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Deep Sabrina
Sabrina Deep offers a very hardcore site filled with a pornucopia of extreme deep throat, double penetration, and orgy scenes. For her site launch and 29th birthday, Sept of 2007, she recorded a live webcam show where she was gang banged by 80 men in 8 hours, a web record. Bukkake is kind of a theme, but I have to say that so long as it's done with enjoyment, as it seems to be, then more power to her. Sabrina has been updating non-stop since the site launch in 2007, and was nominated for Xbiz awards two years running, 2011 and 2012. Members get access to thousands of photos and dozens of videos, and 9 guaranteed cam shows per month. I don't think members will be disappointed with what she offers, so long as the overall theme is up their alley. She also has an update blog where she talks about her porn site and future plans. - Jane

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My Hottie Wife Tracy
When you arrive at this web site, you are greeted by a smiling soccer-mom – photos of her in a parka against the family car on one side, hardcore photos of her swinging orgies on the other. Tracy and her husband Bill seem delighted that you would share this piece of their lives. They want to share so much, in fact, that one of the perks of membership is an invitation to the swing events that they host in Pennsylvania, Florida, and at a resort in Jamaica. Another bonus of membership is the ability to enter the “blow job of the month” contest. The prize? A blow job by Tracy, videotaped by Bill and displayed on the web site for the enjoyment of everyone. Without joining, you can watch short clips from their videos (all for sale, of course), or look at a number of photos of Tracy frolicking with other men and women. She certainly does seem to have a good time! On the members side there are full length videos, usually about an hour in length, broken into 5 minute long downloadable segments. There are several links to “related” sites, Tracy assures you that your password will work on them as well, I did not find that to be the case. There are banks of video clips – about 20 per month, going back to May of 2003 before you get to the dozens in the archives. The photo section is even more comprehensive, with about 50 galleries, each with up to a couple of hundred photos – ranging from G-rated shots of folks meeting in bars to close-ups of the sex that results from the encounters. If you are interested in watching the adventures of an active swinger, and want to see a lot of photos of different people in various stages of interaction, this might be a good place to start. Tracy seems to honestly enjoy what she is doing, even pulling out some 7-year-old photos of herself, pre breast augmentation, and asking if her husband is right that she used to be “too skinny.” The charm of this site is the very real interaction we get with Tracy. Her DVDs are available, but not being pushed too heavily, and there is a lot of space for member interaction – suggesting photo shoots, coming to the swing parties, and so forth. There are a dozen different payment options, both reoccurring and one-time charges, all spelled out clearly on the sign-up page. After 20 years the site appears to be going strong, which I find is often the case with real-life swinger sites. The next meet-up date is in February of 2015, which is listed in the "events" area.

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Naughty Corner
Beth is a 30something UK woman who has been testing and reviewing sextoys since 2012. Her blog is a mix of toy reviews, book reviews, advice and round-ups of reviews from similar blogs. There might be a slightly higher percentage of toys reviewed from UK shops, as you would expect from a UK based blogger, but there are reviews of sextoys from all over the world (Spain, Australia, the U.S.) and pretty much everything she reviews is available to purchase online. Beth has a focus on safe materials, everything is nicely categorized if you're looking for something in particular, in all a helpful starting point if you are new to trying out toys, or if you just want to keep up with what's new. - Jane

janepick Original & Quality
Hegre Art
Hegre Art is a site that we here at JanesGuide have reviewed highly in the past, way back when they started in 2002 - in fact, I would go so far as to say that they are in my top 5 softcore or fine-art nude websites online today. I just went to check in on the site, as I was updating reviews, and they aren't quite as softcore as they used to be. Yes, the focus is still on gorgeous models - but when I visited recently, I was dropped into the new section they are promoting, HegreMassage - it is not just massage, it's "happy ending" massage, happy endings for girls, happy endings for boys. Hitachi massages! Fisting massages! And yes, still tastefully and beautifully shot. Norwegian photographer Petter Hegre started his site more than 15 years ago, to showcase his uniquely intimate style of nude photography. His very first book pre-dates the site by a couple of years: "My Wife" is an intimate, voyeuristic photographic collection of his first wife. Since then he's remarried (2003) model wife Luba, who also features in a book, and while no longer a mainstay on Hegre-Art, does still appear in it's galleries from time to time. Visitors can browse a the vast collected work in many ways: by model, by update date, top rated, or most viewed. The preview is transparent, with each update giving you video runtime/file sizes or photo count, depending on the type of update. There isn't much in the way of free samples, but the preview is visually stunning regardless. The "travel" section is the most interesting to me, as Petter blogs about his travels, casting of models and behind the scenes peeks with a ton of photographic outtakes. One of the things I love about his site is that it lets the personalities of the models come through more than most sites do, and the travel section is part of that. Once inside, you can browse the same as on the outside: by model, update date, highest rated, most viewed. Photos are available in 3 different resolutions in zip files, and videos are offered in mv4, mov, wvm and flash formats. The site is updated daily, with 7 photo galleries and 1 movie per week typically. Members seem quite interactive in posting comments, which tend to remain respectful of the models and quality of work being portrayed. In all, excellent site well worth the subscription for it's exclusive content and gorgeous locations, and at the date I am writing this, there is a membership special, discounted to uneer $18/month. - Jane

Original & Quality
Digital Desire
We first reviewed DD Girls in 2006, and when I revisited recently I was sorry to learn that the original main photographer of the site, J. Stephen Hicks, passed away in 2013. J. Stephen Hicks work had appeared in Playboy and Penthouse during his career, as well as other less iconic venues. His resume provides a massive amount of content for the site. Now online for 13 years, the site has gone on without him updating with the same vision and eye for quality that they had before. Visitors can browse through the latest photo and video updates, and watch a handful of streaming video preview clips. Members receive full access to all of the archives and full exposure. Members may choose to also subscribe to DDGXtremem, the hardcore side of the house. Galleries are organized in a nice slide show (thumbnail) format, you can choose the size of image to download by quality, medium, high, and x-large. All the images are quality but if you want super high res they've got it. There are also options to do an automated or streamed slide show if you just want a nice backdrop.. The galleries are organized into sections including Covergirls, Dreamgirls, PornStars etc to make the content more manageable. The site has a loyal following, and we are really happy to see that it is still going strong.

Original & Quality
Grace and Beauty
Grace and Beauty used to be a subscription-based site for photographer Jay GreenMan. The paysite days are over, after having run for more than 10 years, but all is not lost! Mr. GreenMan is offering rotating free galleries for fans of his work. Photo sets are softcore, strip tease, nicely thumbnailed opening to large, high quality images. When I visited there were 10 galleries online, with the promise of new content rotated through. I'm not sure why he's so generous to keep this running, but I'm glad he is. :) » More Info!

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Teen Dreams
Ok, so the last time we looked at TeenDreams, it was Wolfe looking at it in 2007. Maybe time for an update, no? Anyhow, now 8 years later they are going as strong as ever. First impression: there was a HUGE section on the main screen, saying I could "preview just what a member sees, for FREE" - when I clicked that, I got the join screen, but there was no free trial offer, which was what it implied. They do offer a "money back guarantee" but it wasn't really specified how to get that if you join and don't like it. If you browse through the main page aside from that, you'll see a pinterest-style section of updates, which are about 5 times a week. These are by most recently added model, and when you click through you'll get a list of all photo sets of that model - keep clicking and you will get some large fully clothed sample images, along with little thumbnails of the whole set. With video updates, you get a short preview video that is also just a teaser. The preview is totally transparent, which is nice. You can see that they are updating, you can see exactly what you'll get inside by runtimes, thumbnails and so on. I love sites that take the guesswork out that way. The site now boasts over 5,600 models, more than 2,500 movie clips, and almost 8,500 photo sets, all of quite lovely (legal) teen models. I like that the models in question weren't so young looking that you felt like you needed to see their ID though, that makes it a little more comfortable. Once inside, I went first to the video section. They have it formatted so that you can view streaming in four different resolutions (mobile, medium, HD and FullHD) or you can download the mp4 file. The pages are well laid out, with a help section link if you're having video trouble, and a sidebar with model info about whomever you are viewing, and a way to add her to favorites. Videos ran about 20-30 minutes each, and while you can always fast-forward, there was no way to tell how far into it you should jump (by screen caps or anything) if you want to go straight to the action. So hey, exercise some patience and watch the foreplay! :) Videos are categorized by solo, girl/girl, hardcore and interviews, with a section titled "more girls videos" opening up a new window of bonus content where you can find videos in other niches if you'd rather, like mature, bdsm, latex, outdoor and so on. Still that's probably not why you joined a teen site, so moving on: the photos section was the same categories as videos, with the addition of an amateur category. Photo sets are available in downloadable zip files, or to browse online either by slideshow or thumbnail gallery. The photo quality is larger resolution than in the preview, which is nice. The forum might as well no longer be there, nobody has really been posting to it since 2012, with rare exception, although it looks as if it was active at one time. I'm not a huge forum user myself, so that hardly detracts from my overall impression of the site. In all, there is a staggering amount of content here, and it's easy to save favorites when you find them. The quality is good, the models are lovely, it's a great value. Be sure to read "more info" for billing details. - Jane » More Info!

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Jasmine Thorne
Jasmine Thorne creates customized erotic stories for her customers with various options and price points. You can choose from an already written story and just have it customized with your basic details, things like pet names, eye and hair color, location, etc. This will run you from £15-£25 (all pricing is listed in GBP) depending on whether you would like it in e-book format or printed paperback. If you want, you can go all out instead, and have a story written specifically for you, with a fantasy scenario you give her to work with. The price jumps significantly, but then it is a story written to your specification. This bespoke erotica starts at £400-£415 (depending on ebook or paper book format) for a 6,000 word story, and goes all the way to an option that includes a photoshoot so photos/artwork of you will be included in the 10,000 word story created for you. Photoshoots take place at a studio in Gloucester, UK, so obviously this option isn't for everyone. At any rate, while I've seen custom erotica offered before, the choices here seem to be wonderful if you'd like a truly personal gift for yourself or a partner. Payment is via paypal, once payment is completed you fill out a detailed questionnaire on which to base your story. Obviously, I have no way of knowing what the finished product is like, but I love the idea.

vamppick Original & Quality
Delta of Venus
AlwaysArousedGirl reviewed this site back in 2008 and said: ", described by the site owner as 'part historical archive, and part enlightened porn website,' is chock-full of a century's worth of images, films and stories, digitally restored whenever possible... [The movies] are absolutely charming, both in terms of action, setting and background music....[P]rices are more than reasonable for the enormous amount of truly unique content here." The site is still charming, sexy, and a great value! There are currently over 400 streaming and downloadable mp4 movies (most of which are under 10 minutes long). The earliest go back as far as 1915, and the latest were shot in 1975. The smallest category represented is erotic cartoons, but there are still 9 animated shorts that are extremely interesting. I love how each film has the date and country of origin, as well as a brief synopsis. The photo archive covers from 1850-1979, and there are currently 1,970 images available in the new section. You can also see a few more images if you look at the bits of the photo archive that have not been brought over to the new design yet. The literature area offers 8 full length erotic novels, 4 fiction excerpts, and a few poems. All of these are in pdf format, and can be downloaded or read in your browser. The art section has almost a dozen small galleries of erotic art from the 1800s thru the early 1900s. The site owner has also written around 7 original articles on early pornography. One of the incredibly unique sections of the website is an archive of old sound files. There are around 18 mp3s, most of which come from 1960-70's sexual education records and 8 tracks. I don't know whether I'd call those sexy, but they were highly amusing (especially a couple of the files that featured, "[A] supremely disinterested and possibly drunk Brooklyn narrator." Other odds and ends can be found on the site, like a suggested reading list and word origin information on many erotic words. I thoroughly enjoyed this place, and was sometimes shocked by how absolutely depraved early erotica could be (and I mean that in the best of ways). If you enjoy fetish content, you'll see a small but beautiful collection of cat fighting, bondage, and spanking here. Excellent resource for retro erotica! Highly recommended! - Vamp

Original & Quality
Teen Sex Movs
There is a ton of content here, and it is all original. The teen girls are all about 18-20 years of age or so, with mostly boy/girl shoots and the site is updated daily. It is well organized, offering searches by model's name or by most popular, or by most recent update. I counted hundreds of photo sets now, with literally hundreds of thousands of photos, and over 800 different models. Videos now number over 3,000. None of the models has silicone or looks obviously like a porn star. Most of the content is M/F, with some M/F/M and some M/F/F. It is all hardcore, with some anal. You can preview photos or vid clips, and you can download zipped photo sets, vid clips, and downloading entire movies offers three different quality/rates. In my experience downloading high quality can be worth it, but just downloading a couple movies at the same time that way ties up my broadband. Downloading low or medium quality gets you nearly the same viewing pleasure and a bit faster. Members here also get free linkage to several other sites with similar content in different tastes [i.e., old'n'young, soloteengirls, gag'n'gape, etc]. That adds to the amount of bang for the buck in deciding to purchase membership. Newer video additions are in HD.

01-27-2015 Update: This site doesn't update. Join if you want what is there, which is sparse, but as described below. Otherwise, not recommended. Ok, so I have mixed feelings on this site in more than one area. First, as you all probably know from reading this site, misogynistic bullshit language is not exactly our favorite quality in a site, much less racist misogynistic bullshit. The site owner Shimmy has a "sense of humor" that is all about that. However, in reading more of his writing on his tips and about pages, it seems that his sense of humor applies to himself as well, so what I'm left with is it's all for show, or he respects nobody including himself, or he has just a really fucked up sense of humor. So getting over that, on to the premise: Shimmy moved to the Dominican Republic and he spends a good deal of his time paying local working girls to make porn with him. The amateur vibe seems completely realistic, and many of the models are downright adorable. I get the feeling he must be fairly charming, as everyone also seems to be having a good time, for real. So that's nice. Now on to another mixed feeling part: with the way the site is designed, it's really difficult to tell how much content is here. There aren't the typical archives of videos and photos, rather a blog-style update page with everything lumped together into individual entries. And there is no search function that I saw, so if you want to see more of a certain model, well... poke around, and maybe you'll find more, maybe not. It kinda felt to me like the site was in the midst of a major restructuring, but who knows. The videos are not downloadable, they are in-browser streaming only. The photo galleries are thumbnailed, usually 3-4 dozen pics a set, opening to nice quality images. Updates also seem to be somewhat sporadic: for example, I found nothing that appeared to be added in all of March, but February had several updates. With the only membership option being recurring billing, I guess if the content really appeals (which it might) then go for it, but remember to cancel if the updates aren't there.

Original & Quality
Twistys has been around almost as long as we have, or for all I know maybe longer - we first reviewed them back in 2007 and they were already huge. After all this time they are still going strong with daily updates. What does that mean to you? Well, obviously that means a hell of an archive. The content is definitely hardcore, but also very glamour/model content. Airbrushed and made-up perfection is what you get here, although there does seem to be a focus on natural breasts. In the preview, you can browse through what'll be inside by model, or check out what is top-rated, or recent updates. Unlike a lot of sites that have a hard time getting users to rate content, you'll find user ratings given by hundreds, if not thousands of members. Each model will list the number of photo and video sets she's in. Click a model and you'll get basic stats (height, hair color, country of origin) as well as what her top-rated photos and videos are courtesy other users. Oh, and this is kind of cool: "other aliases" or names she's modeled under, which is nice if you REALLY have a fan favorite. There are tons of free video clips to browse, although they are definitely teasers. Once inside, you'll find that photo galleries are offered in zip downloads, or browseable thumb galleries. Videos are offered in wmv, mov and mv4 formats with no download limit. There are literally thousands of videos, most running about 10-12 minutes. Videos are girl/girl, solo girl and girl/guy. They support mobile formats as well. In all, a huge amount of content, definitely high quality video/photo but not a personality driven site. When you join, you get access to their other network sites, although this one is by far the largest. I don't recommend the $1 trial for two reasons: first, it gives you limited content during the trial, and second, it rebills at $39.95, so ten bucks more than the regular monthly recurring. - Jane » More Info!