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Original & Quality
Deep Sabrina
Sabrina Deep offers a very hardcore site filled with a pornucopia of extreme deep throat, double penetration, and orgy scenes. For her site launch and 29th birthday, Sept of 2007, she recorded a live webcam show where she was gang banged by 80 men in 8 hours, a web record. Bukkake is kind of a theme, but I have to say that so long as it's done with enjoyment, as it seems to be, then more power to her. Sabrina has been updating non-stop since the site launch in 2007, and was nominated for Xbiz awards two years running, 2011 and 2012. Members get access to thousands of photos and dozens of videos, and 9 guaranteed cam shows per month. I don't think members will be disappointed with what she offers, so long as the overall theme is up their alley. She also has an update blog where she talks about her porn site and future plans. - Jane

Original & Quality
My Hottie Wife Tracy
When you arrive at this web site, you are greeted by a smiling soccer-mom – photos of her in a parka against the family car on one side, hardcore photos of her swinging orgies on the other. Tracy and her husband Bill seem delighted that you would share this piece of their lives. They want to share so much, in fact, that one of the perks of membership is an invitation to the swing events that they host in Pennsylvania, Florida, and at a resort in Jamaica. Another bonus of membership is the ability to enter the “blow job of the month” contest. The prize? A blow job by Tracy, videotaped by Bill and displayed on the web site for the enjoyment of everyone. Without joining, you can watch short clips from their videos (all for sale, of course), or look at a number of photos of Tracy frolicking with other men and women. She certainly does seem to have a good time! On the members side there are full length videos, usually about an hour in length, broken into 5 minute long downloadable segments. There are several links to “related” sites, Tracy assures you that your password will work on them as well, I did not find that to be the case. There are banks of video clips – about 20 per month, going back to May of 2003 before you get to the dozens in the archives. The photo section is even more comprehensive, with about 50 galleries, each with up to a couple of hundred photos – ranging from G-rated shots of folks meeting in bars to close-ups of the sex that results from the encounters. If you are interested in watching the adventures of an active swinger, and want to see a lot of photos of different people in various stages of interaction, this might be a good place to start. Tracy seems to honestly enjoy what she is doing, even pulling out some 7-year-old photos of herself, pre breast augmentation, and asking if her husband is right that she used to be “too skinny.” The charm of this site is the very real interaction we get with Tracy. Her DVDs are available, but not being pushed too heavily, and there is a lot of space for member interaction – suggesting photo shoots, coming to the swing parties, and so forth. There are a dozen different payment options, both reoccurring and one-time charges, all spelled out clearly on the sign-up page. After 20 years the site appears to be going strong, which I find is often the case with real-life swinger sites. The next meet-up date is in February of 2015, which is listed in the "events" area.