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janepick Original & Quality
Zishy got me right out of the gate, after 17 years of reviewing online porn. How? By not overwhelming with a barrage of the nastiest talk and most hardcore pictures they could find. Zishy is, in their own words, "Edgy, non-nude photos of beautiful young women." Based out of L.A., Zishy's photographer is Zach Venice - he is also the site coder/designer. Upon entering, you'll find a pinterest-style layout of large thumbnails of photo shoots. Click one and you'll get several large sample images from the shoot, along with a description and photo count. That is some really generous preview content, as there are dozens of shoots on the preview. The ways they avoid full nudity run the gamut from cliche (hands covering the swimsuit bits) to silly (a photo stuck to a mirror) to creative (the tiniest bit of strands of hair very carefully place over a nipple.) People write me all the time asking for sites that are tasteful, yet still provocative, and I think Zishy is exactly what they have in mind. Preview is transparent, with all galleries listed with photo counts and samples. You can view by most recent, or by model. Super cute and fun feeling, and a great deal on cost. Inside, you'll find that each set can also be downloaded as a zip file for the collectors, and each gallery links to other shoots with that model, for easy browsing. Well-done, with updates 3-4 times per week. - Jane

janepick Original & Quality
I Feel Myself
It's more than past time for an updated review of this site, which we first reviewed in 2006. Back then, Vamp and I absolutely loved it and I'm happy to say it's only gotten better. The premise is female masturbation and orgasm filmed tastefully and artistically. Now some people hear the words "tasteful" or "artistic" and immediately think it's art that isn't hot or explicit. That would be a false assumption here. They are putting out some of the most arousing content I've seen in my years of doing this. The emotion and energy is captured so perfectly, you can't help but get into what is going on. You'll never find a bored looking pornstar here, or have to suspend disbelief. You'll not want to fast forward to "the good parts", because it's all good. You can view freely several lower res versions of videos, and the high res is not only stunning, but actually works with AppleTV if you have it. (Elliott, when taking a look for this review, downloaded it to Apple and watched it on our big screen television.) Definitely check out a couple of low-res sample videos to make sure you have the right software. Each woman has an individual profile, and right now there are over 1,500 videos AND daily updates. They also offer videos called "lucubration" which are insightful interview or conversation pieces with the women talking candidly about sex, orgasms, past experiences and so on. The forums are quite active here as well, with viewer feedback. Unlike some sites we've seen, the well-moderated forums are not filled with idiotic fratboy comments, this site has brains and respect to go with it's heat. We did notice that several viewers were wishing there were some older women in scenes as well, but overall this is one of the absolute best sites we've seen, and we've seen plenty. - Jane » More Info!

janepick Original & Quality
Chloe Morgane is the adult performer who used to go by the name Camille Crimson, and launched the award-winning ArtofBlowjob website. She split off from AoB sometime in 2014 and launched this site. If you're familiar with her last site, you'll know what kind of content to expect. Chloe is a gorgeous redhead that delights in all kinds of sexual activity. The new site is not as blowjob-centric as the old, instead you'll find masturbation, toys, still oral of course, outdoor scenes, anal, creampies, a bit of role-play and more. In all, Chloe's gorgeous smile shines through. Browse the free section and you'll get huge sample images, one for each update - also in the blog there are many images, although she doesn't blog about each one. There are well over 100 updates now, even with the site being fairly new. The updates page doesn't give photo counts but it does include runtimes on the videos inside, most of which are 5-10 minutes long. Once inside, I realized why photos weren't really pushed - while there is a photo section, it's all very softcore (yet beautiful) pictures, only a few updates, so the site really isn't about that. Instead it's videos, which you can stream, or download in mp4 or wmv formats. Everything is categorized well so if you are into a certain something (spanking, butt plugs, etc) you can easily find the scenes that include it. Really glad to see her site back, in any name, and hope it continues for a good long time. - Jane » More Info!

janepick Original & Quality
Uncommon Appetites
Vamp first reviewed Violet+Rye back in 2012, when their blog was sort of new. They are an awesome couple doing what hardly anyone does anymore, doing a legit, sincere exhibitionist site. The updates are less frequent than they had been, but there are still a few updates a month usually. There are fewer words and more photos, and a really nice post about their recent life change moving out of NYC and starting a business. This is what's led to less posting. They do videos that they put up on, and they post stills from those videos on this site. I totally love what they do, and I hope they keep doing it whether it's less frequently or not. Awesome site. - Jane

Original & Quality
Danielle FTV
This site was nominated for an AVN award in 2012 for "Best Solo Girl Website." Now, in 2015, updates are still plentiful, coming every few days. Danielle is a beautiful blonde charmer, with an hourglass figure and real enthusiasm for sex. From reading the forums and vlog, I think she's roomies with Princess Donna (of fame) now, and it looks as though she's doing webcam shows via Kinklive as well as her own site. The content here is surprisingly diverse, and follows the FTV (First time video) model of high quality mild to wild porn. There are around 223 professional photo sets (each with around 50-75 images) that show everything from nude modeling to masturbation and hardcore threesomes. All of the sets can be downloaded as zip files, which is pretty nifty. You can also view a lot of Danielle's candid and self-shot photos, which I think showcase her personality rather wonderfully. When I visited there were around 29 candid sets (each with 50-80 photos). These can be images of her visiting a local nightclub, posing naked in her bathroom, or trying out fantasy makeup. You never really know what you are going to get, and that is marvelous. There is a huge freebie section of contributed images as well, so be sure to click on that nice little bonus even if you are a non-paying visitor! The video section is divided between her professional HD wmv file downloadable movies (shot in FTV style), and her self-shot stuff with a little less polish on the finish. There are around 148 of the pro-vids, and they show everything from hardcore anal sex to public nudity. There are also some fetish/BDSM themed vids. The 31 self-shot movies are still HD, but are homemade. They have a similar range of content, and tend to get even a bit more wild than her pro stuff. She puts on an honest-to-goodness old fashioned webcam show for members a few times a month, and has an archive of over 50 shows (most of which are about an hour long). These can include a bunch of chatting, masturbation, or talking about life events. If you want to get to know her a bit, I highly recommend checking out her free video blog on the site. There is an entire archive of her answering forum member questions on camera, and often while wearing some darn cute glasses. I was happy to see that the forum was active and interesting here, and that Danielle often interacts with members. So, what is the only downside? During sign up the site has a box pre-checked that will also sign you up for FTV at $7.95/7 days recurring @ $29.95. I don't consider this sneaky, as there is a colorful banner calling attention to the fact on the sign up page. Still, I really wish that wasn't pre-checked. Other than that, the site is outstanding! Sexy, fun, playful, and very personal! - Vamp

Katya is a natural Russian beauty with gorgeous blonde hair, pale nipples, and full pink inner labia. Her site features around 75 large photo sets showcasing her lovely nude body in a variety of settings (mostly outdoors). She wears minimal makeup and simple (but romantic) clothing or lingerie, which gives the whole website a real feeling of luscious reality. Each of the photo sets are available as low, medium, and high quality zip files for download. The real treat here, however, are the movies! There are only around 13 at this time, but they are extremely high quality wide screen delights (available in wmv, mov, and DivX format). The movies are all nude/posing shorts in which she plays with her soft body and teases the camera. Members can pay by credit card, check, EU debit, or bill a US phone number. There is a free movie offered to visitors. My only caveats? The download speed for the movies was rather slow, but that may have been my connection. There is also a video with sound that starts automatically on the home page, and contact info for the actual webmaster seems limited to email. Updating the review to note that no new content has been posted in forever, and in the time warp, Katya is still 20 years old after 5 years! So.. there is still content here, but if you join don't expect updates.

Original & Quality
Originally reviewed in 2011, after a return visit I found that the site just underwent a huge revamp that included putting all of the videos into MP4 format. Updates are still around weekly, after all of this time. Maya is a very sensual brunette that loves giving slow and skillful handjobs. The site has 386 original downloadable avi movies, all of which are on topic. I think that folks that enjoy CFNM (clothed female, naked male) or milking content will really love her! I know that I was impressed, especially when her partner had multiple orgasms in a row. She also offers 66 large picture sets of nude images, genital close ups, masturbation, footjobs, and hardcore content. You can view the pics online, or quickly download them as a zip file. An update schedule is posted, and she has an active forum in which she interacts with members. My only complaint? The member forum had a pretty annoying pop up that it would throw every once in awhile. Aside from that, this is a really cool independent porn site that really pays attention to the handjob niche. - Vamp

janepick Original & Quality
Housewife Kelly
Wolfe first reviewed this site positively back in early 2008. I was going through listings to check for old sites, and was sooo happy to see that this one is still going strong 7 years later! I can see why, Kelly is an adorable honey-blonde swinger, and the site has 2 or more updates each month with her exploits, whether it's girl/girl, group, or POV shot by her webmaster husband Shawn. The preview/update page gives you a good idea of the update schedule, with videos offered in two file sizes depending on your connection. Kelly also does webcam on the Camz network, and has a blog that is updated frequently, usually more with photos than with much writing. Always love to see amateur sites doing well. - Jane

janepick Original & Quality
Homegrown Video
An absolute classic! Homegrown video is a giant in the amateur genre, and has put out really sexy and genuine material since 1982. Members gain access to daily updates and an archive of around 3,154 movies (wmv, flash, mp4) and 945 hardcore photo galleries. They also get access to over 2,000 of their classic movies stretching back to the start of the company. The content is well organized and intuitive to surf, so you can quickly navigate to something pretty specific like classic movies featuring red heads involved in group sex. I like being able to do that without having to read instructions or futz around. You'll find a variety of body types and ethnicities here, but most of the content falls into the category of fairly young and fit white amateurs masturbating or having oral/vaginal sex. There is a nice selection of niche content though, and it is definitely growing. One of my favorite things about the site is that it separates the amateur videos from the professional amateurs, which I know can be really important to fans of the genre. You can also easily find videos of folks like Magan Malone and Stafanie Swift before they became porn stars, or even get to see vids of Homegrown Video office workers having sex. I loved that! The site is also just starting to implement the new Homegrown Social Network, which works quite a bit like mainstream social networks (including video and picture sharing) while having a much more plain and easy to read privacy statement. I expect that network to turn into a rather big deal once it starts rolling. So, what is less exciting about this site? The "Erotic Stories" section really isn't one. It is a collection of weekly columns written by Seska in the past, and this is just an archive. It is still fun to read, and it isn't advertised as a member perk in the tour. The "Cams" section is also a let down, as I thought that it might include free webcams. Nope, it is just a framed visit to cams that you can visit without a membership. The women there will need to be paid for private shows. Still, once again, cams weren't advertised as a member perk. So, I'm just seeing them as advertising in the member area. All in all, this site is an absolutely amazing feast for the libido. If you enjoy amateur content, you have to try out this place at least once. It is practically a rite of passage for those that love amateurs! If you have ever thought of releasing amateur material, this is also a legitimate business that is always looking for talent. Extremely hot, sincere, and intimate sex! - Vamp » More Info!

Yet another updated review: was first reviewed in 2007, by Wolfe, and again by Vamp in 2012, but things have changed significantly since then. What was once a site full of personality that had a true indie vibe has now changed. It is ALWAYS a warning sign when the updates page in the free area doesn't put dates on their teasers. Sure enough, once in the members area I found that while you can find the 290 or so photo/video sets of Mina, most of the featured updates are from other sites in the group. Gone was Mina's blog, which used to be personal. Yes, there is a ton of content still - hardcore, facials, blowjobs, handjobs, and yes you can filter it for Mina if she's the girl you are looking for, but I'm pretty sure she's moved on to other things so updates will no longer be her. Her content from this site and another site she did, (smoking fetish) are still there. The trial for the site is $9.95 for the month, and it recurs at a whopping $39.95/month if you choose that option. - Jane » More Info!

Original & Quality
Alex and Suze are a playful UK couple that have put together an erotic blog complete with podcast files and original photography. Some of the entries read like erotic stories, while others seem to be about education. I really liked the review section, and I hope that they expand on that! They seem to really thrive on interaction with those who leave comments, so be sure to leave one when you stop in. I admit that I have a bit of a thing for UK accents, so the podcast section was very nice (although much more tame than what I was expecting). I love the sense of humor and delight that this couple practically radiates. We first reviewed this site back in 2006, so when I stopped in today I really expected it to be gone, and instead? The most recent post was from a few days ago! Yay! Anyhow, 9 years of archived blog posts with sextoy reviews, sexy stories, etc. to dig through should keep you all busy for awhile. - Jane

Original & Quality
We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders
Well. I went to check in on Apneatic's website to do an update because it had been 9 years. Instead, I found a whole new website, promoting a film that Apneatic is in. "We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders" is a film by Chase Lisbon, starring Apneatic, Lauren WK, Mosh, Lady Days, Ryonen, Dakota, Alysha Kay, Ivy Zehring, Holli Streetman, Rachel Jean, Mexico, Vaunt, Nettie Harris, Virginia Mae, Mrog, and Esiuol Haras. At the website, you will find a moody and atmospheric trailer that really gives you no idea of the plot, but is still compelling to watch. The premise of the movie is a young lesbian couple creating an erotic VHS mail-order business in the oppressive Ozarks where they live. After you've watched the trailer, head over to the online store where you can buy the movie on VHS, as a download, or buy other merch like t-shirts or polariods that were taken on-set as part of the film. » More Info!

vamppick Original & Quality
Noels Naughty Nook
This site is currently on hiatus, with no updates since April 2014. Noel posted a blog update when she decided to take a break, and although it is not updated, it is still possible to buy a membership for $15 if you want the content that is archived. Original review to follow: Noel Cypress is an absolutely stunning young geek girl, and her site already has a unique and authentically charming quality that you rarely find. A lot of her content involves cosplay (costume play), and a lot of softcore teasing. There is a little bit of implied lesbian content as well. There are over 1,000 pics at the moment (and they are a mixture of professional, cam, and do-it-yourself shoots). All of the photos can be viewed online, or swiftly downloaded as zip files. New galleries show up every week. The video section has 61 videos posted now, from cam archives to video blogs to . The movies are a bit more explicit than the rest of the content, showing light masturbation and more genitalia. The webcam, which was an actual old-fashioned cam with chat, is on hiatus because of a busy schedule, but she's blogged about that and it may come back when she has more time. In the meantime, the site is doing weekly photo or video updates. Her blog is an honest to goodness blog, in which she talks about attending conventions and other nerdy things that will warm any geek's heart. The content you will get has personality plus. I'm absolutely in love with this site! - Vamp

Original & Quality
The Art of Blowjob
This is an update to an older review that had been a favorite. Art of Blowjob started out in 2007 as a solo site featuring the absolutely stunning Camille Crimson, doing POV blowjobs filmed by her partner. Frequent updates and really nice videography for POV content made it a standout, as well as Camille's personality which really shone through. Of course all things change, and the site now is multiple performers, although the site is archived all the way back from when it was just Camille through now. There are over 400 updates online, and the updates page shows picture counts and runtimes with it's thumbnailed images of new content, so still a great value, just missing the personal vibe it used to have. The photo galleries are stunning, decidedly higher quality than most video sites that rely on tiny, grainy vid captures. I think these are still direct from the vid clips, but the quality was awesome. » More Info!