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Welcome to JanesGuide!

Are you new to the site? If so, you might want to read through my quick intro to how we do things around here, to make your surfing more enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the site, and hey - take time to send me an email with comments and suggestions, I've been doing this site so long now I need all the input and inspiration I can get! Thanks! » Jane

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Ok, so I have mixed feelings on this site in more than one area. First, as you all probably know from reading this site, misogynistic bullshit languag...

Consent Culture
There is a lot of good, thought-provoking content to read at this website, brainchild of Kitty Stryker, who I will describe best I can as a pornograph...

LUST CINEMA is the home of director Erica Lust, a Barcelona filmmaker who focuses on porn from a female point of view. While the site started as an...

Mr. Will's House Of Thrills
Mr. Will has a blog site that is a combination of all sorts of things: personal experiences, Corel paint erotic paintings, reviews of sextoys and lube...

AmyFaery is an amateur website of the kind I used to see so much more often. It's a blog site, with tons of free photo sets, the occasional video, and...

Featured Site: BaDoink

0 Do you want a ton of hardcore video, and yet your internet connection crawls? This place may be a really good choice. This site has a video library of over 10,000 DVDs, and it works really quickly (even on non-smart phones). You can fast forward through content here, using the gallery of still images to choose your next viewing point. I liked that! It is also compatible with xbox360, playstation 3, Wii, Boxee, AppleTV, or any UPnP/DLnA-enabled TV. That means that you can watch this stuff on your TV as well! If you like to save your porn, this site offers free EasyBurner software to help you create your own compilations. I do not have the expertise to evaluate this software for potential issues, so use your own best judgement (and malware/virus protection). In addition to the exhaustive list of porn that includes all the usual suspects, there are also several bonus feeds as well (BaDoink Clips, HD Streaming Feeds, Mega Feeds, Videos on Demand, and Expose My Girlfriend). They link to livechat as well, but you will pay extra if you go private there. A great megasite for slow connections, or for those who intend to use multiple devices to access their collection. Support information is exemplary and includes 24/7 phone, email, and chat support. Well done! - Vamp
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