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Original & Quality
I cannot overstate the quality of Nerve. Launched in 1997 as a web-only sex magazine aimed at both men and women who appreciate "Literate Smut," Nerve is still going strong. There is a huge amount of variety in the content: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, book reviews, recaps of sex scenes in the media, humorous pieces, musings on morality, dating advice, lists of links, illustrations... Nerve has everything you never knew you wanted. The first article I read was "Tokyo Stripshow Tryout" by Phil Goldman, originally published in 2009. It was easy to tell why Nerve's editors had brought this piece back to the front page all of these years later. Phil describes his experience of having moved to Tokyo as an English teacher, running out of money, and seeing an ad in the English language newspaper looking for foreign male strippers. As an overweight, hairy, balding white guy, he knows he doesn't have a shot at the job, but he decides to try out anyway. This article had me laughing out loud. Other pieces almost made me cry. I will most definitely be returning to this website on my own time. In its own words, this site "surpasses the busy fluff [and] strikes a nerve." -LMM » More Info!

Original & Quality
Brattopia is a BDSM-themed blog that has been featured on and Written by a polyamorous switch called Bratt, this blog is an excellent glimpse inside the mind of a unique kinky girl. Bratt is a thoughtful, funny writer whose personality comes through loud and clear in every post she writes. The blog includes everything from musings on power exchange and other aspects of kink, to details of Bratt's daily life. She seems particularly fond of answering readers' questions, and of 30-day writing challenges. Right now she's at the beginning of a "30 Days of Dominance" challenge in which she answers a question about her style as a dominant every day. One of the highlights of the website is "Brattopia University," which includes well-written beginners lessons in submission, dominance, and rules within a dynamic. I also particularly enjoyed reading Bratt's erotica, under the tab labeled "Stories by Bratt." It was endearing to me how a story written from the point of view of a babygirl, "Shower Punishment," was fraught with errors and typos not found elsewhere on the site, as if it were being written by a much younger person. All in all, this website is very entertaining and well-put-together, and a good resource for people with questions about BDSM. -LMM

Original & Quality
Love Hate Sex Cake
Take a look at this site, you won't be disappointed... Cheeky Minx presents us with an absolutely lovely erotic blog containing her photos and poetry. This softcore site is elegant and beautiful, the photos are sexy and perfectly captured. Her writing is also to be noted - I'm not one for poetry, but I loved everything I read here. Beautiful, sensual words that bring you closer to each photo. With frequent updates, this is blog worth following. I will also add that Minx has a book out that you can learn about on her site, it contains a collection of her work and I'd say it's worth checking out! -Imogene

Jolynn Raymond's Dark Obsessions
Jolynn Raymond's Dark Obsessions is a multi-part website that's fun to browse, easy to use, and ad-free. The tagline is "Steamy Erotica That Will Knock Your Socks Off," and there's certainly plenty of that. The focus of the site is on the author's BDSM-themed erotic books. There are links to where you can buy her books on Amazon as well as some (yes, very steamy) previews of her work. It's pretty hot. This isn't just a promotional site for her books, though- it's also a sex blog that was listed as one of the top 100 sex blogs on The blog posts vary in topic; some are personal rants while others address questions about and issues within the BDSM community. Under the "BDSM and Domestic Disciplne" section of the site, there are explanations of different roles, the act of collaring, sub frenzy, and more. There's also the odd repost of someone else's content - like the 50 Shades/Batman mash-up currently on the front page of the site. Ha! Overall, this site is a great resource for those new to the BDSM community, an interesting read, and good source of hot and heavy BDSM-themed erotica. The author is a lesbian Mistress who has been in the community for 10+ years and knows what she's talking (and writing sexy stories) about! Definitely worth a look-see. -L.M.M.

Original & Quality
Tyra Scott
Tyra Scott is an absolutely gorgeous blonde trans woman, and an excellent actress. The (mostly shocking pink) free portion of her site gives you access to her biography, twitter feed, and blog. Her blog posts include pictures from her shoots and descriptions to go along with them. Unfortunately, you can't get a free video preview anywhere on her site. The members-only portion of her website, meanwhile, includes a plethora of videos and pictures to choose from, weekly updates, live shows, and the ability to contact Tyra directly. The videos vary widely in content, from a simple solo bubble bath and shaving video to a wild BDSM threesome with a man and another trans woman. Two things about this site really struck me: the truly great acting at the beginning of each video (a far cry from so many cheesily-acted pornos), and Tyra's voice. Her voice is just super sexy to me. Videos can be somewhat slow and glitchy while streaming, but are also downloadable in "Hi quality," "Hi quality MP4," and "mobile MP4." You can get a one-day trial for $1, a one month membership for $29.95, a three month membership for $19.95/month, or a one-year membership for $7.50/month. -L.M.M.