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In this latest installment, I want to introduce you to one of our new reviewers, Lippy Imp! He's no stranger to the adult world, with his own site as well as a weekly column for the Seattle alt. weekly The Stranger. We're happy to have him working with us and hope you enjoy his book reviews. - Jane

sexual fantasy The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy - by Violet Blue

Violet Blue returns, this time with The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy. This book is a sort of instruction manual on how to bring to life those dark little secrets lurking around in the corners of your libido, and how to do it in a safe, sane, and most importantly fun way. And that's what's great about Violet Blue: she manages to be both informative and entertaining. Just like in her other Ultimate Guides, Ms. Blue writes in a style that is a pleasure to read, no matter how familiar you are with the subject.

She begins the book by talking about what fantasies are and proceeds to illustrate how to incorporate fantasy into your masturbation rituals, discussing them with your partner, and how to eventually weave them into your sex life. Sandwiched between many of the chapters are some very short yet highly arousing stories by Alison Tyler, perfectly illustrating the author's points.

Sexual Fantasy is packed with great information, from how to conduct yourself in a strip-club to how to have a three-or-more-some, and Violet Blue covers all the bases without ever spreading the details too thin. For any couple looking to bring some adventure to their sex life but unsure of how to do it, The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy is the best place to start. - Lippy Imp

Cleis Press, 2004, Paperback

going down The Low Down on Going Down - How to Give Her Mind-blowing Oral Sex - Marcy Michaels

blow him away Blow Him Away - How to Give Him Mind-blowing Oral Sex - Marcy Michaels

Let me just say this: these books are perfect for you if 1) you love giving oral sex, and 2) are utterly hopeless at making someone come this way. Written by a speech therapist, these two volumes offer exercises used in correcting speech impediments as a way to improve your oral sex techniques. The workouts these books recommend require large amounts of practice and time and are totally unnecessary if you are just looking for some new tips on how to improve your otherwise effective skills.

If, on the other hand, you just can't manage to make your partner come by means of your mouth and you really want to, then maybe these books hold the answer for you. There's nothing wrong with the advice they recommend, so it wouldn't hurt you to give them a try. And you might just improve your diction in the process.

Still, the writing in these books is as un-sexy as anything I've come across in reading sex-related how-to books. They're filled with lots of parenthetical attempts at humor and wink-wink-nudge-nudge puns, making reading these books (which are so similar, they could have easily been combined into one volume) as tiring as doing the exercises they tout. - Lippy Imp

Broadway Books, 2005, Marcy Michaels, with Maria DeSalle, Trade Paperback

spanking Naughty Spanking Stories from A to Z - edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

When it comes to erotic story compilations, there are certain names you can trust to bring you the goods, and Rachel Kramer Bussel is most definitely one of them. With Naughty Spanking Stories, Bussel brings the reader a superb collection of tales that all have two things in common: spanking and quality.

The danger in creating such a compilation is that the stories might become repetitive - sassy bad girl earns her punishment, or insensitive dude gets his comeuppance. But Naughty Spanking Stories avoids that pitfall by containing a wide variety of tales in which spanking is the theme, but not always the subject. Standouts are the funny and sexy "Every Good Boy Deserves Favors" by L. Elise Bland, about a piano teacher's firm hand with a lazy student who tortures her with off-key renditions of "Stairway to Heaven", and "Natalie" by Michael Hemmingson, a story that begins with a spanking and ends with romance.

Even if spanking isn't your fetish de jour, Naughty Spanking Stories is still a hot collection and definitely worth reading. There's plenty of sex incorporated into the corporal punishments, and the writing is top notch. Sexy, smart, different: it's everything an erotic anthology should be. - Lippy Imp

Pretty Things Press, 2004. Softcover.

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