarily of solo women jilling, in WMV format. Actually, at time of review, it is all solo jilling, nine different films, with hardcore boy/girl promised. Their hope is to add 2-3 new videos each month. Right now the majority are girl-next-door ladies of various ethnicities, and a few are kinda polished porn star types. Most of the films have a link to photo sets of the set. On the front page there are a lot of ads and links to stuff elsewhere, so stay on the simple road and the stuff inside is fine. - Peter
Cost: $19.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/11/2005  Advertising Content:  See comments above

Bone My Wife
Well, hell, I don't know. What would you call it when the first page of the sign-up process asks you to decide how long to sign up for without any prices explained, and then on the next page you have to read the fine print down the page to UNcheck the option for an additional membership at an ADDITIONAL $38.73 a month? And the fine print of the terms and conditions include something weird about they can buy a Visa card in your name? I'd call it enough fair warning to keep my credit cards in my pocket and stay away. - Peter
Cost: At least 29.95/mo - see above  Date Reviewed:  06/11/2005  Advertising Content:  Moderate

quality original products videos dvd odettepick Bush DVD Adult Rentals
This is a great adult DVD rental service, similar in structure to the mainstream Netflix. There are 4 plans to choose from, all with intro offers with a price break for the first month. They range from $12.95/month ($7.95 intro) to $37.95/month depending on how many movies you want to have out at a time (2, 4, 6, 8). The privacy policy is clearly stated and reasonable (they don't share info). The contact info is great, with email, address and tollfree customer service. As for the rental shop itself, there are over 15,000 titles to choose from, with pretty much every studio I've ever heard of represented. You can search for a title with the search field, or you can browse by studio, actor, director or content type. The really cool feature is the zoom capability which lets you zoom in on all the box info, front and back, to an actual readable format just like you'd be able to do if you were standing in the video store (well, depending I suppose on how fast your connection is. heh) Anyhow, really well done site, easy to browse.
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/11/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics amateur solo Motel69star Amateur Girl Next Door
Mo is a cute petite young lady with what appears to be a fairly recent but growing website. Visitors have a dozen or so representative photos and a couple of sample movie clips. Members have at time of review four galleries of still images and 16 downloadable video clips. Most of the stuff is hardcore boy/girl, and some is solo stripping or jilling. Production values on images and video is all quite amateur, but the enthusiasm and sex is hot. Membership is ProAdult Quantum, and you can check our Consumer Tips section at Jane's Guide for AVS comments. - Peter
Cost: $24.95/year  Date Reviewed:  06/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Lowish

quality original pics BBW Aunty Caroline at Home
"Aunty" Caroline is a mature UK BBW (big beautiful woman) that likes to have lots of sex with "The Uncle" and the "Nephews" (all of which are adult non-relatives in reality). She also obviously enjoys spanking, but unfortunately the only references to any of these things you'll see on the site are in text. The short stories (and her almost non-existent personal diary) will involve this kind of thing, but the pics are softcore solo poses with the occasional "cream pie" image. She has a few images in which she plays with toys as well...but since this is a new site there are only around 300 images in total anyway. If you enjoy really ample cleavage, you'll adore her soft and natural gifts. It really isn‘t as much of a spanking or age play site as you‘d be led to believe by reading the outside though. It may get there, but right now it is a solo soft core BBW site with little content. - Vamp
Cost: $19.99/month recurring at $15.00/month   Date Reviewed:  06/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics vintage pinups vamppick RetroSex.com
Do you ever wonder where folks went to see adult entertainment before the invention of the internet? Curious about erotica before mainstream porn magazines and VHS movies? Would you like to peer back into history and take a look at some of the real sexual rebels and amateurs? This is the place to find it all! There are well over 100 stag films and home movies here, some of which are shockingly hardcore when you consider the time period. There are also around 76 LARGE galleries worth of black and white photographs showing everything from cheescake poses to hardcore lesbian sex from the 1920's to the 1950's. This content alone is worth the price of entry, but the site owners throw in some material that may be of interest to retro buffs (even if it isn't necessarily erotic). You'll find old mug shot photos, hollywood shots, a few vintage pulp porn comic panels, pulp magazine covers, and book ads. The customer service info you'll find on this site simply cannot be beat. They even have international toll free numbers for customers to call to receive 24 hour a day service. Excellent site, good layout, and sexy content. I think you'll be shocked by how hardcore some of this material gets (interracial, fisting, orgies, male bisexuality, cross dressing, and BDSM). - Vamp
Cost: $19.95/month recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics fine art photography Fine Art Nude Photography
What a delight! Michael Troop's fine art photography focuses on the female nude, but does so with an obvious sense of worship and sacred respect. His images have a real sense of movement that most photographers just can't capture. These women look alive, moving, vibrant, and just about to shift position. He is also very skilled at using light and shadow to accentuate the texture and line of a body, and create a very intense feeling in the viewer. He apparently gives workshops to aspiring photographers, so if you plan on being in Germany he may be a great teacher to learn from. In addition to several galleries worth of his work (that unfortunately do NOT enlarge), you'll find helpful links to photo/model sites and other reference pages. You'll also get an introduction to 6 of his models, and a contact form that you can use to communicate with the artist. Prices and such aren't placed near the images, so you'll have to enquire with the artist personally to find out about how to buy his work. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/10/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original pics hardcore Extreme Holly
Extreme is absolutely an accurate term. Skullfucking, anal fucking with a hammer handle, oral fisting, puking and pissing - all the stuff that Dad never told you about in that talk you had way back then. Members see about 70 or more galleries of images and about the same number of downloadable video clips. She's got crazy stuff like film of her dancing at a gay club or being interviewed on the Howard Stern show. She has a journal, bloopers, Q&A with her members, and she even gets together to have sex with her members. She's got a lot of extra stuff - store, links to other sites, games, and such - but what you want to see here is the raw, absolutely not PC, sex. - Peter
Cost: $30.86/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/08/2005  Advertising Content:  Moderate

quality original words erotica Salacious Desires
Salacious Desires gives a lovely account of her personal experiences with her husband. Romance,love and the struggles involved in marriage set the tone for her erotic journaling. Although there is not much yet in the posted archives SD is off to a great start, including some poetry that piqued my interest. Links to other blogs, websites and sex toy sites opens up plenty of other good stuff. Check it out, it's worthy. - Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  06/08/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original words adult journals Bleuroses and Pixiedust
Dare I confess that this website was my first bdsm experience. Perhaps this is why I became completly engaged in the large amount of content and personal accounts of Pet's experience as slave to her Master from 2001-2004. Pet writes beautifully with many profound, very real, and empowering messages to her readers. The complicated relationship between Master and slave is compelling and intriguing, giving a deep understanding of the bdsm lifestyle. I know I will re-visit this site. I found myself clicking on links to Pet's old web page, her Yahoo profile, the Master's personal profile and thought process, as well as links to spirituality, online and real time relationships and of course the plethora of well written journal entries by Pet. -Odette
Cost: free  Date Reviewed:  06/08/2005  Advertising Content:  low

quality original services personal ads ZNights
This is a great alternative lifestyles community site for South Africa (and a few other surrounding places). You can sign up for free to take a look around, but full access to all site features requires a subscription. You can create a profile, post photo albums, create a blog, write classified ads, chat online with other folks, or search profiles for specific interests. In addition to this, you'll find there are quite a few galleries of erotic photographs and artwork that are available to subscribers. It appears that the site is very pansexual, so no matter what your gender or preference you'll find a category that suits you. A neat community calendar keeps you abreast of local events as well. Well put together, sex positive, and a neat resource! Great little educational essays as well. - Vamp
Cost: Free (see above)  Date Reviewed:  06/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original words adult journals gabby surrenders
I love blogs that are authentic and intelligent accounts of sexuality, rather than the vapid bubblegum marketing of many mainstream porn sites with fake "journals". This is obviously one of the authentic ones, written by a woman that has spent a very long time feeling distanced from her sexuality. She shows you that an intelligent feminist mommy can be a smoldering volcano of submissive lust as well. She details her life with her husband, who she has been married to for around 9 years. They seem to love lingerie, toys, and spanking quite a bit. I think that this is a really great blog for anyone wanting to read about real submission. - Vamp
Cost: Free  Date Reviewed:  06/06/2005  Advertising Content:  Low

quality original video live webcam women Kristi Parker - Hardcore Amateur Teen
Kristi is a cute & petite young brunette lady with an ambitious site here. She offers live cam shows through several of the various cam networks, and in her member's area has a ton of archived cam shot images. One of the for fee cam options is cam and phone call together. Members have access to her erotica offerings. She offers downloadable videos - a dozen or so solo and half a dozen boy/girl - suitable for either dial-up or high-speed. Her cam video archives are extremely extensive. Membership is via TicketsClub - Peter
Cost: $15.95/mo/recurring  Date Reviewed:  06/04/2005  Advertising Content:  Lowish

quality original pics porn star celeb Secure Ordering JenLynn.us
Jen is a cutie that proves that there is no limit to how far one can go. She started adulthood as a bookkeeper on the east coast about six years ago, and started a small site - we reviewed her old site then. And she has moved through being an adult movie actress, a legal prostitute in Nevada, and she continues as an erotic dancer in Vegas today. This personal site has a variety of offerings of her creative output. There are links to her adult video work, writing both fictional and anecdotal, galleries of different fetishes and fun, and downloadable wallpaper. She has a set of links for clubs she has worked in, and information about the club scene in Vegas. She is just now starting a membership feature for special friends - a lifetime membership fee and access at present for a small video collection, but expected to grow. At present the membership isn't a major part of her largely free site. Interesting and very sexy lady - I enjoyed my time here. - Peter
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This site allows the user to click on the story of choice and read through with the option to scroll down to the bottom and view photos of the story. Should you choose to enroll in a membership you can then view each story in movie form. There are 7 various subject styles available -ranging from adultery sex, to group sex, to lesbian sex stories. The lesbian sex category only had one piece available, this of course indicating not a large selection of content in the website. Other catagories had a few more to pick from. The writing is basic with some descriptive wording here and there. I enjoyed the combination of an easy read with some pretty good pics. - Odette
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