Thanks to the artists and photographers who have kindly let us share some of their work here. Please take some time to browse their galleries, and visit their websites (links are provided) - and remember, almost all sell fine-art prints, should you wish to support them and get something to grace your bedroom walls.
Jane: Various
Back in the day, I actually had my own little amateur website. For a few years, I dabbled at "modeling", which I found to be great fun. This being our 10 year birthday, I thought I'd dust off a few of my favorite photos from the past several years.
Visit my gallery.
ISM: Kerry
One of my favorite websites of all time is I Shot Myself, so now I am going to try to showcase monthly a new gallery of self-portraits from this wonderful amateur collective.
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JP Lefauche
Yet another new discovery, JP Lefauche has that combination that I love: focus on the personality of themodel, natural settings, natural light...
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It's that time of year when I start to wish I could sail away for days, weeks, or months. I start dreaming of mermaids, which inspired these choices from the wonderful DOMAI website.
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Jay GreenMan
Jay GreenMan is the photographer behind one of our favorite softcore nude websites. Thanks to him for allowing us to share a few images here.
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Michelle 7 editor Jack Gilbert shares with us a very small sample of the breadth and scope of this incredible 'visionary nudes' website.
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METart is one of the best online magazines in the fine-art and softcore genre, period. Representing over 28 world-class photographers, they have one of the largest image databases, with gorgeous and incredibly high-res versions. We have just a small taste for you of what this site does...
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Jon McDermott is a Seattle area photographer and artist whose lovely hand-tinted images are evocative of a bygone era, even as the subject matter may at times veer into very modern themes. He shares a gallery of images and information on an upcoming project in this feature...
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Carolyn Weltman
This whole features section came about because we wanted to show the world Carolyn Weltman's erotic art. We're happy 3 years later to be showing you a new gallery of recent work. She just keeps getting more fabulous.
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It all started with some idle talk with a friend, then 'Self' found himself with a full blown (no pun intended) website devoted to self-fellatio.
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Geoff Cordner
Cordner's work is unlike any I've come across. His recent imagery at is gritty, raw, as one of our reviewers put it you can practically smell the stale cigarette smoke from the night before.
For anyone who ever loved that scene in Sid and Nancy where he rips her fishnets to suck her toes, I offer you this gallery » »
Heather Corinna
Writer, artist, musician and sex-activist/educator Heather Corinna has turned her considerable talents towards photography these days.
We bring you a selection of her recent self portraits in this featured gallery » »
Petter Hegre
Norwegian photographer Petter Hegre, photographer of the year at the 8th annual "erotic oscars" in England, shares some photos from his archives.
We think you'll see why he's such a favorite in his featured gallery here » »
James Mogul
Self-taught photographer James Mogul started out using a point-and-shoot camera in the mid-90's to record his experiences in the bondage and fetish community in the Pacific Northwest. In not too long his photography turned into much more than passing fancy, and his ever-growing portfolio is colored with the influences of fashion and fine art as well.
Check out his featured gallery here » »
Lee Stranhan
Lee Stranahan was my first exposure to "fine art pornography". In fact, i do believe he coined the term, in an attempt to describe his work in capturing explicit moments in anything BUT flat-lighted mainstream fashion.
Check out his featured gallery here » »
Steve Diet Goedde
His work has been lauded as some of the finest in the glamour/fetish genre. Both bold color and black & white, his images tend to stick in one's mind long after having been viewed.
Check out his featured gallery here » »
David Perry
His images seem like those of a whole different era with their lovely vintage feel, but the vivid colors make you take a second look.
Check out his featured gallery here » »
Carolyn Weltman
I bring you my own favorite erotic artist, as well as dear friend, Carolyn Weltman. The ethereal quality of her work is so beautiful, several of her girls grace the walls of my home. I hope you find something that touches you as well, in her featured gallery here » »
or on her site